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REVIEW | Yurtshire Glamping in Yorkshire With a Hot Tub & Luxury!

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What do you get when you combine luxury, yurts, glamping and Yorkshire?? You get Yurtshire, the ultimate place for glamping in Yorkshire!

Although there are now so many places to go glamping in England, and glamping in Wales, I do find it hard to find glamping sites that are private without another pod or yurt really close by, one with a hot tub and an all-round well maintained facility, but after 2 nights staying at Yurtshire Eavestone Lake I can tell you that this is exactly what you get there.

This is glamping with a hot tub in Yorkshire at it’s finest and I hugely recommend staying here too! These Yurts in Yorkshire are perfect for families, we went as a family of 4 which was great, and for couples, especially if you have a dog you want to bring along.

So here’s my Yurtshire review with what I loved and why I recommend it, along with things to do near Yurtshire so you can plan your trip to Yorkshire well!

Perfect Glamping in Yorkshire

Glamping in Yorkshire, Yurtshire
Keep reading for more about Glamping in Yorkshire at Yurtshire

Glamping in Yorkshire Dales

Yurtshire is really well located on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales National Park and within the countryside of the Nidderdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

I know many people are looking for glamping in the Yorkshire Dales and this is the perfect location!

Talking of locations, Yurtshire is split over 2 sites – Eavestone Lake and Fountains, and it’s important to know and understand the differences before booking and know that they are a few miles apart.

Glamping in Yorkshire, Yurtshire Eavestone Lakes Sign
A lovely welcome to Yurtshire

Yurtshire Eavestone Lakes

This is the site I stayed on so the focus of my Yurtshire review is based on this location. Here at Eavestone Lakes, Yurtshire offers 8 luxury tree yurts meaning the yurts are placed within and around trees, and most of them are pretty secluded and private because of the surrounding trees.

Read more about Eavestone Lakes location here!

Eavestone Lakes also offers a Spa consisting of an outdoor Sauna and Spa Treatment Yurt making it an even better for a relaxing getaway.

Glamping in Yorkshire, Drone shot of Ash Yurt at Yurtshire Eavestone Lakes
Our drone shot of Ash Yurt at Yurtshire Eavestone Lakes!

Yurtshire Fountains

This is a meadow site with 6 luxury yurts located around a meadow. Although the yurts are well spread out to help with privacy, they do not have the coverage of the yurts at Eavestone Lake. However, these yurts would work much better if you were with friends or family who were booking a few yurts together or with young children who want the space to play outside of the yurt decking.

Read more about the Fountains location here!

Yurtshire Review

Glamping with a hot tub in Yorkshire

Glamorous camping aka glamping is great and it is much more comfortable and easy than traditional camping, but what really puts the cherry on top and creates luxury glamping, is a hot tub!

Finding places for glamping in Yorkshire with a hot tub isn’t that easy because many of the places you find on Airbnb for example only have 1 Pod, Yurt, Cabin etc so you’re really at the mercy of their availability, but what I love about Yurtshire is that they have 14 Yurts over 2 sites to find availability in and ALL of the yurts at Yurtshire have a hot tub!

Glamping in Yorkshire with a hot tub, hot tub at Yurtshire
The amazing wood fired hot tub!

Although, one important thing to note is that these hot tubs are not plugged into the mains and do not create bubbles. They get warm from burning the wood underneath them.

It took me a bit of time to put together the fact that because they are not electric, you do not get any bubbles and at first I thought my two step sons who were super excited by the hot tub might be disappointed but honestly, whether it was the day time or night time, we really didn’t miss the bubbles and power of the hot tub in this way.

You do have to have some patience though in order to heat the hot tub and regulate the temperature.

Glamping in Yorkshire, Ash Yurt Yurtshire with hot tub

Luxury Yurts Yorkshire

I’ve said a few times that I feel like these yurts in Yorkshire are luxurious and I mean it!

Yes, there are still elements of camping, this isn’t a hotel and you definitely shouldn’t mix up luxury glamping with a luxury hotel stay, but as far as glamping goes and some of the very basic so called ‘glamping’ pods I’ve seen online over the last few years, this is a really fancy place to stay and well worth the money.

Yurtshire Location

From entering the driveway, everything looked immaculate. There is a car park a few meters down the driveway and from here you walk to the yurts. This whole path was so well kept whist also maintaining it’s natural wild environment and privacy of the yurts along the path and I really valued this.

I only visited the Eavestone Lake site but I’m sure the Fountains site is the same.

Glamping in Yorkshire, Yurtshire path and view
The sunset view walking down the path to our Yurt

Amenities inside the Yurts

Now let’s chat about the actual yurts. Firstly, they all accommodate 2 adults in an extremely comfy double bed and up to 2 children on pull out sofa beds which we had no complaints from the boys about.

Glamping in Yorkshire, double bed inside Yurt at Yurtshire
This is such a comfy bed!
Glamping in Yorkshire, bed inside Yurt at Yurtshire
I love the home comforts and little luxuries here!
Glamping in Yorkshire, sofa beds inside Yurt at Yurtshire

We stayed in Ash Yurt and although the layout of the yurts are slightly different, especially on the outside, the insides seem to be the same from the photos I have seen. Our Yurt had a lot of space inside, the space definitely decreased with the 2 sofa beds out but that makes sense so we did put them back as chairs during the day time and you definitely wouldn’t want 4 adults in them.

Inside the yurts is also a small round dining table with 2 chairs, side tables and a kitchen. The kitchen is really well stocked with a good sized fridge and a small freezer section, a mini oven with a hob, a kettle and a bowl for washing up.

Make sure you do a food shop before arriving although Yurtshire can help you out with some pre-made meals / ingredients for you to make too, you can check these out here! Ripon is the closest town just 10 minutes away and they have some different supermarkets you can visit.

There is no toaster but we just toasted our bagels in a pan on the hob or you can use the grill, and perhaps the main thing to note is that there is no running water in the kitchen inside so you do have to get water from the bathroom to wash up. This wasn’t a problem for us and I washed up outside ‘camping style’ but it was a warm day. In the winter it might feel a bit harder.

There is a wood burner and basket of wood inside too, great for those colder nights and a reason why you should still think about booking here in winter as well as summer!

Glamping in Yorkshire, kitchen inside Yurt at Yurtshire
The kitchen inside Yurt with all the amenities
Glamping in Yorkshire, wood burner inside Yurt at Yurtshire
A handy wood burner inside Yurt for those colder nights

Outside the Yurt

We loved the outside of the yurt so much! We loved all of the decking and how the yurt and the decking is risen off the ground giving the whole place a really elevated feel and even better view over the surrounding countryside.

Outside we had a table with 4 chairs, an outdoor sofa for 2 people, plus 2 more relaxed chairs, a bbq, fire pit and of course the hot tub.

We loved how much space there was on the decking, the boys had their toys out and there was still enough space for us all to relax.

Glamping in Yorkshire, outside dining table at Yurtshire
Outside dining table in our Yurt Ash Yurt at Yurtshire
Glamping in Yorkshire, outside decking area at Yurtshire
We loved all this outside space!
Glamping in Yorkshire, breakfast outside at Yurtshire
And we loved having our meals outside on a hot summers day!
Glamping in Yorkshire, lunch outside at Yurtshire
Glamping in Yorkshire, BBQ at Yurtshire
Glamping in Yorkshire, outside fire at Yurtshire
The outside fire is great for toasting marshmallows and keeping warm!

Yurt bathrooms

When it comes to glamping, most people want to know about the bathroom situation first!

I mean, the bathrooms at Yurtshire are the ultimate luxury glamping bathrooms. They have a flush toilet (not a compost toilet as many camping and glamping sites have), a sink, and a good sized shower with great pressure.

The best thing about the bathroom though is the clear ceiling! This just adds a whole new level on uniqueness that you can see the sky when having a shower.. or on the toilet!

Glamping in Yorkshire, inside the bathroom at Yurtshire
Look at this bathroom ceiling! Such a unique point to Yurtshire!
Glamping in Yorkshire, bathroom from the outside at Yurtshire
And this is how the bathroom at our Yurt looked from the outside next to the Yurt

Our bathroom in Ash Yurt was not connected to the main Yurt so we had to go outside the Yurt to use it which wasn’t a problem as we visited in Summer. This can be less appealing in the winter when it’s cold, but some of the Yurts at Yurtshire have connecting bathrooms meaning you don’t have to go outside. As a adult I think it’s manageable but if you have young children that get up in the night and you book in winter, look into getting a connected bathroom!

Positive impact of Yurtshire

I really love their focus on sustainability and their pledge to maintain and benefit the environment and community from their business. It’s easy to see the respect they have for the area and for the surrounding nature.

Friendly staff

Finally, the staff at Yurtshire are really fantastic and so helpful. If you arrive during the day they can help you take your luggage to your Yurt in their cart and take it back to your car if you leave mid-morning. They are on hand to deliver extra bits to you that might be needed and despite us visiting on an extremely hot weekend which must have made their work day much harder, they were full of positive spirit and you can see how much they love the place too.

How to book Yurtshire

The only way to book one of these yurts in Yorkshire is to use their website. Their website has so much great information about each of the sites, each of the Yurts and an availability page where you can easily see all of the Yurts and see which ones have availability which is really great if you are flexible with dates.

It’s also worth following them on Instagram as they often share last minute availability here and competitions to win a free stay!

Glamping in Yorkshire, Drone shot of Ash Yurt at Yurtshire Eavestone Lakes

Things to do near Yurtshire

During our 2 day stay at Yurtshire I had plans of visiting the local area. I wanted to use this base in the Yorkshire Dales to go to the coastline and visit Robin Hoods Bay and Whitby, but honestly, as soon as we arrived on Friday we knew we weren’t going to leave until we had to on Sunday.

Firstly, we didn’t want to waste the money we had spent on this incredible place for glamping in Yorkshire by leaving it and secondly, we really wanted to use this trip to relax in nature which we definitely did by staying there.

Eavestone Lake

Yurtshire Eavestone Lake with the tree yurts were we stayed is right on Eavestone Lake so we did head here for an hour on Saturday. It took us 10-15 minutes to get to the Lake, the boys had a play on the side and then we walked some of the footpath around it. This is a nice way to get away from the Yurt and avoid total cabin fever but without getting in your car.

Glamping in Yorkshire, Eavestone Lake at Yurtshire glamping site
Eavestone Lake

Brimham Rocks

Yurtshire is really close to the National Trust site Brimham Rocks. When I was in Harrogate a few months ago so many people on Instagram told me to go to Brimham Rocks. I didn’t really get why until we went after leaving Yurtshire on Sunday. This place is really like a natural adventure playground with so many huge and different rock formations that adults and children can climb.

It’s literally 5 minutes down the road from Eavestone Lake so I do recommend going before or after.

Glamping in Yorkshire, Brimham Rocks near Yurtshire
Brimham Rocks near Yurtshire
  • Fountains Abbey
  • Newby Hall
  • Harrogate
  • Mother Shiptons Cave
  • Knaresborough

These are some of the other places to visit near Yurtshire that you can pop out to or visit on your way there or before going home.

Yurtshire also have a page on walks around Yurtshire and activities like horse riding you can book with local companies. Visit the website here.

I hope my Yurtshire review has helped you decide to book and know what to expect from this glamping in Yorkshire experience!