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20 TOP Cafes & Restaurants in Marrakech! And Best Rooftops in Marrakesh!

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Thanks to my brilliant followers on Instagram, after asking them for their favourite cafe or restaurant in Marrakech, I was able to get this list of the best restaurants in Marrakech and the best cafes in Marrakech to visit.

Best of all, the list includes the very best rooftop restaurants in Marrakech because this city is full of rooftop restaurants and cafes! Taking in the views from up here whilst having a break from the chaos below is one of the best things to do in Marrakech!

This list was too good to keep to myself! I wanted to add it to my blog to help you out with the best places to eat in Marrakech!

Below is a map of Marrakech featuring these best cafes and restaurants in Marrakech, along with a piece about each cafe restaurant in Marrakech, along with links to their google maps location and menu so you can decide which ones are right for you and your trip!

Best Marrakesh Restaurants

Best Restaurants in Marrakech
Keep reading the for the best restaurants in Marrakech

In a busy, hectic and sometimes intimidating city like Marrakech, knowing what nice cafe to visit for a refreshing drink between exploring the Medina and Souk, or what highly rated restaurant serving local food in a great location to go to makes all the difference.

I always like to have a number of recommended places to eat and drink pinned on my map so I can plan my days exploring around them and even if you don’t go to them all, having them pinned on your map and using them to discover new neighbourhoods is a great idea too! That’s what I recently did in Tunisia and I found some gems!

best restaurants in Marrakesh, Medina souks from rooftop cafe
The rooftops around the Square are great for people-watching and relaxing!

Map of best restaurants in Marrakech and best cafes in Marrakech to visit:

best restaurants in Marrakesh, rooftop views of Marrakesh
This list has the best restaurants in Marrakech Medina so you can chill between exploring!

1. Nomad

Nomad is located right in the centre of Marrakech Medina and Souk and came highly recommended to me. I did pop in for a refreshing drink and really loved it!

It’s a modern restaurant with healthy food and a twist on local foods. They have a lovely inside seating area but they are known for being a popular rooftop restaurant in Marrakech and because of their great location in the heart of the medina there is plenty to see from up there!

Website link / Instagram link

Google maps link

best restaurants Marrakech, restaurant in Marrakech Medina, smoothie from Nomad marrakech cafe
A refreshing smoothie from Nomad Marrakech cafe

2. Le Jardin

In Marrakesh, an escape to a secret garden is needed now and again, and that’s what Je Jardin Restaurant in Marrakech Medina gives you.

This is one of the top restaurants in Marrakech for its treelined open-air dining within a 1960s Riad-turned restaurant and oasis garden.

They serve refreshing juices and succulent dishes from traditional Moroccan cuisine to European delicacies.

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Google maps link

3. Le Foundouk

Another Marrakech restaurant that came highly recommended to me is Le Foundouk. They have been rated as having one of the best rooftops in Marrakech by CNN so if you are looking for one of the best places to eat in Marrakech, get this on your list!

This place is perfect for foodies and those wanting a bit of luxury from a dinner in Marrakech as it featured 3 levels – an elegant bar, an inside restaurant and then their well-known rooftop restaurant overlooking Marrakech Medina.

It’s worth noting for your Marrakech itinerary that they are closed on Wednesdays!

Website link / Instagram link

Google maps link

4. El Fenn Restaurant

Boosting one of the best rooftop bars in Marrakech and rooftop restaurants in Marrakech, you can come here day or night and enjoy the beautiful modern design with amazing views of the city.

El Fenn is a hotel and parts of it are reserved for hotel guests only but the rooftop is open for all from midday serving lunch and dinner with a focus on seasonal produce. Plus, an array of drinks and tapas.

5. L’Mida

L’Mida is located in the heart of Marrakech Medina and very close to Nomad. I saw signs for both cafes whilst in the souk so they are pretty easy to find.

Like Nomad, this is a chic and trendy cafe/restaurant serving Fushion Moroccan foods which are healthy and fresh. If you are looking for vegan or vegetarian restaurants in Marrakech, L’Mida is a good place to visit.

I went here for dinner just before sunset and it was great to be up there with blue skies which turned orange and yellow and then see the city in the dark before leaving.

This is one of the great rooftop cafes in Marrakech because of its location in the Medina, or you can sit in their inside lower level which is bright and airy with a traditional but industrial design.

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Best Restaurants in Marrakech, l'mida restaurant rooftop at sunset
L’mida Rooftop at sunset
Best Restaurants in Marrakech, Berber Burger at L'Mida Marrakesh
The Berber Burger at L’Mida Marrakesh

6. Plus61

Although many people will eat in Marrakech Medina and so far all of these best Marrakesh restaurants have been in the Medina, you may want to explore other parts of the city, or perhaps your accommodation is not in the Medina and you want to explore around the neighbourhood.

Plus61 Marrakech is in the neighbourhood of Gueliz offering the best traditional food using seasonal and local produce in a beautiful modern, open and airy setting.

For where to eat in Marrakech, I love the idea of Plus61 to help you explore this neighbourhood as well as visit a really great cafe! Even if you’re on a 2 day Marrakesh itinerary, I still recommend getting out of the Medina a bit!

Website link / Instagram link

Google maps link

7. Cafe Des Epices

Café des épices say if you need a break during your visit to Marrakech Medina, go and visit them!

They are a world-renowned cafe attracting people from all over the world set in a perfect location in Marrakech Medina with easily one of the best rooftops in Marrakech and restaurant designs too!

This restaurant in Marrakech Medina was the pioneer of the new Marrakech food scene and continues to be one of the best in the city!

Website link / Instagram link

Google maps link

8. Mandala Society

Mandala Society Marrakech calls itself the ‘Food Appreciation Society’ and I love the look of it!

They serve food and drinks all day but I think this place is particularly good if you are looking for brunch cafes in Marrakech or really good coffee as they serve specialty-grade coffee and have a fantastic brunch menu.

As well as healthy, fresh food and a great ambience they focus on fair trade, being plastic free and an honest business… what’s not to love? They also have a restaurant is Essaouira if you are going there too!

Website link / Instagram link

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9. Fine Mama

Fine Mama is really well located in Marrakech Medina very close to Koutoubia Mosque so it’s a great place to start your day of sightseeing.

It’s a fun, bright Morrocan and Lebanese cafe restaurant serving breakfast, milkshakes, crepes, desserts, sandwiches, tanginess and couscous so they really have something for everyone.

Because of the varied menu and the casual and fun style, this is one of the great family-friendly cafes in Marrakech!

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best restaurants Marrakesh, fine mama from outside
Fine Mama is recommended as one of the best cafes in Marrakesh!
best restaurants Marrakech, restaurant in Marrakech Medina, traditional Moroccan breakfast
Don’t miss out on getting a traditional Moroccan breakfast like this!

Tours in Marrakech to book to help you see the area with a group and guide:

10. Al Fassia

Al Fassia is a luxury boutique hotel in the neighbourhood of Guéliz Marrakech. They have 2 restaurants in Marrakech though, one in Gueliz and the other in Aguedal, which have the same menus and exceptional food, service and setting.

30 years ago they were one of the first to start employing only women and training them in cooking and service, and for more than 30 years, Al Fassia in Marrakech has been a reference in the Moroccan culinary scene.

I stayed in Al Fassia Aguedal Riad which was such a lovely experience. I felt so lucky to have their restaurant on site and it’s definitely worth visiting from other hotels in Marrakesh!

If you want a fancy date night in Marrakech or are celebrating a special occasion, book a table here!

Website link

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Best Restaurants in Marrakech, Inside Al Fassia Restaurant
I stayed at Al Fassia Agudal and their restaurant is worth travelling to from other hotels!
Best Restaurants in Marrakech, Al Fassia Cous Cous for group dinner
Al Fassia has one of the best restaurants in Marrakesh!

11. Le Grand Balcon du Cafe Glacier

Lonely Planet says that Le Grand Balcon du Cafe Glacier in Marrakech is a tourist trap, but it is an institution in Marrakech too!

It has an amazing view over Jamaa el Fan Square and is well-known as one of the best places to watch the sunset in Marrakech!

Many people use it as a balcony viewpoint and therefore you will either be charged a fee to enter or have to buy a drink. From what I understand they do not serve alcohol but a mint tea with the sunset is always a good idea!

If this is your first time in Marrakech and you want to go all out with the top tourist attractions in Marrakech, this is one of them!

Google maps link

best restaurants Marrakech, restaurant in Marrakech Medina, view of Marrakech square at sunset

12. Henna Art Cafe

The name of this cafe very much gives away what it is. It is a lovely cafe in the heart of Marrakech Medina serving traditional Moroccan cuisine with meat-based meals but also a focus on vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free food.

They also offer beautiful natural henna designs. I love henna and Marrakech is the type of place you want to walk around with a hand of henna!

So definitely, if you are looking for vegetarian restaurants in Marrakech, vegetarian restaurants in Marrakech or gluten-free vegetarian restaurants in Marrakech, visit Henna art cafe so you’ll be catered for!

Website link / Instagram link

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13. Comptoir Darna

Many of these top restaurants in Marrakech are French or European-focused, but if you are looking for Moroccan restaurants in Marrakech then Comptoir Darna is for you.

It is a restaurant and club in Marrakech, so keep this in mind if clubs are not your thing or you’re looking for a family-friendly restaurant in Marrakech.

Think dark room, candles and belly dancing and you have the top Moroccan restaurant in Marrakech!

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14. Cafe Arabe

Another one of the well-known restaurants in Marrakech is Cafe Arabe. They serve Italian and Moroccan cuisine and boast a traditional and contemporary environment.

They have a great terrace in Marrakech with comfy cosy seating and say it offers one of the best sunset spots in Marrakech! They also have an inside lounge and a beautiful outside courtyard.

You only need to go into their Instagram to see that this is one of the family-friendly restaurants in Marrakesh to visit as many families do go!

Website link / Instagram link

Google maps link

If you want to explore more than fancy restaurants and have a thing for stargazing, then you’d love the tour Dinner under Agafay Desert’s stars with Show via Viator

15. Le Tanjia

For a really unique place to eat in Morocco, The Tanjia Orientale is a beautiful place. They offer three floors in a world of dark woods, Moroccan lighting and an oriental atmosphere.

This is one of the brilliant restaurants serving traditional Moroccan cuisine in Marrakech and really good for a date night or in winter when the temperature drops and you want to be nice and cosy inside in a dark cosy setting.

But of course, this is Marrakech and they also have a wonderful terrace with a view of the city.

Website link / Instagram link

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This is another one of the restaurants in Guéliz and whether you have a hotel in Guéliz or you just want to see another neighbourhood away from the Medina you should visit here!

They offer coffee, cocktails and food in the vibrant neighbourhood of Guéliz and their sister spots are Le Jardin and Cafe des Epices, both on this list of best restaurants in Marrakesh.

Although this is a very modern restaurant they have made it true to their Moroccan roots with the decoration, furniture and dishes.

Website link / Instagram link

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17. Amal Centre

I was so happy that Amal was recommended to me when I asked my Instagram followers for their favourite place to eat in Marrakech because this is a non-profit dedicated to the empowerment of disadvantaged women through restaurant training and job placement.

Firstly, they offer cooking classes and with Moroccan food as good as it is, a cooking class should be on your list of things to do in Marrakech!

And you can eat in their Guéliz restaurant and enjoy delicious Moroccan Tajines and international cuisine for lunch or dinner cooked by these women.

Website link / Instagram link

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best restaurants Marrakech, restaurant in Marrakech Medina, Marrakech street with restaurants

18. Le Trou au Mur

If you are looking for a luxury restaurant in Marrakech, Le Trou au Mur is the place to book!

Set in a small Riad in the heart of the Medina, Le Trou au Mur is part of the fine dining scene in Marrakech offering Moroccan food and international cuisine.

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19. Naranji

You may be in Morocco but there’s still a reason for Lebanese food!

Naranji, also typed Narnj Marrakech serves homestyle cuisine and is known as the best Lebanese and Moroccan restaurant in Marrakech.

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20. Mechoui Alley

Ok, this isn’t a restaurant but it is one of the best places to eat in Marrakech! In Morocco, Mechoui is lamb or sheep cooked in a clay oven over wood and Mechoui Alley in Marrakech is where you get the best Mechoui.

It’s so good Vice did a whole piece about how Marrakech’s Mechoui Alley attracts food lovers from around the world who want an authentic experience in Morocco. 

Google Maps Link

I hope this list of the best restaurants in Marrakesh and best rooftops in Marrakesh has helped you with where to eat in Marrakesh!