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How To Do The Golden Cap Walk From Seatown, Langdon Hill or Charmouth!

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If you want to see an incredible view of the Dorset Jurassic Coast then you have to do the Golden Cap walk and climb to the top of the Golden Cap viewpoint!

I visited on a hot day and after a bit of searching on a map, I realised there was a shorter Golden cap walk which started at Langdon Hill car park, went through Langdon Hill woods, through some fields and to the top of the viewpoint! The elevation and distance really weren’t that bad, and from my experience, I see this as the easy Golden cap walk if that’s what you are looking for.

However, you can also reach the top of the Golden Cap from beaches along the coast by doing the Seatown to Golden Cap Walk and the Charmouth to Golden Cap Walk.

In this Dorset travel blog, I’m going to detail how to do the Golden Cap walk along with Golden Cap parking and the best Golden Cap route to take for you!

Golden Cap Walk

Golden Cap Walk
Keep reading to see how to do the Golden Cap Walk!

3 x Golden Cap Walk Routes:

Golden Cap Walk, viewpoint Ellie Quinn
Such an incredible view!

Langdon Hill to Golden Cap – Easy Golden Cap Walk

I’m going to explain how I did the Golden Cap Walk which also turned out to be one of the Golden Cap circular walk options which I really enjoyed, and because of the walk being through the woods for half of it and the elevation wasn’t too bad, I do definitely see this as the easiest Golden Cap walk that you can do!

Langdon Hill Parking – Golden Cap Car Park

Type ‘Langdon Hill National Trust Car Park’ into Google Maps and you’ll find it no problem, this is the only Golden Cap car park for this route.

It’s just off the A35 and from the A35 to the car park there is a very narrow lane to drive along, but this is the right way!

The Langdon Hill Trust Car Park is a good size and there is a machine to pay for parking which takes cash, card and you can use a parking app (very handy!). There are a few picnic tables but aside from this, there are no other facilities and no toilets.

I paid for 2 hours of parking however I definitely did the Golden Cap walk from Langdon Hill in less than an hour as I was pretty quick, but there is just £1.00 difference so you might want to pay for more parking incase you want to keep walking once you get to the top!

Golden Cap Walk, Langdon Hill parking
The rates for the Golden Cap Car Park at Langdon Hill.

At the parking machine there is a handy Golden Cap walk map to show you how to get to the Golden Cap and how to do the Golden Cap Circular Walk back to your car.

Golden Cap Walk, Langdon Hill walking route
Golden Cap Walk Map

Golden Cap Walk from Langdon Hill Woods

Langdon Hill Woods is a lovely place to walk around and is definitely popular with dog walkers.

Take a left at the car park, walk down a shaded wood footpath and then you’ll see signs to continue down a smaller footpath and through a few gates.

This then opens up into a field and to get to the Golden Cap viewpoint you walk through 2 fields which are slightly inclined, through another gate and up some steps to where the viewpoint opens out.

Golden Cap Walk from Langdon Hill
Start of the walk from Langdon Hill Trust Car Park
Golden Cap Walk Footpath
Look out for the Golden Cap Route Signs
Golden Cap Walk through fields
This is one of the fields to walk through from Langdon Hill

There are 2 major viewpoints either side of the cliff head, one overlooking Lyme Regis and Charmouth and the other side overlooks Seatown and West Bay, which was definitely the side I found most impressive!

On the way back down to the Langdon Hill Golden Cap Car Park you can take the exact same route or you can make it a circular walk by doing a loop the other way around Langdon Hill Woods.

Golden Cap Viewpoint over Lyme Regis
Golden Cap Viewpoint over Lyme Regis and Charmouth!
Golden Cap Viewpoint over Seatown and West Bay
Golden Cap Viewpoint over Seatown and West Bay!

Who should do this Golden Cap Dorset Walk??

If you are short on time as I was, then I recommend this Golden Cap route to you as it is much shorter than the others from Charmouth or Seatown, I walked quite fast and spent about 15 minutes at the top only and did the Golden Cap hike in less than 1 hour.

If it’s a hot day and you want to get out of the sun, this route will keep you cool for half of the way as it is through the woods and therefore shaded.

If you have difficultly walking and want the easiest Golden Cap walk, this is also for you as it is the shortest with the least inclines!

Seatown to Golden Cap Walk

If you want a full coastal walk then doing the Seatown to Golden Cap walk is the best walk for you! One of the things I love about Dorset is the many Dorset footpaths and the many paths that run right along the top of the Jurassic Coastline!

Seatown Parking – Golden Cap Car Park

‘Seatown Car Park’ is the main car park in Seatown and this is the best place for Golden Cap parking if you are taking this route as the coastal footpath crosses alongside the car park!

Seatown is a popular destination so this car park might get busy in the summer months and it costs to park there.

Golden Cap Walk from Seatown

The best thing about Dorset Coastal walks is that they are very easy to follow! From Seatown Car Park you’ll need to head up Sea Hill Lane which connects back to the footpath.

From my experience, there are steep inclines from the beaches in Dorset (and Devon) up onto the clifftop so keep this in mind for your walking ability.

However, once you are at the top of the footpath walking through the fields the inclines and declines are fairly moderate.

There is just one last steeper incline at the end which takes you through the last field and onto the steps to the top of the Golden Cap viewpoint!

Golden Cap Walk through fields
These are the steps from the Seatown route and Langdon Hill
Golden Cap Coastal Walk from Seatown
Start of the Golden Cap Coastal Walk back to Seatown which is in the distance

Charmouth to Golden Cap Walk

For another coastal walk to the Golden Cap viewpoint but for one that is much longer – well over double the length of the coastal walk from Seatown, you can go from Charmouth which is a well loved beach just up from Lyme Regis!

Charmouth Parking – Golden Cap Car Park

The best car park in Charmouth for the Golden Cap Hike is ‘Beach Car Park’ right on the coast and right on the coastal footpath.

An alternative car park which is slightly up the road and back from the beach but one that may be quieter is ‘Lower Sea Lane Car Park’.

Golden Cap Walk from Charmouth

Looking on the map there are many Dorset footpaths around Charmouth. There is a footpath through fields along the coast from Charmouth to the Golden Cap viewpoint.

Because you are already on a pretty long walk, there is the possibility to do a Charmouth to Golden Cap circular walk by taking one of the footpaths back to Charmouth that is further inland.

Golden Cap Viewpoint over Lyme Regis
The fields on the right are where you would walk from Charmouth to Golden Cap!

West Bay to Golden Cap Walk

Lyme Regis to Golden Cap Walk

Although it is definitely possible to do the Golden Cap Walk from the popular Dorset towns of West Bay and Lyme Regis because there is a Dorset Coastal Footpath from both towns all the way along the coast to the Golden Cap.

Unless you are fit and are definitely looking for a long walk I wouldn’t personally walk from either of these towns for the Golden Cap Walk!

FAQ About the Golden Cap Walk:

How long does it take to walk up Golden Cap?

This depends on the route you take, the quickest route from Langdon Hill takes about 20 minutes, whereas the walk from Charmouth to Golden Cap takes about 90 minutes.

Where do you park to walk up the Golden Cap?

There is a car park at Langdon Hill, a car park in Seatown and a car park in Charmouth which are all close to the footpath to Golden Cap.

Can you walk from Charmouth to Golden Cap?

Yes, you can do the Charmouth to Golden Cap walk in about 1 hour 30 minutes. This is by far the longest way to the Golden Cap.

How far is it from Charmouth to Golden Cap?

It is 5.5km / 3.4 miles from Charmouth to Golden Cap. This is the longest route to the Golden Cap. Walking from Seatown or Langdon Hill is much shorter.

I hope you enjoy the Golden Cap Walk!