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22+ TOP Indoor Activities in Manchester For Everyone to Enjoy! 2024

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Looking for the perfect indoor activities in Manchester for adults and kids? Luckily, there are plenty in Manchester from Museums, Play Centres, Indoor Sports and Art & Craft fun!

Whether you’re looking to avoid the cold or rain in Manchester by staying inside or simply fancy a fun indoor activity in Manchester, I’ve got you covered with cultural activities (football is cultural right??), fun indoor activities for adults like golf, sports & competitive games, indoor play centres in Manchester for children and of course lots of museums in Manchester and indoor food markets!

Indoor Activities in Manchester

indoor activities in manchester,
Keep reading for my top indoor activities in Manchester!

Remember that indoor things to do in Manchester will be busier on weekends and school holidays, especially when it’s raining so be sure to check the weather and book tickets in advance where possible and, I’ll give you links to use below!

Manchester Indoor Activities For Everyone

I have broken down the activities to do in Manchester for everyone in this section, then children specific and then activities aimed at adults in Manchester!


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  • 1. Chaos Karts

    Yes, there is an indoor go-karting track right in the middle of Manchester city centre, just behind the Science and Industry Museum! It’s an incredibly immersive and modern track perfect for younger children to practise, families, friends and co-workers!

    This is one of the fun indoor activities in Manchester and if going with kids, you can pair the trip with a free visit to the Science and Industry Museum!


    2. The Crystal Maze Experience

    If you’re looking for a really fun indoor activity in Manchester for a group, Manchester has a Crystal Maze Experience, yep, just like the TV programme!

    Some of my friends have been and they loved it! It’s perfect for team building and is a friendly competitive activity that takes up a few hours. Afterwards, you’ll need to go for dinner to decompress and talk about it!


    3. Art & Pottery Cafes in Manchester

    One of the things I love about Manchester is the art cafes here! These are great for younger kids to visit to paint a pot but equally good for a catch-up date with friends as the painting is very therapeutic!

    I would recommend booking in advance, especially on the weekend if you want an indoor activity in Manchester because it’s raining as many people will be thinking the same! Also, make sure you can go back and pick up your item 1-2 weeks later after it’s been in the oven!

    Here are 3 art cafes in Manchester I know and love:

    Bean & Brush Art Cafe in Sale

    Minikin Paint a Pot in Sale

    Create It Cheadle in Cheadle

    indoor activities in manchester, inside art cafe Create it Cheadle
    Create It Cheadle is one of the great art cafes in Manchester!

    4. Manchester Museums & Galleries

    Manchester isn’t short of museums and many of them are free making them the best free things to do in Manchester and the perfect way to spend a few hours indoors!

    Manchester city centre has several museums like the Science and Industry Museum, National Football Museum and People’s History Museum but you don’t have to visit the city centre,

    indoor activities in manchester, inside Manchester Museum with Whale Skelton
    The museums of Manchester are great indoor activities!

    Manchester Museum and The Whitworth Gallery are along Oxford Road. The Whitworth Gallery has a really nice cafe overlooking the park so is perfect to visit to spend a bit of extra time indoors!

    And, galleries like The Lowry and Salford Museum and Art Gallery are in Salford.

    Manchester Museum

    National Football Museum

    Science and Industry Museum

    Peoples History Museum

    Manchester Art Gallery

    The Whitworth Gallery

    Salford Museum & Art Gallery

    The Lowry

    indoor activities in manchester, show at the Science and Industry Museum Manchester
    The Science and Industry Museum Manchester is very interactive!
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    5. Manchester Football Stadium Tours

    You can’t think of Manchester without thinking of football but you may be surprised that this type of football activity is great for those looking for indoor activities in Manchester!

    Both Manchester United and Manchester City offer stadium tours and whilst some of the tour takes you outside, the majority of it is inside visiting the changing rooms, tunnel, conference rooms, dug-outs etc.

    The stadium tours are great for football enthusiasts but I’ve been with my stepsons and although we aren’t really into football, we enjoyed them! They are one of the great family activities in Manchester I recommend but you can also go with friends, or alone!

    – Manchester City Stadium Tour

    If you’re a Blues fan, you can visit the Etihad Stadium home of Manchester City and have a modern and interactive experience there.

    Their guided tours take you to areas usually available to the public with a professional guide who shares lots of interesting stories.


    Book your tour here:

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    – Manchester United Stadium Tour

    Visit the famous grounds of Old Trafford on a guided tour which takes you into the changing rooms, dug-out, tunnel and gives you lots of stories and information about the stadium and club!


    indoor activities in manchester, inside Manchester United Tunnel on a Stadium Tour
    Inside Manchester United Tunnel on a Stadium Tour

    6. Snowboarding & Skiing at Chill Factore

    There is not a shortage of indoor activities in Trafford Park, Manchester and Snowboarding and Skiing at the Chill Factore is one of the best and most unique!

    Book a session here to spend a few hours indoors in the snow and learn a new sport! Chill Factore is perfect for everyone including younger children as they have children-focused activities, and adults wishing to do more!


    7. iFly Indoor Skydiving

    Another one of the super unique and cool indoor things to do in Trafford Park is an indoor skydive at iFly.

    We’ve been here 3 times and we love it! It’s great for adults and children and there are only 4 iFly locations in the UK so we’re really lucky to have one in Manchester!

    indoor activities in manchester, Women at indoor skydive iFly Manchester
    iFly is one of the fun indoor activities in Manchester to do!

    The Skydive is actually very quick but it takes time to do the briefing, get changed and watch everyone in your group have a go, so the overall activity takes longer and can pass a good hour or so indoors in Manchester!


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    MORE READING: My Review | iFLY Manchester Indoor Skydive. What To Expect!

    8. Treetop Golf

    In the city centre, one of the fun indoor activities in Manchester is Treetop Golf! They offer 2 courses to choose from, each taking about 40-60 minutes and they also have a cafe so you can spend longer inside here.

    I’ve been on a date night with my husband and with the kids and enjoyed it both times!


    indoor activities in manchester, Inside Treetop Golf in Manchester City Centre
    Choose from 2 fun indoor courses at Treetop Golf!

    9. Bowling

    There is a number of great bowling alleys in Manchester in both the city centre and further afield which make for some fun indoors, especially in the evenings with friends.

    Tenpin at Printworks in Manchester City Centre is one of my favourites as it’s all lit up and a good, fun atmosphere. There’s also Dog Bowl and Lane7 Manchester which are fun and in the city centre.

    Out of the city, there’s bowling inside the Trafford Centre, Hollywood Bowl in Ashton-under-Lyne, Tenpin in Parrs Wood and Atlantic Bowl in Altrincham.

    10. Bouldering at Depot Rock Climbing

    To learn another skill and stay indoors, head to Depot Rock Climbing within the Trafford Park complex.

    I like this climbing centre as it’s bouldering rather than wall climbing which means there’s no need for you to go with a guide to use the ropes or know how to use the ropes yourself. You’re left free to boulder on your own and they have lots of sections to suit all abilities and even have small kids sections.


    indoor activities in manchester, inside depot climbing centre Trafford park
    We love going here on a wet weekend with the kids to try something new!

    11. Rock Climbing

    Another one of the rock climbing places I love in Manchester is Parthian Climbing which is pretty unique as it’s set inside an old church building!

    Here, you do need to know how to use the ropes however there are a few walls with automated ropes meaning you don’t need to know or have a guide and can climb them yourself. There’s also bouldering without any ropes and it’s perfect for all ages and abilities.


    indoor activities in manchester, inside Parthian Rock Climbing Manchester
    Parthian Rock Climbing Manchester is located within an old Church which is pretty cool!

    12. DNA VR

    One of the newer fun activities in Manchester is DNA VR which provides you with an immersive experience diving into other worlds by fighting dragons or surviving an apocalypse! This is a seriously fun indoor activity that you can do as a group, with the family, or on your own in the city centre.

    13. Dunham Massey House Tour

    If you want to get outside but not spend too much time outside, consider one of the nearby National Trust sites.

    Dunham Massey has a 17th Century House open to explore from March to October which is all indoors. They also have a cafe next to the house so you can get some lunch or a snack indoors too.

    indoor activities in manchester, inside Dunham Massey House
    Visiting Dunham Massey House is one of the things to do indoors in Manchester!

    Then, if you’re visiting because you’re looking to avoid the rain, with Manchester you never know when it will stop raining so if it does, you can pop out for a walk around the gardens, if not, head back to the car.

    The House is a nice experience for kids to see some history and older people who appreciate collections from this era with paintings and furniture in the house to view.


    indoor activities in manchester, Dunham Massey House from outside
    From March to October visit the inside of Dunham Massey’s House!

    14. Quarry Bank House Tour

    Quarry Bank is another National Trust site in Manchester I love with a lot of history because this was one of the cotton factories in Manchester.

    There are many walks to do outside but also options to stay inside by visiting the Mill which used to be a working Mill and now has many floors to explore with interactive exhibitions about what it was like, especially for children working in the mill.

    indoor activities in manchester, inside the Mill House at Quarry Bank
    Inside the Mill House at Quarry Bank is very interactive for children and adults!

    Another inside building to visit at Quarry Bank is The Apprentice House. This is where the children used to live who worked in the mill. It is an emotional place to visit however a good place to remind us of the history and teach children the history in a memorable way.

    There’s also a cafe onsite at Quarry Bank where you can sit indoors and enjoy the garden views.


    indoor activities in manchester, outside the Mill House at Quarry Bank
    The Mill House at Quarry Bank National Trust is a large inside building to explore!

    Manchester Indoor Activities with Children

    Next up is a list of indoor activities in Manchester suited for children and families to visit!

    14. LEGOLAND Discovery Trafford Centre

    Located within The Trafford Centre but on the other side near Primark in Barton Square is Manchester’s LEGOLAND!

    Now, this is not a big LEGOLAND, it’s one of the smaller Discovery Centres but it’s good way to pass a few hours and one of the best inside activities for children, especially small children.

    There’s an insane amount of LEGO to play with inside plus rides and games to go on.

    I went with my stepsons when they were 5 and 8 and they really enjoyed it. I do think it’s a bit too young for kids that are much older than this.

    Book Tickets: Click here to book your tickets to LEGOLAND Manchester!


    indoor activities in manchester, inside LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester with rides
    indoor activities in LEGOLAND Discovery Centre is one of the fun indoor things to do with children in Manchester!

    If you’re a LEGO lover, we recently flew from Manchester to LEGOLAND in Denmark for cheaper than visiting the Windsor UK one – here’s how!

    15. SEA LIFE Trafford Centre

    Next to LEGOLAND Discovery Centre is SEA LIFE Manchester.

    Visiting these two activities together creates the perfect day out in Manchester because it will pass a couple of hours and both are indoors.

    Of course, many other people will have the same idea so be sure to book tickets and times in advance.

    SEA LIFE Manchester is quite small and more engaging for younger children. It’s one of the good Manchester days out with kids I recommend.

    Book Tickets: Click here to book your tickets to SEA LIFE Manchester!


    Book your tickets here as they get busy!

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    16. NERF Action Xperience Trafford Centre

    Fairly new to Manchester is Nerf Action Xperience, also located in The Trafford Centre in Barton Square opposite LEGOLAND and SEA LIFE so it’s perfect for combining with one of these two. Although I’d say NERF Action is better for older kids and LEGOLAND & SEA LIFE are better for younger kids.

    Nerf Action Xperience is the first of its kind in the UK offering 4 action-packed rooms.

    indoor activities in manchester, playing NERF Action Xperience
    NERF Action Xperience is one of the new indoor things to do in Manchester!

    I went recently with my stepsons aged 7 & 10 and husband, and we all loved it. 2 of the rooms are NERF battle rooms where you get put into 2 groups to battle it out. The other 2 rooms are full of games and individual Nerf practice battles.

    Entry only lasts 1 hour but afterwards, you can head to Archies for a Burger which is attached to the Nerf Store or do one of the other indoor activities in Trafford Park I’ve mentioned in this list.


    indoor activities in manchester, NERF Action Xperience from outside in Trafford Centre
    One of the fun things to do for kids in Manchester!

    17. Inflata Nation

    The No.1 inflatable park in Manchester is bouncier and bigger than ever with two levels of fun inside to be had!

    This is a super fun place to go, especially with children! There are huge ball pits, slides and a smaller kids area. I loved going here just as much as the boys!

    Be sure to book in advance though as this indoor play centre in Manchester gets busy!


    Manchester Indoor Activities For Adults

    Lastly, here are some ideas for indoor activities in Manchester suited for adults. Think cool food markets, Axe Games and Escape Rooms!

    18. Axe Throwing

    For a great indoor activity in Manchester, especially for an evening with friends, check out Urban Axe Throwing!

    This experience has become more popular in years and there’s a place right in the heart of Manchester you can book.

    An experienced instructor will teach you how to do it and then you are left to aim for the bullseye yourself!


    19. Junk Yard Golf

    If you’re looking for fun with friends or a date day / night activity inside in Manchester, I’d suggest Junkyard Golf which is mini-golf aimed at adults in Manchester as it offers a more weird and random with a lot of junk.. and drinks if you want them!

    Although you can get food inside, there are many nice restaurants close to Junkyard Golf that you can visit like Indian Tiffin Room and Ribeye Steakhouse.


    20. Manchester Escape Rooms

    Escape Rooms are the inside activity and Manchester has plenty of Escape Rooms!

    Breakout Manchester is one of the top-rated Escape Rooms in Manchester and I can recommend Lucardo Escape Rooms.

    There are also plenty of smaller independent ones which may be worth checking if it’s a rainy weekend in Manchester and a lot of popular places will be booked up!


    21. Mackie Mayor Market

    I love Mackie Mayor Market in Manchester’s Northern Quarter as it offers so many amazing places to eat all in one place, inside, and everyone in your group can get something different!

    For where to go inside in Manchester, Mackie Mayor is perfect as you can have a big choice of food and not just in a normal building, but in an 1858 Grade II listed market building!


    indoor activities in manchester, inside Mackie Mayor Market in Northern Quarter Manchester
    Mackie Mayor is one of my favourite food markets in Manchester!

    22. Kargo Market Salford

    Another one of my favourite food markets in Manchester is Kargo MKT in Salford which is fairly new.

    They offer a wide range of food options from Caribbean, Palestinian, Korean, Ethiopian, Italian and so much more so you’re bound to find a cuisine to suit everyone and what’s great is that everyone can order their own food but sit together.

    Whilst Kargo MKT is fairly family-friendly, I do think places like this are great for adults to visit on a date night or as a group of friends.

    All of the market is indoors and it’s attached to the shopping mall where you can park inside easily too!


    I hope this list of indoor activities in Manchester has helped you out!