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A Guernsey Weekend Itinerary & Guernsey Travel Guide!

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Guernsey is the perfect place to visit for a few days, especially for Brits looking for a UK Staycation within the British Isles with easier restrictions but with the feeling of being in a completely different place!

Because of Guernsey’s small size – just 12 miles long and nearly half of that wide, a short Guernsey itinerary will allow you to do fun watersports, go on a coastal hike, go shopping among pebbled Meditteranean looking streets, learn some new historical facts, eat amazing fresh seafood, go island hopping and really sink into #ThatIslandFeeling which is the way Visit Guernsey describes a visit to Guernsey Channel Island!

So in this Guernsey travel blog, I’m going to give you the perfect Guernsey itinerary for 2-3 days so you can plan a weekend in Guernsey or a long weekend break in Guernsey,

Plus extra information for travel to Guernsey to help you plan your trip, like how to get to Guernsey, how to get around Guernsey, where to stay in Guernsey and the top things to do in Guernsey!

Guernsey Itinerary

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Guernsey itinerary
Keep reading for your perfect Guernsey itinerary!

How To Get To Guernsey Channel Island

Flying to Guernsey

There are regular domestic flights from UK Airports to Guernsey with a short travel time of between 45 minutes to just over 1 hour.

Aurigny Airlines are Guernsey’s Airline provider and they fly from London Gatwick, London Stansted, Southampton, Birmingham, Manchester, Exeter, Bristol and East Midlands all year round, plus Norwich and Leeds Bradford seasonally.

These quick domestic flights and are the reason Guernsey is a brilliant quick break from the UK and you can easily plan your Guernsey weekend itinerary to start after work on Friday!

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Guernsey itinerary, flight to Guernsey
A small Aurigny plane from Manchester to Guernsey!

Ferry to Guernsey

If you are travelling from the South of England or elsewhere in the UK and don’t want to fly, travelling by Ferry to Guernsey is an option!

Condor Ferries leave Poole and Portsmouth to Guernsey taking as little as 3 hours from Poole.

A benefit of travelling by Ferry to Guernsey is being able to take your car, and being on a unique journey with views of the South Coast of England including the Jurassic Coast as you start the channel crossing.

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Guernsey itinerary, Condor Ferries to Guernsey

How To Get Around Guernsey

Hiring a Car in Guernsey

The best way to explore Guernsey is by car and it is possible to hire a car at Guernsey Airport from top hire companies like Hertz through RentalCars which is what I did for my long weekend in Guernsey.

Search for car hire from Guernsey Airport here!

When it comes to costs, bear in mind that because Guernsey is so small, you’ll barely use any petrol, my fuel dial hardly moved over 3 days in Guernsey!

Roads in Guernsey

The roads in Guernsey are very small and narrow as they are mainly country lanes so I don’t recommend getting a car that’s too big, especially if you are not a confident driver. However, speed limits are low so you have to drive slowly and cautiously on Guernsey roads anyway.

Public Bus in Guernsey

If you don’t drive, or you aren’t a confident driver, you can get around Guernsey using the public bus!

Guernsey Buses have an interactive website and app to help you find out the Guernsey bus timetables and destinations.

They have a stop outside of the airport and many stops around the island including frequent buses in St Peter Port which is the main town of Guernsey Channel Island.

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Guernsey itinerary, Guernsey bus map
Bus stops around Guernsey

Where to Stay in Guernsey

Although the channel island of Guernsey is a very small island, where you stay on the island is important and this depends on what you want from your Guernsey Island Break and your Guernsey itinerary.

I stayed in St Peter Port Town at The Duke of Richmond Hotel which was well located within the town, had extremely friendly staff and comfortable facilities.

I enjoyed staying in St Peter Port because of the location meaning I could wander into town within 10 minutes, I didn’t have to drive every time, and there I had many food options available.

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Guernsey itinerary, Duke of Richmond Hotel Guernsey
The Duke of Richmond Hotel – St Peter Port

However, if you want a more relaxed break to get that real holiday feeling, I recommend a hotel in Guernsey that is a bit more scheduled and close to a beach, like one of the following hotels in Guernsey.

Best Hotels Guernsey

Fermain Valley Hotel – A big hotel located by Fermain Beach with a sun terrace, ocean views and an award-winning restaurant for a relaxed stay.

The Imperial Hotel – Located overlooking the picturesque Rocquaine Bay with sandy beaches and clear water surrounding the hotel for a real beach island break.

Cobo Bay Hotel – Cobo Bay is a popular beach hang out and Cobo Bay Hotel is a popular place to stay, especially if you like socialising with an ocean view.

Driftwood Inn – A family-run hotel on the coast where you’ll be really looked after with a seasonally open outdoor pool and mix of guests.

Click here to see more hotels in Guernsey to match your island break style!

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Guernsey itinerary, Fermain Valley hotel
Fermain Valley Hotel – Fermain Bay

Search for car hire from Guernsey Airport here!

Guernsey Itinerary

Although many people spend up to 1 week in Guernsey which is very possible with all the things to do on Guernsey, especially for families travelling during school holidays,

A few days in Guernsey is enough time to see this beautiful island and really relax into island life.

So here’s my 2 day Guernsey itinerary and 3 day Guernsey itinerary to follow and adapt, which are perfect for a weekend break in Guernsey or a long weekend in Guernsey.

1 Day in Guernsey

The Little Chapel

Once you land in Guernsey Airport and collect your hire car, I recommend driving 5 minutes to one of the top Guernsey attractions – Little Chapel.

Although small, The Little Chapel is fascinating as it is made out of mosaics with 3 floors which you can enter for free.

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Guernsey itinerary, Little Chapel
The Mosaic Chapel

St Peter Port

Next, drive to the main town on the island St Peter Port and explore its cobbled streets, harbour, independent shops and its many cafes, bars and restaurants.

Perfect if you’re in need of a coffee or lunch after the flight.

Guernsey has a lot of French influence and I enjoyed a lovely lunchtime crepe at Crepe Mansion which I recommend and is a popular spot for locals.

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Guernsey itinerary, St Peter Port Harbour
St Peter Port Harbour
The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Guernsey itinerary, Crepe Maison
Crepe from Crepe Maison

There are a couple of good things to do in St Peter Port and due to its size, you can fit them into just a few hours.

Castle Cornet is an 800-year castle with a few museums inside. It’s impressive to see from the outside as you walk down to the harbour to it and it’s fascinating inside too.

If you are with children in Guernsey, I recommend heading to Guernsey Museum and Art Gallery in Candie Gardens which is a really interactive museum for children.

In Guernsey Museum you can learn a lot about Guernsey Folklore. If you’re into witches, ghosts and superstition, you’ll find some really interesting stories in there!

At Guernsey Museum you can pick up a key for Victoria Tower which is a 3 minute walk up the road. Climb the steps to the top of the tower to see 360-degree view of St Peter Port and the island! I really enjoyed going up here!

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Guernsey itinerary, Castle Cornet
Castle Cornet
The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Guernsey itinerary, Victoria Tower View of St Peter Port
View from Victoria Tower

Cobo Bay Fish & Chips

After a day of travelling and exploring part of Guernsey, drive to Cobo Bay which is the place to be, especially on a Friday and Saturday night!

Cobo Fish Bar is known as the best Fish & Chips on the island and locals will wait in a big queue just to get some, which means as a tourist, you have to do the same!

The way to enjoy Cobo Fish and Chips is on the beach wall.

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Guernsey itinerary, Cobo Fish Bar
Cobo Fish Bar
The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Guernsey itinerary, Cobo Fish & Chips
Cobo Fish & Chips on the beach

If you want to end your day with a drink or within a bar setting, head to Cobo Bay Hotel or Rockmount which are just down the road from Cobo Bay Fish & Chips.

Cobo Bay is rated as one of the top beaches in Guernsey! If you have time, make sure you stick around for sunset!

Search for car hire from Guernsey Airport here!

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Guernsey itinerary, Cobo Bay Sunset
A Cobo Bay Sunset

2 Days in Guernsey

Island Hopping Day Trip

Some of the most popular places to visit in Guernsey are islands that belong to Guernsey so I really recommend fitting one of these islands into your Guernsey itinerary!

The 4 islands are – Herm, Sark, Lihou or Alderney. Each of them vary in the time it takes to get to them, the time needed on them and the things to do on them, so you can pick the best island for the time you have in Guernsey:


I went to sark for the day which I loved! I got the 10:00 am boat there and 4:00 pm boat back which was the perfect amount of time to explore Sark by bike.

Sark is a car-free island so you can see the island by foot, bike or horse and carriage. I definitely recommend hiring a bike from A to B cycles in advance so you can see more of the island in a short time!

Boats to Sark from Guernsey do book up quickly so as soon as you know you’re booked to travel to Guernsey, book your boat with Sark Shipping.

Things To Do On Sark

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Guernsey itinerary, Sark Island Bike Ride
Riding from Big Sark to Little Sark!


Herm is a popular island trip from Guernsey, especially because it takes just 20 minutes by boat and from what I heard, there is more boat availability than to Sark.

Herm can be seen on foot in just 2-3 hours and it’s soft, sandy beaches rival those in the Caribbean.

Things To Do On Herm


Alderney is the biggest of the 4 island’s to visit and there’s actually a flight from Guernsey to Alderney which takes 15 minutes, or you can take a 1 hour boat.

Alderney is unique for its wildlife and history. There are cars on this island but for a day trip to Alderney from Guernsey, you can get around fine by foot, bike or by using the only working railway in the Channel Islands!

Things To Do On Alderney


Lastly, if you haven’t got much time on your trip to Guernsey and haven’t pre-booked any of the boats in advance, that’s ok!

Because to go to Lihou you don’t need a boat, you just need to plan your time right to visit during low tide so you can walk along the ancient stone causeway and once you’re there you can find lots of great places to swim and lots of wildlife.

This is a great day trip from Guernsey for families with children thanks to not needing to rely on ferries.

Things To Do On Lihou

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Guernsey itinerary, sark island
Get ready to explore a new Channel Island on foot!

3 Days in Guernsey

On your last day in Guernsey I recommend enjoying the island from the water and from the coastline.

Water sports in Guernsey

There are many watersports on offer in Guernsey such as surfing, diving, paddle boarding, kayaking and coasteering.

Book a surf lesson with Guernsey Surf School or go Kayaking or Coasteering with Outdoor Guernsey!

If you prefer to stay dry, I recommend doing a RIB Trip with Island RIB Voyages to see the island from the water in an exhilarating way and to see local wildlife.

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Guernsey itinerary, Cobo bay beach
Cobo Bay is a popular place for kayaking and paddle boarding.


Before heading to the airport, fill your lungs with some fresh sea air by taking a hike.

I love Visit Guernsey’s website for the many Walking Routes and Hikes they have on there which vary in length and difficulty making them perfect to add into any Guernsey itinerary.

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Guernsey itinerary, Fermain Beach and Cafe
Fermain Beach and Cafe
The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Guernsey itinerary, Coastal Walk
Coastal Walk Views

I did the Island views 2.5 hour walk from Fermain Bay which I loved!

It got me into a sweat, I got to see lots of the coastline which kept changing around every corner and because I had enough time, I extended the walk by carrying onto Moulin Huet Bay and for a coffee and scone with Guernsey cream at Moulin Huet Tearooms.

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Guernsey itinerary, Moulin Huet Tearooms
The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Guernsey itinerary, Petit Bay Coastal Walk

Things To Do On Guernsey

For even more things to do on Guernsey, because there is plenty more!

See my Ultimate Guide of THINGS TO DO IN GUERNSEY post!

Guernsey FAQ

How many days do you need in Guernsey?

At least 2 days is needed to appreciate Guernsey Channel Island. 3 days in Guernsey is a good amount of time. However many people chose to spend 1 week in Guernsey which is also a good amount of time due to the many things to do in Guernsey, especially for families.

Is it worth going to Guernsey?

Yes! Guernsey is a beautiful island with many unique things to do. It’s full of nature, pretty villages and an incredible coastline filled with beaches and activities. Plus, it offers high quality food, restaurants, hotels and spa’s!

How long does it take to travel around Guernsey?

Guernsey is a small island so it doesn’t take long to get around the island and most journeys around the island are 5 – 20 minutes. The roads in Guernsey are very narrow country lane and have low speed limits, therefore it does take more time to get around the island than you may expect. But you can travel around the island easily with 2 hours.

Can you drive around Guernsey in a day?

You can definitely drive around Guernsey in a day and see lots of different places in Guernsey in 1 day due to its small size.

Do you need a car to get around Guernsey?

The best way to get around Guernsey and to see Guernsey is via car so I do recommend hiring a car. However, there is a good public bus system in Guernsey and taxi’s are available so a car is not mandatory.

I hope this helps your plan your Guernsey itinerary!

This blog post has been written following my press trip to Guernsey with Visit Guernsey.