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The Perfect Weekend in Jersey Channel Island Itinerary!

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Jersey Channel Islands is an amazing place to visit for a weekend getaway!  I have spent a weekend in Jersey twice in September and June with Visit Jersey after they dubbed the island #theislandbreak, and I loved my weekend in Jersey itinerary each time!

So here is what I suggest in this Jersey Island blog as the perfect Jersey Channel Island itinerary for a weekend break or short break, because at 5 miles long and 9 miles wide it’s extremely small yet it’s packed with natural beauty, fun activities, and relaxing activities to refresh yourself! 

Jersey Channel Island Itinerary

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Jersey Channel Island itinerary
Keep reading so you can plan your perfect Weekend in Jersey Channel Island Itinerary!

How to Get to Jersey Channel Island.

EasyJet, British Airways and Flybe all fly from the UK to Jersey.

If you’re flying from London you can fly from Luton, Gatwick and London City Airport to Jersey in just 40-50 minutes. Jersey Channel Island can also be reached from Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Doncaster, Southampton and Liverpool Airports.

For my weekend in Jersey, I was short on annual leave from work so myself and my friend opted for a Friday evening flight to Jersey from London and a Sunday evening flight back.

You can also get a Condor Ferry from the South Coast of England to Jersey Channel Island however that will take more time and with only a weekend in Jersey Island, I wouldn’t suggest it unless you live near Poole or Portsmouth!

Weekend in Jersey Itinerary

-Friday Evening

Fly to Jersey

With Jersey being so close to England and France why not make the most of a Friday evening flight so you can spend the day at work and then jet off afterwards, after all, 2 days in Jersey is enough to see a lot of the island and do all of this Jersey Channel Island itinerary!

To enable you to see as much of the island as possible and in your own time, it’s a good idea to hire a car.

Book your rental car in Jersey before you arrive. As soon as you leave the baggage area in the airport you’ll see the car hire desks and before you know it you’ll be on your way! Remember that they drive on the left-hand side of the road so the same as the UK but different to Europe.

Search for Care Hire in Jersey Here From All The Top Companies!

If you don’t fancy driving or you’re wanting to visit Jersey on a budget, then the public bus system is good and buses seem to run well throughout the island. There is a bus stop right outside the airport to take people into St Helier- the capital of the island.

I stayed in The Hampshire Hotel, just on the outskirts of St Helier which is not only a lovely, small hotel but it’s in a great location as we didn’t have to drive through St Helier but the town is walkable from here and it’s easy to get to everywhere on the island from.

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Jersey Channel Island itinerary, the hampshire hotel st helier
Picking a hotel in St Helier as will mean you are very central and will help make planning you Jersey Channel Island itinerary easier!

-Saturday Morning

Island life is generally based around the water and due to Jersey’s size and its gorgeous coastline Jersey life is no different, so the best way to start your Jersey Channel Island itinerary is like I did.. in the water!

Surfing in Jersey

I’d never been surfing before but it was high on my bucket list to try and I loved it! I went surfing as part of a yoga and surf retreat that was happening at that time with ‘Drift’ however there are plenty of companies you can go surfing with. Check out Visit Jersey’s page here to see them.

For a bit of fun and friendly advice on Surfing then I loved this post – 7 Surf Tips for Beginners.

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Jersey Channel Island itinerary, surfing
If you love surfing or have always wanted to try, get it on your Jersey Channel Island itinerary!

St Ouens Bay on the West Coast of Jersey is one of the top beaches in Jersey! Not only is it the best place to catch some waves in Jersey but it’s incredibly beautiful too so whether you go surfing or not, be sure to add St Ouens Bay to you Jersey Island itinerary!

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Jersey Channel Island itinerary, St Ouen Bay Ellie Quinn
St Ouen’s bay is one of my favourite beaches in Jersey so add it to your Jersey Island itinerary!

Water Sports in Jersey

If surfing isn’t your thing then don’t fear, there’s plenty of other water sport activities in Jersey from Kayaking, Paddleboarding, SUP Board Yoga, Scuba Diving, Coasteering and Water Skiing!

-Saturday Afternoon

After a morning in or on the water, it’s nice to spend an afternoon in Jersey on dry land but still out in the fresh air enjoying the ocean views.

Where to have lunch in Jersey?

Lunch is a priority of course though and Jersey is known as a foodie haven with a lot of incredible restaurants filled with its fresh seafood.

Le Moulin de Lecq is in Greve de Lecq Bay on the North West Point of the island, not far from St Ouens Bay. This would be a great restaurant to have some food in, explore Greve de Lecq before taking a walk further West to Plemont Bay and then returning to pick up your car.

Coastal walk in Jersey

Doing the coastal walk in the afternoon was on our Jersey Channel Island itinerary so we drove straight to Plemont Bay in the afternoon, parked up and took the steps down to the bay and couldn’t believe the beauty of this place.

The tide was in so we couldn’t go onto the beach or into the caves that hide under the cliffs but seeing the cliffs, ocean and sun starting to set were enough. Not only that but there were only 2 other people there!

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Jersey Channel Island itinerary, Plemont Bay
The Coastal Walks around Jersey are easily some of the top things to do in Jersey to see the nature of the island and relax!

-Saturday Evening

Where to have Dinner in Jersey?

Saturday evening has to be spent in the picturesque fishing village of St Aubin.

We had a little trouble parking on a Saturday evening which meant we had to head up into the windy steep back streets of the village but in hindsight, it was great to see the streets that make up the village as well as the beautiful houses that line the streets.

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Jersey Channel Island itinerary, St Aubin
Be sure to include an evening in St Aubin on your Jersey Channel Island itinerary!

The promenade that lines along the harbour is full of restaurants and pubs perfect for a Saturday evening meal and drink in Jersey.

My friend and I were booked to have dinner at The Boat House, which I would highly recommend adding to your Jersey Channel Island itinerary. It was pretty busy so I would suggest booking a head but totally worth it as the food was amazing!

I started with the Jersey Crab on Toast which was delicious, followed by the Josper Grilled Bass Fillet which was cooked perfectly, alongside some Parmesan and Truffle Hand Cut Chips that pretty much changed my life and have made me only want to eat Truffle Chips.

I finished with the White Chocolate Ball and Brownie which was indeed a huge white chocolate ball which was melted by the waiter pouring warm chocolate sauce onto it, which then melted onto the brownie that was sitting underneath.. incredible!

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Jersey Channel Island itinerary, The Boat House St Aubin
I really recommend The Boat House in St Aubin for dinner one night on your Jersey Island itinerary!
The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Jersey Channel Island itinerary, The Boat House meal
The Boat House Starter
The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Jersey Channel Island itinerary, The Boat House meal
The Boat House Main Course
The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Jersey Channel Island itinerary, The Boat House meal
The Boat House Dessert!

-Sunday Morning

Boat Trip in Jersey

Day 2 in Jersey and Sunday morning provides the chance to get out on the water again but this time without so much exercise!

Taking a boat trip is the best way to see Jersey from a different angle, visit some nearby islands that you may not know about and hopefully spot some wildlife!

I took a boat trip with Island RIB Voyages and I had such an amazing morning so I really recommend you prebook with them and add it to your Jersey Channel Island itinerary!

I drove to St Catherine’s Bay from St Helier which was another lovely drive. St Catherine’s Bay is on the East side of the island meaning that I had now visited both East and West.

We donned some red jackets and a life jacket provided to us by Island RIB Voyages and hopped onto the boat. Mario was our guide and skipper and he really helped make the trip unforgettable. We sailed out of the bay at a reasonably leisurely pace but before long we were speeding up for a true RIB experience!

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Jersey Channel Island itinerary, boat trip
The Island RIB Voyage was a highlight of my weekend in Jersey Channel Island!
The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Jersey Channel Island itinerary, guide boat trip
Add this to your list of things to do in Jersey Channel Island!

Our trip was out to Les Ecrehous from Jersey, a small island not too far away. When we were close by we slowed down and had a look out for some seals.. we were in luck as Mario’s brilliant eyesight spotted quite a few!

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Jersey Channel Island itinerary, boat trip seal
Hopefully, you’ll see a seal too!

The tide was low at Les Ecrehous island meaning we could get off the boat and have a walk around on what would be the sea bed during high tide. There are a number of small settlements on the island, they aren’t lived in all year round, instead used as more holiday homes and it was fascinating having a look round.

There’s a viewpoint behind some of the buildings which provides an incredible view of the ocean with Jersey in the distance and on the day I visited with the sun shining and the skies so blue I felt like I could well be in the Mediterranean!

There’s no way you can visit Les Ecrehous other than being on a boat trip so be sure to get it booked and planned in your Jersey Island itinerary!

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Jersey Channel Island itinerary, les ecrehous
Les Ecrehous was such a unique place to see and should be on your Jersey Channel Island itinerary!

The journey back to Jersey was just as enjoyable, there’s something about the sea air that really clears your mind and I felt so much more settled yet so much more alive when we stepped foot back on Jersey.

St Catherine’s Bay is a really nice area so we had a walk along the beach nearby before leaving which I would suggest doing.

-Sunday Afternoon

Castles in Jersey

Gorey is just a short drive down the East Coast from St Catherine’s Bay. It’s a beautiful harbour village with a sea-side-holiday feel to it.

It’s home to Mont Orgueil Castle which is featured in a lot of iconic Jersey photographs and there are lots of nice shops, cafes and restaurants so I would suggest adding it to your Jersey Channel Island itinerary and taking in the view from the Castle and then heading down into the village by the harbour to have a walk along the promenade and take in all the colourful buildings.

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Jersey Channel Island itinerary, Mont Orgueil Castle
Mont Orgueil Castle is pretty iconic and really nice to visit so make sure you go on your weekend in Jersey!

Lunch in Jersey

For lunch, Liv and I went to The Crab Shack which was so good, it’s another restaurant that I would highly recommend and must be one of the best crab restaurants in Jersey!

The Crab Shack is a really relaxed restaurant, so relaxed that it appears to be in a house. It has a friendly feel to it and it’s the kind of place that I really associate Island life with. We were lucky enough to sit outside in the sun with a great view.

Note that The Crab Shack is in two locations – Gorey and St Brelade so you no matter where you are you should be able to visit one of them on your Jersey Island itinerary!

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Jersey Channel Island itinerary, the crab shack
Add The Crab Shack to your meal plan and Jersey Channel Island itinerary, you won’t be disappointed!
The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Jersey British Isles weekend guide the crab shack crab taco
The food in Jersey is really amazing and such a high standard!

St Helier

Jersey Airport is in the West of the Island and we were in the East so with a few hours left we drove down to St Helier, parked up and had a walk around.

Up until this point we had passed nothing but beautiful villages and beaches and I was starting to wonder where everyone lived and worked. I knew St Helier was the capital and would be filled with lots of shops etc but expected it to be small seen as everything we had seen so far was quite small.

However, St Helier is and was a lot bigger than I thought. As we approached it we started seeing a lot of flats and once in the city we saw a lot of office blocks.

We had a quick walk through the centre where the shops are but on a Sunday Afternoon, everything is pretty much shut. We crossed over the main road and walked around the harbour and along the pier so we could see Elizabeth Castle and take in the scenery of St Aubins Bay surrounding us.

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Jersey Channel Island itinerary, st helier harbour
Ending your Jersey Island weekend itinerary in St Helier is a great idea!

I’m really glad we did stop off in St Helier and I would suggest it as I felt I understood the island better after visiting. I understood where people worked, shopped and lived but seen as I was visiting from London I was very happy that I spent the majority of my weekend driving around Country lanes, through little villages and taking in the ocean views with hardly anyone around!

There are a number of late afternoon/ early evening flights from Jersey on a Sunday evening so from St Helier it’s probably time to head to the airport and get another trip to Jersey planned in ASAP!

More Places to Visit in Jersey

If you have 3 or 4 days in Jersey or even one week in Jersey, there are lots more things to do in Jersey like:

Visit the Jersey War Tunnels

Walk along the cliff path from Bouley Bay to Rozel and finish with tea at The Hungry Man Cafe.

Visit The Botanic Gardens

See the sunrise and sunset in one day from the East and West of the Island

Go on a Bike Ride

See the Jersey Lavender Fields

Take the children to Creepy Valley Adventure Centre

For more information or more ideas, have a look at Visit Jersey’s page here.

FAQ About Short Trips to Jersey

How long do you need in Jersey?

Whilst you could easily spend 1 week in Jersey exploring the island, 2 days in Jersey is enough time to see a lot of places in Jersey Channel Island. Jersey Island is very small and easy to drive around making it a good place to visit for just a few days.

Do I need a passport to go to Jersey?

Flying from the UK to Jersey does not require a passport as there are no passport checks either side at immigration.

Is Jersey expensive?

Jersey is an expensive place and it is expensive to live in Jersey, however, to visit as a tourist you will find that prices are similar to the UK and Western Europe and it is possible to visit Jersey on a budget!

Is Jersey cheaper than the UK?

For a weekend trip to Jersey you will find that prices are similar to the UK and London and in some cases cheaper than London prices.

I hope that following your trip you’ll leave feeling revived, restored and ready to take on life, yet you’ll have tried a new sport, met lovely people and be filled with memories like I was

Visit Jersey is dubbing Jersey as #theislandbreak and I can certainly see why!

To SEE a bit of my trip to Jersey then check out my YouTube video here!

I visited Jersey with Visit Jersey but all opinions & thoughts are my own. .



Thursday 9th of November 2017

What a lovely way to spend a weekend and what a great time to go too - when its still quite warm but many people have already had their summer holidays. I've been to Guernsey before which was nice, but never Jersey so hopefully I will go one day. RIB boat looked awesome in the youtube video!


Friday 10th of November 2017

It was soo nice! I'd highly recommend a trip there. I do really want to go to Guernsey now though so glad you liked it, thanks for reading :)