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The BEST Kaohsiung Night Markets – 3 Markets To Visit Like a Local!

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Taiwan is all about its night markets, they’re what the country is known for and rightly so because they’re a lot of fun, not to mention incredibly delicious and the Kaohsiung Night Markets are no exception!

Kaohsiung in Southern Taiwan is a city that must be on your Taiwan itinerary. So in this Kaohsiung travel blog and Kaohsiung travel guide, I’m going to give you 3 night markets in Kaohsiung to visit in Kaohsiung and the best night markets in Kaohsiung to add to your Kaohsiung itinerary

Kaohsiung Night Markets

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Kaohsiung Night Markets
Keep Reading for Kaohsiung Night Markets to visit for all the yummy food!

1. Ruifeng Night Market

I think Ruifeng Night Market is the best Kaohsiung night market and perhaps even the best night market in Taiwan, it’s certainly my favourite! (It’s also spelt Rueifong Night Market)

I like Ruifeng Market because it’s not on a street like most of them are including the Taipei Night Market of Raohe Night Market. It’s in a car park which makes for a much more pleasant experience when walking between it’s stalls.

Although it covers a fairly small area it is packed with different food stalls, it’s also a bit more touristy than other night markets in Kaohsiung like Kaisyuan Night Market, however as a tourist in Taiwan who can’t read or speak Mandarin, I like this!

Not only are there stalls with takeaway food but there’s a number of sit down street food stalls too so you don’t have to eat and walk, and there’s a whole section of Ruifeng Night Market Kaohsiung that is dedicated to games!

What to Eat at Ruifeng Night Market: Bubble Tea Toasties if you want to try something really different and a bit strange!

Opening Hours of Ruifeng Night Market: 6:00 pm to midnight and it’s closed on Monday and Wednesday.

Closest MRT to Ruifeng Night Market: Kaohsiung Arena on the Red Line and then a 2-minute walk.

I suggest combining a trip to Lotus Pond with Ruifeng Night Markets because Rei Feng Night Market is a bit far out of the city and so is Lotus Pond so it’s a good way to see both in limited time. Here’s my blog post on what to do at Lotus Pond!

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Kaohsiung Night Markets, Ruifeng night market kaohsiung
My favourite of the Kaohsiung Night Markets!
The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Kaohsiung Night Markets, Ruifeng night market Kaohsiung at night and lit up
The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Kaohsiung Night Markets, Bubble tea sandwich in Ruifeng night market food
Bubble Tea Sandwich at Ruifeng Night Market!

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2. Luihe Tourist Night Market

Luihe Night Market, also spelt as Liouhe Night Market is a lot more centrally located just down the road from Formosa Boulevard metro station and it is the Kaohsiung Night Market that is known as the ‘tourist night market’ but don’t let that put you off.

This night market runs the whole way down Luihe 2nd Road although most of the street is blocked off for traffic which helps. Here you’ll only find food, no games and other stalls.

It’s an easy market to walk up and down checking out the different food stands before you make a choice on what to eat. There are sit down restaurants, the restaurants are on the sides of the street and the tables in the middle however I do find that these usually do not have English menus.


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The only negative I found to this market is that buses of tourists groups are taken to it, I believe they are Chinese tourists so they do add to the crowds in this Kaohsiung Night Market, but there is enough space on the street and overall if you’re looking for places to eat in Kaohsiung, this is one of the best Kaohsiung Night Markets due to its central location.

What to Eat at Luihe Night Market: BBQ Mochi!

Opening Hours of Luihe Night Market: From 6:00 pm every day.

Closest MRT to Luihe Night Market: Formosa Boulevard and from there it’s a few minutes walk. Be sure to check out the Dome of Light inside this metro station too which is really cool!

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The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Kaohsiung Night Markets, Luihe Night Market at night and lit up
The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Kaohsiung Night Markets, sesame moche from Liohe night market
Sesame Mochi! 

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3. Kaisyuan Night Market

Kaisyuan Night Market in Kaohsiung was a little disappointing for me as it was pretty quiet when I visited.

It covers a fairly large site just off of the road so again it benefits from no traffic. It has a good number of food stands although many were closed when I went. It also has a huge area for games as well as a good number of stalls selling clothes, souvenirs and things like this.

I did go on a Thursday and this is more of a weekend night market in Kaohsiung as it’s only open Thursday to Sunday so I feel like visiting on a Saturday or Sunday night might bring more people and stalls.

I will say that if you are visiting Kaohsiung with children, this is a really good market to visit, firstly because it’s way from the road and traffic, secondly because there are a lot of places for children to play like playground climbing frames and swings.

I would recommend this Kaohsiung Night Market to you if you have a few days in Kaohsiung and have already been to the 2 markets above and fancy visiting another when looking for where to eat in Kaohsiung, but as a first-time visitor to Kaohsiung, I don’t recommend you prioritise this one over these two.

What to Eat at Kaisyuan Night Market: Not food but drink, Taiwanese Beer is served in a bar-type stall here which is something I have never seen in any of the night markets in Taiwan!

Opening Hours of Kaisyuan Night Market: 5:00 pm to midnight on Thursday-Sunday. This market is closed Monday-Wednesday.

Closest MRT to Kaisyuan Night Market: Kaisyuan MRT Station and from here it’s a 10-minute walk down the main road or you can jump on the tram which is outside the metro station 2 stops to directly outside the markets.

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog entrance to Kaisyuan Night Market Kaohsiung
Entrance to Kaisyuan Night Market Kaohsiung
The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Kaisyuan Night Market stalls
Kaisyuan Night Market stalls
The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog games at Kaisyuan Night Market
Games at Kaisyuan Night Market

More Kaohsiung Night Markets

You may also read on some Kaohsiung travel blog posts that there’s an additional market called Jin Zuan Night Market which is opposite Kaisyuan however as of writing this post, Google tells me that this market is permanently closed so don’t go looking for it. However, if you happen to find it and it’s open, please let me know so I can keep this blog post updated.


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There are also many other night markets in Kaohsiung however these are much more local Kaohsiung night markets. There’s no reason why you can’t visit them as a tourist but they will be smaller and I presume have no English signs, but if you fancy a really local experience lookup:

  • Jilin Night Market
  • Gaoxiong Night Market
  • Guanghua Night Market
  • Pier 2 Night Market
  • Jhongsiao Night Market