1 Week Taiwan Itinerary for the Best Places in Taiwan!

April 6, 2019

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When planning my Taiwan itinerary I quickly realised that one week in Taiwan was not enough to see all of the country, despite it being a small island, but 7 days in Taiwan was all I had and surely it was better than nothing?

I can confirm that it was better than nothing, I actually saw quite a lot on my Taiwan trip in 1 week and I really enjoyed the Taiwan 1 week itinerary I planned out for myself. I definitely could have done with 2 weeks in Taiwan, perhaps even 3 weeks in Taiwan, but I still saw a lot of the best places to visit in Taiwan

I visited Taipei in the North, Hualien and Taroko National Park in the East and Kaohsiung in the South and it was not too rushed as Taiwan is easy and efficient to travel around.


There are lots more places to vgo in Taiwan and it’s easy to fully loop around the Country and visit the Cities on the West Coast of Taiwan too but I managed to get a good flight out of Kaohsiung and found it easier and cheaper to fly from there than Taipei so that’s where I finished my Taiwan Backpacking Trip.

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Here is my Taiwan Travel Blog detailing my Taiwan one week itinerary detailing what I did and recommendations for you if you have just one week in Taiwan.


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If your phone is locked or you don’t want to go to the hassle of getting a sim card, I suggest getting a portable wifi device for Taiwan which you can get delivered to your home free of charge 2-3 days before you leave for Taiwan!

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Taiwan Itinerary.

Day 1- Arrive in Taipei.

Things to do in Taipei:

After checking in I headed straight out to a Night Market to start my Taipei itinerary. Night Markets are one of the most popular things to do in Taiwan so this was a great first introduction!

I went to Raohe Night Market because it was closest to my hostel, it’s a really famous Taipei Night Market so I recommend this for your first taste of Taiwan and Taipei!

From day one in Taipei, I recommend you get an Easy Card which is used on all transport in Taipei and in Taiwan which is so, well, easy! Be sure to get an Easy Card at the start of your trip in a metro station or pick an Easy Card up in the airport via this service.

Where to Stay in Taipei:

If you’re thinking about where to stay in Taiwan. Taiwan has so many hotels and hostels to choose from throughout the country. In Taipei, I stayed at Star Hostel Taipei East for 3 nights. It’s in a really good location in the Eastern Side of City and a beautifully decorated hostel with dorm rooms and private rooms. Lovely staff and good Taiwanese Breakfast included.

Search for Star Hostel East Taipei on Booking.com or Hostelworld.

Alternatively, search for more hostels and hotels in Taipei here!


Taiwan has some great Airbnb options like this which will make you feel like a local! To get $30.00 off your Airbnb stay(which is one nights free accommodation in Taipei!),open a new account using this promo code!

raohe night market taipei

star hostel taipei east best hostel in taipei

My First Impressions of Taiwan arriving in Taipei and going to a Taiwan Famous Night Market:

Day 2- Explore Taipei’s City Attractions.

Things to do in Taipei:

To help with your Taipei itinerary, I suggest using the MRT to get around Taipei and to go to the following Taipei attractions. These places to see in Taipei flow well in terms of how the City and Metro are laid out which is why I recommend this route to you too. For what to do in Taipey for 3 days, here are some ideas:

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Park

Longshan Temple

Knife Massage in Taipei City Mall

Taipei Expo Park

National Palace Museum

Shilin Night Market

If you want to do a tour around Taipei, have a look at these options:


things to do in Taipei memorial park

things to do in taipei shilling night market

To SEE my Day 1 and 2 in Taipei and my Taiwan 7 day itinerary, including the knife massage above, have a watch of my YouTube video here!

Day 3- Day Trip from Taipei.

Things to do in Taipei:

As well as having many City Attractions in Taipei, there are lots of Taipei day trips to be done and lots to see on the outskirts of the City along with a bit of nature so this is a great way to spend day 2 in Taipei and to make sure you see the best with 1 week in Taiwan.

The best time to visit the Taipei 101 is first and early in the morning to avoid the queues. All of these attractions are in the same Eastern area of the City too so they are easy to visit in one day in Taipei:

Taipei 101

Elephant Mountain

Cable Car to Maokong

Maokong Walk

Another Night Market or Dinner in a Taipei Restaurant like Din Tai Fung which is a popular place to get Dumplings in Taipei!

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things to do in taipei 101 from elephant mountain hike

things to do in taipei, cable car to maokong hike

Taipei Travel Tips

The MRT is so easy to use in Taipei. Buy an EasyCard from one of the stations for 100NTD, this is non-fundable but it still makes it cheaper than buying separate tickets. I topped up by 300NTD in total which I used fully on my MRT journeys in 2 days.

Keep your EasyCard with you as you can use it all over Taiwan on public transport and in shops like 7/11.

When it comes to what to wear in Taipei, you can wear usual City exploring clothes on day 1, including comfy shoes, but on day 2 I would recommend activewear as the Elephant Mountain walk and Maokong walks get sweaty!

For additional Taipei Travel Tips, have a look at my Taiwan trip blog and Taipei Travel Blog here.

Day 4- Train from Taipei to Hualien & Explore Hualien.

I caught the 10:00am-12:30 train from Taipei to Hualien. I purchased my train ticket at Taipei Main Train Station during my first full day in Taipei to ensure I got a ticket as they cannot be booked online. I recommend you book a train ticket in advance too especially if travelling on a weekend around Taiwan.

Things to do in Hualien:

I got Lunch in Hualien when I arrived, there are many cafes and restaurants in Hualien.

Hualien has a huge Coastline so later on, I had a walk down to the Coast, the weather wasn’t on my side so I didn’t see much but going to the beach is a popular thing to do in Hualien, so is hiring a bike to explore the Hualien Coastline.

Hualien Food Markets starts at abut 6:00 pm by the Coast and it’s a really good food Night Market, in fact I preferred it to the Taipei markets I went to as it’s so well set out with lots of food options!

Where to Stay in Hualien:

Hualien is set up for tourism with many hotels and hostels. The best location to stay in Hualien is by the train station as it’s much more convenient.

I stayed at World Inn Hostel for 2 nights and really liked it. The staff are so friendly and gave me tips for my Hualien itinerary and Taroko National Park. Their dorm rooms have been thoroughly thought about and the private rooms are really comfy, I really recommend it!

Search for World Inn on Booking.com or Hostelworld.

Alternatively, search for more hostels and hotels in Hualien and Taroko National Park here!

best things to do in Hualien night market

best hostel in hualien world inn hostel common area

To SEE the Hualien Night Markets, have a look at my YouTube video here!

Day 5- Taroko National Park Day Trip from Hualien.

How to see Taroko National Park:

Taroko National Park is the reason why I visited Hualien, it’s the most popular National Park in Taiwan and if you like nature and going on walks you’ll like this too.

I took the public bus from Hualien into Taroko National Park and jumped on and off it between walks around the park.

To see the full details of my day trip to Taroko National Park solo, have a read of this post.

If you are a confident moped driver, a moped is a great way to explore the Coastline and the National Park.

If you are a keen hiker there are some great hikes but some require permits so it’s best to look into this in advance.

If you would rather take an organised day trip around Taroko National Park which will enable you to see more and definitely see Taroko Gorge these are the tours I recommend which you can book online in advance:

Small Group Tour of Taroko Gorge, Quingshui Cliff and Qixingtan.

Classic Taroko National Park Full Day Tour.

Taroko Gorge Tour from Hualien.

taroko national park day trip from Hualien taiwan

taroko national park day trip from Hualien taiwan

To SEE Taroko National Park, have a look at my YouTube video here!

Taroko National Park Travel Tips:

The weather here can get very wet so things to pack for Taroko National Park are waterproof and quick-dry clothing. Wear hiking/walking wear too.

If you get the public bus from Hualien to Taroko National Park you can use your EasyCard to pay for the bus!

Take enough food and water for the day as if you are doing quite a bit of hiking you will not pass that many cafes.

Day 6- Train from Hualien to Kaohsiung.

I got the 8:23am-13:08 train from Hualien to Kaohsiung and I had to change in Taitung. The first train was a (Hello Kitty themed) high-speed train and the second a normal older train. I had 8 minutes to change trains but the trains were on the same platform so it was fine! I purchased this train ticket the day before at Hualien Train Station which I recommend doing, especially on a weekend in Taiwan.

Things to do in Kaohsiung:

I arrived and had a little walk around Kaohsiung to start my Kaohsiung itinerary, got some lunch and chilled in my hostel until later where I headed to a night market in Kaohsiung.

There are 2 famous and popular tourist night markets in Kaohsiung, I went to Liouhe Night Market which is the smaller one and it was a good introduction to the City.

Where to stay in Kaohsiung:

I stayed at FlyInn Hostel for 3 nights. It’s in a great location, has really friendly staff and is very clean. The private double room was perfect for me as a solo traveller, they have single private rooms too and good dorm rooms.

Search for FlyInn Hostel on Booking.com or Hostelworld.

Alternatively, search for more hostels and hotels in Kaohsiung here!


Kaohsiung has some great Airbnb options like this which will make you feel like a local! To get $30.00 off your Airbnb stay(which is one nights free accommodation in Taipei!),open a new account using this promo code!

things to do in kaohsiung taiwan night market

best hostel in Kaohsiung taiwan flyinn hostel

Day 7- Full Day Exploring Kaohsiung.

Things to do in Kaohsiung:

Although Kaohsiung is not one of the most popular cities to visit in Taiwan there’s actually a good amount of things to do in Kaohsiung and I really enjoyed the City. I read a blog post before going which said it’s an underrated Taiwan City and I agree! It was a great way to end my Taiwan 1 week itinerary.

For more information on the best Kaohsiung attractions, have a read of this Kaohsiung blog post but in short, here’s how I recommend you spend one day in Kaohsiung.

Taiwanese Breakfast at Xing Long Ju

Pier 2 Art Centre

Ferry to Cijin Island and Explore island on foot or bike.

Lotus Pond and Dragon Tiger Pagoda

Ruifeng Night Market

If you’d like a tour around Kaohsiung to see all the best local spots, have a look at this Kaohsiung Day Tour!

things to do in Kaohsiung pier 2 arts centre

things to do in Kaohsiung cijin island

To SEE Kaohsiung, have a watch of my YouTube video here!

Leave Taiwan.

I actually had a second full day in Kaohsiung and I flew from Kaohsiung Airport which is why I ended my Taiwan Backpacking Trip there but if you have a flight from Taipei you can get a fast train back to Taipei from Kaohsiung very easily.

If you do fly from Taipei and you have an extra day, you could visit the popular City of Taichung on your way back North.

I found it much cheaper and quicker to fly from Kaohsiung Airport to Japan, which is where I went next than Taipei Airport to Japan so I’d suggest searching some flight options on Skyscanner like I did to find to get the best and cheapest flight out of Taiwan as Taipei may not be the cheapest!

7 Days in Taiwan was not enough and is not enough by any means.

Like I said at the start I could have easily have spent 2 weeks in Taiwan and 3 weeks in Taiwan if I was travelling slower, it’s such a great country with so much to see and Taiwan is so easy to get around. The locals are friendly and it’s not that expensive making it a great Country to Backpack in Asia that’s a little bit different to the usual places people backpack to!

 I hope this Taiwan Itinerary helps you plan your Taiwan Trip and Taiwan Holiday!


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I stayed at the 3 hostels mentioned in this post complimentary but I had a great stay in all of them and fully recommend them to you. 

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