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5 Delicious Online Indian Cooking Classes To Bring India To Your Home!

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Getting authentic Indian food at home could be as easy as ordering an Indian takeaway, however, if you want to make it yourself but you’re not sure what spices to use to make those incredible smells and aroma’s, it’s now very easy to take one of the online Indian cooking classes with a teacher in or from India.

Or, you can do an online Indian cooking class by following an in-depth Indian Cooking YouTube video.

If you want to bring the tastes and smells of Indian cooking to your home,

Here are 6 ways to learn how to cook Indian food with true professionals teaching you, using Indian Food Cooking Classes Online.

Think: Butter Chicken, Paneer, Pav Bhaji and Masala Chai! Yum!

Online Indian Cooking Classes

Online Indian Cooking Classes
Keep Reading for Awesome Online Indian Cooking Classes!

Online Indian Cooking Classes:

1. Chhotaram Homestay Online Indian Cooking Class

I’ve stayed with Chhotaram and his family in their fantastic homestay twice on my travels through India. His wife Mamata is a seriously amazing cook!

The food I have eaten at their homestay is some of the best I’ve had in India!

With his homestay closed to International guests at the moment, Chhotaram and Mamata are offering online Indian cooking classes like this which is so exciting! A few of my friends joined recently and they loved what they cooked!

Think Mutter Paneer. Milk Dry Fruit Khir (Sweet), Dal Pakoda & Jeera Rice, all taught to you from the Rajasthan Desert in India by one incredible cook!

By taking one of their classes you are really supporting them and their family during these hard times for the tourism industry, hopefully, one, day, you can visit them in India!

Time: 2 Hours

Price for this online Indian cooking class: From £9.00

Book Your Place on Airbnb Experiences here! You won’t regret it and all of their amazing reviews on Airbnb show this too!

online Indian cooking classes
This is the Chhotaram and Mamata online Indian cooking class via zoom!
online Indian cooking classes
This is the food that I ate at their homestay, it’s amazing!
online Indian cooking classes,
This is their traditional homestay!

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2. Interactive Indian Cooking Class in Jaipur

Monty & Harshita who live in the famous pink city of India, Jaipur want to show you how to cook authentic Indian food using traditional recipes but they also want to share their culture, traditions and the history of the food!

Their Airbnb Experience page clearly shows what they’ll be teaching each week so you can pick the date based on what you fancy making if you are flexible with time.

They also ask you to contact them if a date or time doesn’t suit you and they will make it work for you.

Their delicious menu varies from Hot Chicken Vindaloo, Chicken Tikka Masala, Squash/pumpkin curry and so much more!

Their amazing 4.99 rating on Airbnb Experiences show that their guests are happy and many guests comment that they loved hearing stories about the food, that Monty & Harshita were great hosts, the wifi connection was perfect and it worked well for many people as virtual birthday presents for family and friends!

Time: 1 hour 45 minutes

Price for this Online Indian Cooking Class: From £7.00

Booking this cooking class in Jaipur on Airbnb Experiences here!

Indian Cooking Class Online

3. Virtual Indian Cooking Class, Live from Delhi

Cook with Neha in her kitchen in Delhi. Neha has taught 8000+ people in her cooking studio in New Delhi and is now teaching people how to cook Indian food online!

What’s really unique about her Airbnb cooking experience is that she changes the menu each week which is detailed in full on her page and in each session you’ll make 2-3 dishes which range from Peshawari Naan, Malai Kofta, Saag Paneer, Chana Masala, and she’s happy for you to suggest dishes too.

This means that you can keep cooking with her again and again as the dishes change so much and with an amazing 4.99 rating on Airbnb Experiences, you can tell that guests love her online Indian cooking class and keep going back to cook with her!

Time: 2 hours

Price for this Online Indian Cooking Class: From £19.00

Book this cooking class on Airbnb Experiences here!

Online cooking class for pav bhaji

4. Taste Of India Masala Chai Tea, Samosa’s & More

Whether you want a small taste of India to bring back memories by making Masala Chai and Samosa’s or you want a bigger taste of India by making dishes such as Palak Paneer, Chicken Tikka Masala and Amritsari Chole, you can cook this with JD in Delhi.

JD’s family have owned a restaurant in Delhi for 3 generations and he runs food tours in Delhi so he’s the perfect person to join an online Indian cooking class with! And he has an impressive 4.99 rating on Airbnb Experiences.

He has his menu planned out for each week on his Airbnb Experience page at set times so you can decide what to cook, or you can make Masala Chai and Samosa’s with him any day of the week.

Time: 1 hour 15 minutes

Price for this Online Indian Cooking Class: From £13.00

Book this cooking class on Airbnb Experiences here!

Cooking Classes via Airbnb Experiences are a great idea! They support people who can’t host guests in real life right now and you get to cook international cuisines with an expert from your home!

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Indian Cooking Classes Thali

5. Make Butter Chicken At Home With The Bombay Chef on YouTube

If live, in-person Indian cooking classes are not your thing, YouTube is here to help you learn how to cook Indian food.

Butter Chicken is one of the most well-loved Indian dishes and The Bombay Chef explains how to make this iconic Indian Dish using a Restaurant Style Recipe at home.

This YouTube video has over 20 million views and raving reviews in the comments so you know it will be delicious!

Price: Free

I hope these online Indian Cooking Classes have given you ideas of how to feel like you’re in India, at home!

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