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Preparing for Ramadan in 8 Ways! Preparing Your Mind, Body & Heart!

by TheWanderingQuinn

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Ramadan 2021 will be my second Ramadan and my first Ramadan as a Muslim alhamdulillah. I’m working on some Ramadan preparation to help prepare my body and mind before the month of fasting starts. 

Here are ways I’m preparing for Ramadan and I hope these Ramadan preparation tips help you too whether you are a new revert Muslim like me getting ready for Ramadan, or just need some inspiration to make this year even better than last, inshallah!

Ramadan Preparation

Ramadan Preparation
Keep Reading for my Ramadan Preparation Tips!

1. Start Fasting Before Ramadan

It’s Sunnah to fast on Mondays and Thursdays so I have been fasting nearly every Thursday so far this year to prepare my body, and mind, for Ramadan.

I knew I wanted to start fasting in the Winter to take advantage of the short days in the UK, and slowly extend my fast by 20-30 minutes each side as the days got lighter before Spring and Ramadan finally came around.

As a new revert Muslim, this has been so so helpful! I couldn’t imagine not fasting at all and then suddenly fasting from 5:00 am to 8:00 pm in the UK with no practice!

So, if you haven’t been fasting in preparation for Ramadan yet, I suggest you start now! Ideally Monday and Thursday as it’s sunnah but squeeze the days in wherever you can!

2. Get Your Prayers in Check

If there’s any time in the year to make sure you are praying all 5 prayers a day. Ramadan is it!

Another way to prepare for Ramadan and all of the Ramadan prayers is to make sure you are trying to pray all 5 prayers a day leading up to Ramadan if that’s something you usually struggle with or are just getting used to if you are a new Muslim.

If you can’t keep track of the prayer times throughout the day, there are many apps which send you reminders.

I use Muslim Pro as the prayer time is very accurate I find and the notification can be silent or use a simple beep.

Be sure to follow me on Instagram here during Ramadan so we can support each other in fasting inshallah!

Ramadan Preparation, Prayer Dress

3. Get A Ramadan Planner for Ramadan Preparation

After looking at some Islamic journals on Etsy recently (I really love this Jeem Journal which I have been using daily!), I realised there are a number of sellers selling Ramadan Planners and Ramadan Journals!

I think buying one of these and adding this to your Ramadan preparations checklist is a good idea if you felt your faith or motivation was a bit low last year and you hope to increase it this year, inshallah!

I love making lists and ticking things off, so having your Ramadan goals in a journal with additional prompts is a great idea. Maybe you want to read all of the Quran so you can use a journal to split it into sections.

I really like this Ramadan Planner by Ramadan Legacy as it gives so many daily prompts and reminders like a prayer tracker, Quran reading tracker and a daily actions and reflections list.

If you are working from home this Ramadan, or in an office, you can buy a Ramadan Daily Desk Planner like this, it as many different prompts and benefits from being A4 and open so you can keep reminding yourself whilst you are working.

Here’s a dedicated post I wrote with 10 Ramadan Planners To Help You Fulfil Your Goals & Intentions!

Just remember to buy a Ramadan planner or journal a bit before Ramadan starts so it has time to be delivered, especially with post being a bit delayed right now!

If you’re too late, there are some beautiful planners you can buy and print at home like this printable Ramadan planner and this A5 printable Ramadan planner!

4. Cut Down on Caffeine

One of the best Ramadan preparation tips I got from my lovely followers on Instagram is to slowly cut down on caffeine before Ramadan.

This way our bodies will not go into shock when we suddenly stop drinking caffeine on day 1 of Ramadan.

From what I’ve heard, and experienced myself last year, a headache is usually the result of sudden caffeine withdrawal and that’s not a good way to start this spiritual month!

One of the ways I’m preparing for Ramadan is buying some decaf tea bags and decaf coffee because I find that I tend to drink tea and coffee during the day (especially on cold days) through comfort and habit rather than always needing a caffeine hit.

This way, I can still get my warm and comforting drinks, but I’m getting my body off as much caffeine.

I’m planning on starting this 1 month before Ramadan starts as part of my Ramadan preparation, inshallah!

Ramadan Preparation, Less Coffee

5. Stock Up on Essentials

-Painkillers, Coconut Water & Dates

Talking of headaches, when I fasted for a week last winter to make up my fasts from Ramadan, I ended up with a terrible terrible headache and I had no painkillers in my house!

This year, I’ve already purchased some regular Panadol and caffeine Panadol so I’m ready for any headaches that start at the start of Ramadan.

I don’t usually like taking painkillers, especially when I have no pain but it’s also been recommended to me to take some painkillers in the morning with Suhoor, especially on the first few days of fasting incase any headaches creep in mid morning. I have tried it and it seems to help!

Coconut Water is a great drink to have in the mornings with Suhoor and at night.

Coconut Water has natural electrolytes which keep you hydrated and it’s much healthier than having a hydration drink like Gatorade. So be sure to stock up in advance.

I love the Vita Coco brand in the UK. Well actually, I love coconut water direct from a coconut tree which I was lucky enough to drink during Ramadan in Indonesia in 2020 like below, but alas, Vita Coco from Tesco this year will have to do!

Coconut Water for Preparing for Ramadan

There are many different foods associated with Ramadan but the main Ramadan food you need to get is dates!

If you don’t know, it is sunnah to break your fast eating dates, an odd number to be precise. 

Dates are extremely nutritious and the give us energy. A lot of people have told me to eat dates with Suhoor as well as eating them when I break my fast.

Another food that is recommended to eat for Suhoor is Bananas to keep us fuller for longer so be sure to get some of these in before Ramadan starts!

Plate of Dates for Ramadan Fasting

6. Ramadan Food Prep

It’s probably unrealistic to prepare what you’re going to eat for Suhoor and Iftar for the whole of Ramadan in advance but I definitely recommend preparing the first few days / 1 week.

Firstly, food shopping and deciding what meals to eat whilst you’re fasting isn’t a good idea in my experience. Food shopping when I can’t eat makes me more hungry and deciding on food when I’m hungry leads to poor decisions!

Plan out what you’ll eat for the first week so you can go food shopping before Ramadan starts to help you with the first week of fasting at least.

Also be sure to look into what goods are good to eat when fasting! Having salty food at night for dinner/Iftar will make you very thirsty the next day which isn’t nice. Plan healthy, fresh and hydrating meals.

If you need help with cooking meals during Ramadan and you live in the UK, have a read of my Halal Fresh Recipe Delivery Box Review!

Ramadan Preparation, Halal Fresh Recipes and bag

7. Watch a Pre-Ramadan Series

If you want a spiritual and educational reminder on Islam and our faith as Muslims then I recommend watching some content online prior to Ramadan.

I really love Yaqeen Institute and last year I watched their 30 day Faith Revival series for Ramadan Preparation.

They have a few different series on offer to help with preparation for Ramadan and you can view their website here to see their pre-Ramadan prep page where you can sign up and they will send you email notifications each day so you don’t forget to watch an episode!! 

8. Re-Organising an Exercise Routine

This might not be something everyone is doing to prepare for Ramadan but it’s on my mind so I’m going to mention it.

I work out in the mornings straight after I have woken up.

Right now I’m in a really good workout routine (thanks lockdown) and I don’t want to stop it and ruin all the progress I’ve made by not working out and exercising during Ramadan!

I haven’t tried it, but I think there is simply no way I can workout with drinking water, even a fairly easy workout so I think I’m going to shift my workout to just after Maghrib so I will pray, eat a few dates, drink some water and then workout knowing I can drink water during my workout.

My plan is to test out this theory on my Thursday fasting until Ramadan and then I can modify it if I want so by Ramadan I know I’ll be ready to fast and know when works best for me to workout.

If you need some motivation to start working out, have a look into the Me2Her challenge my friend Abdiya is running through Modest Fitness Week and she’ll be continuing to run it throughout Ramadan to help women become the woman they want to be!

The Instagram channel is here and the website to join is here! You can trial the challenge for 3 days for just $1.00 so you can have a taster of what she offers before committing to the $30.00 challenge fee.

I hope these tips have helped you in your Ramadan Preparation!

Be sure to follow me on Instagram here during Ramadan so we can support each other in fasting inshallah!

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