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Review | Dfrost Almugar Surf & Yoga House in Taghazout Morocco!

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I found out about Taghazout, a small village on the coast of Morocco whilst reading an inflight magazine on the way back from Belgrade in November. The chilled, surfer, hippy village that was described sounded like my kind of place! I’d only surfed once before in Jersey that September, I’d really enjoyed it and was keen to try again, but reading that yoga was now very much part of the village vibe was what really made me decide that I needed to visit Taghazout. I’ve loved yoga for a few years and have done classes all over the world and adding Morocco to that list sounded like the perfect reason to go!

When searching for accommodation in Taghazout Dfrost Surf and Yoga House came up as one of the top results. Their website perfectly explains what they’re all about, the packages they offer, the rooms they have and the team that you’ll meet, so and along with this and the beautiful photos I was sold!

Luckily they were happy for me to stay with them for a few days so I could see exactly what Dfrost Almugar has to offer. (Which I then extended to a week and covered myself as it looked too gorgeous just to stay for a few days!)

After 6 days and 7 nights at Dfrost I left feeling completely relaxed and revived. I was better at surfing than when I arrived (not that that was hard!), I felt more flexible in my body after two yoga sessions a day, I had eaten well, got plenty of sleep and I had made connections with some really great people!

If you’re looking to go on a surf and yoga holiday, or even just a surf holiday and you want to go somewhere beautiful with great all year round weather that is still quite untouched and a bit different, not to mention great value for money, Taghazout and Dfrost Almugar is the place for you and here’s why:

Dfrost Taghazout Review

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Dfrost Taghazout Review
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What does a typical day at Dfrost Almugar look like?

A day at Dfrost Almugar can change and vary from person to person and from one day to the next depending on whether you do both surf and yoga, or just the one, however a typical day looks like this:

6:40 – Get up and walk up the stairs to the rooftop.

7:00 – Join an energising Yoga practise whilst the sun rises over the village and ocean to the side of you.

8:00 – Head downstairs for the buffet breakfast and make some rolls up for lunch.

8:45 – Pick up a wetsuit from the wetsuit room.

9:00 – Jump into the vans with the rest of the group to find the best waves in the area.

10:30 – Around this time the 2 hour surf lesson will start, the exact time depends on the waves. Until then you will be able to relax on the beach in the African Sun.

12:30 – Come out of the Ocean. Eat the lunch you made earlier. Buy a mint tea or coffee from one of the guys selling them on the beach. Read a book, sunbathe, have a chat.

13:30 – Option to go back into the ocean to surf again on your own.

15:00 – Head back to Dfrost Almugar. This time does vary too depending on the waves and if people want to head back earlier or later.

15:30 – Relax outside in the sun or in the shade on the terrace, have a nap if you want to.

16:45 – Have a shower.

17:30 – Enjoy a Restorative Yoga class up on the rooftop with the sunsetting on the other side of the rooftop.

18:30 – Go back downstairs, enjoy the end of the sunset from the terrace or from the hot tub.

19:00 – Fill up on a freshly cooked Moroccan Dinner.

Enjoy the rest of the evening chilling on the terrace, inside in the lounge or in your room, it’s totally up to you. Be sure to head to bed early if you plan to do this all over again the next day. Dfrost is very relaxed in the evening and things quieten down at about 22:00.

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Dfrost Taghazout Review
The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Dfrost Taghazout Review
The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Dfrost Taghazout Review
The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Dfrost Taghazout Review
The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Dfrost Taghazout Review

What if you don’t surf?

If you don’t surf you have a few options:

1 – You can try! The surf instructors are really good and they’re used to teaching complete beginners and it’s very likely you won’t be the only beginner so you’ll be in safe hands. If you decide you don’t like it you can stop and relax on the beach whilst the lesson continues. There’s no pressure.

2 – You can not book onto a surf package and enjoy everything else that Dfrost Almugar & Taghazout has to offer.

3 – If you’re more interested in the Yoga and Wellness side, Dfrost Almugar has a sister company called Villa Surya in Paradis Plage a few meters up the road. This is more of a retreat style stay and has a lot more of a relaxed feel (not that Dfrost doesn’t but relaxed in a different way) and a much bigger focus on yoga.

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The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Dfrost Taghazout Review

What if you don’t do yoga?

Yoga is not compulsory at all and I was actually surprised to see that most people didn’t attend yoga and were there just for the surfing. I do feel that Dfrost Almugar is more of a surf house with yoga added on, so you can attend one class a day, two classes or none.

However note that the stretching will help your aching muscles after surfing!

What did I love about Dfrost Almugar?

There are so many positives to Dfrost Almugar however I’d say the biggest thing I loved is the overall vibe and welcoming feel.

Dfrost Almugar takes new arrivals every day, it’s not a place where they only offer Saturday-Saturday packages for example so it’s easy to arrive in a place like that on your own, see groups of people that have already connected and feel like you won’t make any friends, but for the most part, people come to Dfrost Almugar alone or in small groups and the social atmosphere of all of the meals, the terrace, the yoga and of course the surfing mean that there are so many chances to chat with people, make friends and feel totally comfortable and welcomed.

I really loved the location too! Dfrost Almugar is at the end of the village, however, the village is only very small so it only takes a few minutes to walk into the actual Village but because its out of the way slightly it feels like its in its own oasis.

There are other surf houses nearby but it kind of feels like this end of the village is Dfrosts which I liked. Taghazout is home to many many surf houses, guesthouses and hotels especially in the main part of the village and although the village is very nice and small they do seem a bit on top of each other. I enjoyed being able to wander into the village but also retreat back to Dfrost afterwards.

Not only this but their location means you can see the sunrise to one side of the house and the sunset to the other side which is a huge plus for me!

The staff are really great. The booking team are super-efficient, the hosts are friendly and helpful, the yoga teacher is a great teacher and mixes all of the lessons up, the surf teachers are so friendly and encouraging, the cleaners keep the house dust free and super clean which is hard with people bringing in dust and sand all day round, and the cooks make the most delicious Moroccan Meals! The staff really add to the great vibe of the place.

Dfrost Almugar offers a range of rooms which are made up of dorm rooms, private rooms and apartments, perfect for all budgets and group sizes. All of the private rooms are sea-facing and honestly, I don’t know if I’ve ever had such a great view from my room of the ocean!

The rooms are pretty basic but you don’t need much else anyway, the beds are really comfy and there’s good bedding for the cooler winter nights. The bathrooms are all shared but they’re kept as clean as possible and I never had trouble finding a free bathroom!

Finally, I love and appreciate the organisation and thankfully Dfrost Almugar is super organised! There are boards downstairs to sign up for the trips, surfing, yoga and dinner and unlike a lot of places these are used and updated every day and little things like this made the day flow so much easier I found.

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Dfrost Taghazout Review
The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Dfrost Taghazout Review
The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Dfrost Taghazout Review
The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Dfrost Taghazout Review
The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Dfrost Almugar Surf and Yoga House Taghazout

What didn’t I love about Dfrost Almugar?

I really don’t have any major negatives. The only time I got a bit annoyed was when I went to bed early (which I did every night!) and there was still music going outside at 22:30 and people up talking loudly.

Obviously, everyone is free to talk and 22:30 isn’t that late for music to be on but as I had been getting up at 6:30 for yoga and yoga is offered so early I did think that there should be a 22:00 music rule or something (or is that me just being really old and boring??).

Also, I spent my first night in a dorm room before moving into a private room for the rest of the week and I did find the top bunk a little tricky to climb up and down as there are no sides and its very high! It’s one of those ‘once you’re up, you’re up’ kind of bunk beds and there was nowhere to charge my phone or a shelf for my water etc. Luckily the mattress was really comfy and the sound of the strong waves sent me to sleep.

Who is Dfrost Almugar good for?

Everyone! If you’re looking for a break away from work and life or you’re on a trip around Morocco this is the perfect place for you. If you want to head away on your own and be totally alone, it’s easy to find that solitude, if you want to go away on your own and meet other people and socialise, it’s definitely possible to do that too.

If you’re in a group you can get rooms to suit you and there will still be the possibility to meet new people.

When I was there a family were staying and people were of all different ages which was really nice to see.

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How much does to cost to stay to Dfrost Almugar?

This totally depends on your package and the time of year but Bed and Breakfast starts at €34.00 a night, Surf & Stay €42.00 a night and Surf & Yoga for €56.00 a night. The packages all include a buffet breakfast and from that buffet you make lunch so lunch is basically included too.

If you stay for a week then you can book onto a week package which are a bit cheaper.

I found that a lot of people were staying for a week and honestly you feel like you’ve been there for so much longer. A week really gives you the chance to settle into a more relaxed state of mind, surf plenty of times, have a day or two off surfing if your body is aching, go on a day trip etc.

Also, I would recommend booking dinner onto your package too. The food that is offered each night is really great and although there are places to eat out in the village its nice to not have to decide where to go, who to go with, what to eat and it makes the overall experience of staying at Dfrost more chilled.

To see the range of packages, check availability and prices head to their website here.

How much money do you need when you’re there?

Once you have booked your package there really isn’t much else to pay for!

There is a bar at the house, the price of alcohol is not super cheap because only very recently have alcohol licenses been allowed in Taghazout as its a Muslim village. Prices at the bar when I was there were: tap beer €3.50, cocktail €6.00, glass of wine €4.00, bottle of wine €15.00.

I would recommend you head into the village at least one day for lunch or a smoothie as its really nice to see the village from another perspective. Smoothies are about 25MD/£1.90/€2.10, a good lunch is about 65MD/£5.00/€5.70.

Also factor in the cost of a day trip if that’s something you fancy doing. You can see the day trips that Dfrost offer on their website here.

My bill on departure after a week was 600MD/£46.00/€52.00, this included 5 dinners as I didn’t have the dinner package, bottles of water and tourist tax.

How do I get to Dfrost Almugar and What else is there to do?

The best airport to fly into is Adagir. From here Dfrost will pick you up for the 45 minute journey to Taghazout. Otherwise you can fly into Essaouira which is a few hours away or Marrakesh but this is a good few hours away and I wouldn’t recommend it unless you have no other choice.

I found really good flights to Adagir from London and from Essaouira (where I went after Taghazout) back to London on Skyscanner!

As for Taghazout, it’s such a gem of a village. Its very small but thats what makes it so charming. It’s well catered for visitors but it has such a local feel too which I really liked. There are plenty of places to eat, there’s live music on in some places during the evenings and the very odd party.

If you want to know more see: A Guide to the Surf Village of Taghazout in Morocco!

Dfrost Almugar alone is such a great place to spend a few days or even a few weeks but with the addition of Taghazout as its home Village, its absolute heaven!

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Dfrost Taghazout Review

If you were considering staying at Dfrost Almugar Surf & Yoga House I hope this post answers any questions you had and helps reassure you that staying there is the best decision!

If you hadn’t heard about Taghazout and Dfrost Almugar and now you want to go, I’m very happy, you really should go!

I stayed at Dfrost Almugar Surf & Yoga House complimentary for my first few nights and I covered the rest of the week myself. As always, all opinions and thoughts are my own.