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Taghazout Travel Guide. Things To Do in Taghazout Surf Village!

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Want to go surfing in Morocco? You need to visit Taghazout Surf Village! A village on the coast of Morocco, not too far from Adagir. Taghazout is well-known for its surfing and its chilled out hippy vibe but you don’t have to surf or be a pro surfer to enjoy Taghazout! I’m not and I loved it!

Taghazout village is made up of pretty white and blue buildings which are located literally on the coast with the buildings starting right at the edge of the beach only a few meters from the white crash of the waves.

Taghazout is well catered for tourists but it still has a really local feel which I loved. It’s pretty but it’s still very wild and authentic, a little bit dirty, an unpolished gem I found and I really hope it stays this way.

Taghazout village is home to a fair few surf houses thanks to its famous waves and recently these have transformed into a combination of surf and yoga houses, and retreats. If you like surfing or you want to try, Taghazout is the place for you! If you don’t, you can still enjoy the village, the yoga, the beach, the chilled vibe and the nearby day tours.

Here is my guide to Taghazout in Morocco including information on how to get to Taghazout, things to do in Taghazout, where to stay in Taghazout, where to eat in Taghazout and more!

Taghazout Travel Guide

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Taghazout Travel Guide
Keep Reading for my Complete Taghazout Travel Guide!

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How to get to Taghazout Morocco

The best airport to fly into for Taghazout is Adagir. From here it is a 40 minute or so journey away. Otherwise, you can fly into Essaouira which is a few hours away or Marrakesh, but this is a good few hours away and I wouldn’t recommend it unless you have no other choice.

The fastest and most convenient way to reach Taghazout from Marrakesh, Essaouira or Imsouane is by shuttle bus. Souk to Surf collect and drop passengers right in the middle of Taghazout town from the nearby cities and airports. Transfers are conducted in modern, comfortable minibuses with AC and reclining seats. Luggage (including surfboards) are transported free of charge and, as the shuttles are primarily catered towards tourists, the drivers all speak good English.

Tickets are booked online and prices and journey times are the following: Marrakesh €16 / 4 hours, Essaouira €12 / 3 hours and Imsouane €8 / 1.5 hours. If you are already in Taghazout these trips can all be done in reverse!

Taghazout can seem a bit hard to get to but if you have a while to spend in Morocco, especially 2 weeks in Morocco, Taghazout needs to be on your Morocco itinerary.

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Taghazout travel guide

Accommodation in Taghazout

Surf Schools in Taghazout

Because surfing is the most popular thing to do in Taghazout there are endless surf houses, retreats and hostels which offer a bed and surf package.

There are also hotels and guesthouses that offer no surf option if surfing isn’t for you.

I stayed in Dfrost Almugar Surf & Yoga House and loved it. You can read my full review on Dfrost Almugar here but the reason that I really loved it is because it’s in a great location at the end of the town, the staff are great, its clean and comfy, and best of all Dfrost Almugar attracts a really good bunch of people so its easy to socialize, especially if you are visiting alone. Plus they offer sunrise and sunset yoga on their rooftop which was a selling point for me.

Other great surf houses in Taghazout with accommodation are:

Surf Maroc

Sol House

Surf Berbere

Munga Guesthouse

Hashpoint Surf Camp

Hotels in Taghazout

There are plenty of Hotels, Hostels, Guesthouses and Apartments in Taghazout which are perfect if you want to visit Taghazout and not Surf or not stay in a Surf environment and accommodation.

Search more accommodation in Taghazout here!

Airbnb in Taghazout

There are so many Airbnb options in Taghazout like amazing apartments overlook the water and best of all they are really reasonable in price and it’s so cheap to get an entire place to yourself! Have a look at these options:

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Taghazout Travel Guide Dfrost
The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Taghazout Morocco Guide Surf Maroc
The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Taghazout Travel Guide surf berbere

Things to do in Taghazout 

Taghazout Surf

Surfing is, of course, the first option and the best thing to do in Taghazout! The surf teachers at all the surf schools and surf houses seem to be local Moroccan guys, most of whom have grown up in and around Taghazout surfing these very waves since they were little.

Firstly I think this is great as its providing jobs to the locals but secondly, these guys know their stuff and you will be in safe hands whether you’re a pro or a newbie surfer.

There are so many different points to surf at in and around Taghazout and if you’re doing a ‘surf safari’ you’ll get taken to the beach with the best waves that day. I went to K17 when I went on both days.

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Taghazout Travel Guide, K17

Yoga in Taghazout

Yoga is now a popular thing to do in Taghazout with a lot of the surf houses and camps offering it.

Yoga and surfing go together very well actually as a lot of muscles that are used in surfing are similar to that in yoga. If where you’re staying doesn’t offer yoga you can drop in on classes in other places for about €10.00 a session, however, being able to jump out of bed, walk up some steps and go to morning sunrise yoga like I did at Dfrost is pretty good!


The main beach of Taghazout is not the nicest beach to sunbathe on as it’s quite small, very rocky and it’s where all the fishing boats go in and out of but I saw plenty of people out on the beach and rocks sunbathing when the tide is out, plus there is a huge coastline down the way from Taghazout so you can walk or get a taxi to one of the bigger beaches.

If you aren’t surfing but are staying somewhere that takes surfers out every day why not join them and just chill on the beach that they visit?

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Taghazout Travel Guide, beach

Explore Taghazout Village

Taghazout is full of windy streets and gorgeous white and blue buildings, most little streets lead down to the beach but you can spend a fair bit of time seeing them all and getting to know them all. Locals live in the windy side streets, some are quieter than others and give a really nice glimpse into local Moroccan life. Remember to be respectful though as these are people’s home.

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Taghazout Travel Guide
The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Taghazout Travel Guide

Day Trips from Taghazout

There are a number of day trip possibilities from Taghazout, the main one being Paradise Valley which is the closest and cheapest trip starting at around €15.00, although you can get a public bus there yourself for cheaper.

Paradise Valley is all about the waterfalls and swimming pools but they do take some hiking to get to. The first one is about a 30-minute walk, the other another 30 minute and the one after that the same, so be sure to pack some good walking shoes.

There are also day trips to Marrakesh and Essaouira available however these are very long days as they are quite far away and you do spend a lot of time in the car/bus.

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The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Essaouria

Horse Riding in Taghazout

It’s possible to go horse riding up into the mountains and along the beach for a full day or half a day. A girl I met did a full-day trip for €70.00, she said it was great and it was just her and a guide. She did have very sore legs the next day though as she wasn’t used to being in a saddle so if you’re planning on surfing the next day a half-day might be better! (Just be sure to check that the horses are in good condition and being treated well, do not pay money and supply a demand for mistreated animals.)


Where to Eat Taghazout

If you are staying in a surf house or hostel it’s likely you’ll be on a package that includes breakfast, lunch and possibly dinner. I would really recommend making sure you do eat out at least once in Taghazout though for lunch or dinner.

The main street has plenty of food options, during the day these are quite quiet and even look a little outdated however come nighttime the area is buzzing and has a really ‘backpacker’ feel to it, especially as these places are the cheaper options.

Here are some recommendations:

Le Spot – For Pizza but they serve other food too.

Sunset – For Burgers.

La Paix – For Moroccan food.

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Taghazout Travel Guide, Restaurants

I thought this was all Taghazout had to offer but when I spent a morning walking through the village I found my self at the beach with a view of umbrellas in all colours in front of me and I couldn’t believe how many oceanside cafes and restaurants there were and most of them are all very modern offering smoothies, pizza’s, tagines, seafood, and best of all.. good wifi! These places come with slightly higher prices but they also come with a view!

Here are a few really good restaurants in Taghazout by the beach I either ate at or came across that I really liked:

World of Waves – This place is super modern and very ‘instagramable’, they offer breakfast smoothie bowls which I was pleased to see along with other breakfast items, great smoothies, lunch and dinner.

Windy Bay – I loved the pastel colourful vibe here and its chilled vibe.

Munga – The bar close to the road has a really cool vibe with its wooden interior. I didn’t eat or drink here but I heard good things about it!

L’Auberge – Located slightly away from the row of cafes and closer to the fishing boats I liked this place for its friendly staff and vibe.

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Taghazout Travel Guide, windy bay

How Much Does it Cost to Visit Taghazout in Morocco?

It’s worth noting that Taghazout doesn’t have an ATM. The closest one is in the town up the road so you need to take enough cash with you.

Once you have your accommodation costs covered there’s not much else to pay for, especially if you have surf, yoga and most of your meals included in your package.

As I said there are some really nice cafes and restaurants in Taghazout and they’re worth checking out, I found that prices were around the following:

Mint tea – 10MD/£0.77/€0.88

Smoothie –  25MD/£1.95/€2.20

Lunch – 45-65MD/£3.50-£5.00/€4.00-€5.70

Dinner from 50-80MD/£3.85-£6.20 /€4.40-€7.10

As Taghazout is a Muslim village there is very limited alcohol in the area. Some of the surf houses now have licenses to sell alcohol- Dfrost, Surf Maroc & Sol House are some of those with licenses but you won’t find many other places selling alcohol. The price of alcohol is not super cheap either because it’s not readily available. Tap beer is around €3.50, a cocktail €6.00, a glass of wine €4.00, a bottle of wine €15.00.

If you’re looking to do a day trip it costs around €25.00 to go to Essaouira and back, €35.00 to Marrakesh, €15.00 to Paradise Valley and horse riding is €70.00 for a full day. If you don’t have yoga included in your package but you’d like to join a class the going rate from what I saw seems to be around €10.00.

Overall I wouldn’t say Taghazout is a really budget place to visit in Morocco but it can be visited cheaply depending on where you eat and what activities you do and pay for.

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Taghazout Morocco Guide

How to Dress in Taghazout

Taghazout is very chilled out and not like the rest of Morocco even though it is a Muslim Village. For females, it’s definitely possible to wear what you would wear to any other beach town. The men do stare and do comment now and again but not in too much of a harassing way and generally, everyone is very friendly.

The main beach isn’t really popular for sunbathers because it’s more of a fishing beach but people do go there to sunbathe in bikini’s and that’s totally fine.

Remember that this is a Muslim Village though so don’t sit at a restaurant in a bikini, save that just for the beach or in your accommodation, and be respectful.

I felt a bit more comfortable walking around in a long dress but equally fine in shorts too!

The Future of Taghazout

We went surfing at K17 a few times which is a mile or so away from Taghazout Village and this area is deep in heavy construction. A Hilton Hotel and a Fairmont Hotel are being built, both of which are huge, there are lots of fancy apartments with private pools going in too, plus restaurants and clubs.

I spoke with some locals and although they are a little worried that this might affect the hipster vibe of Taghazout they are positive that the more tourists that come, the more jobs there are and the more the Country will thrive and create more infrastructure as Morocco is still a third world Country.

These hotels are also going to be attracting a different crowd than the surf houses of Taghazout too, they probably won’t be attracting suffers and although they might pop into the town the Fairmont looks like it’s going to be a town within itself.

I hope that Taghazout keeps its charm and its chilled out vibe, however, if you need more of an excuse to go, I say that you should go sooner rather than later, just in case!

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Taghazout Travel Guide, local men


james (Surf Berbere)

Monday 15th of April 2019

Thanks for mentioning us here! Really pleased to read a nice balanced article on our village, it's a fabulous place to visit for anyone considering some winter sunshine or learning to surf!


Tuesday 16th of April 2019

You’re welcome. It really is! I hope to make it back one day :)


Saturday 1st of September 2018

Great article, thank you for all the tips!

I’ll be here for the next month or two and have created a public FB group for travellers to join to arrange meet ups. Search: Taghazout Nomads ?

Will share this article on it now.


Saturday 1st of September 2018

You’re welcome! And sounds like a great group! Thanks for sharing the post on there ?