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How To Visit The Seven Sisters Cliffs from London On A Day Trip 2021!

by TheWanderingQuinn

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After visiting the White Cliffs of Dover, I knew I had to see more of England’s dramatic White Cliffs on a day trip from London. However, there were a few things I wasn’t sure about like how long does it take to do the Seven Sisters Walk and How do I get to the Seven Sisters Cliffs?

Luckily, it turns out it is possible to walk from Eastbourne train station to the Seven Sisters Cliffs. So I decided to try it!

I was treated to the most beautiful walk up and down the Seven Sisters Cliffs with the English Channel one side of me sparkling in the sun, the English Countryside the other side of me, and in front of me a view of the White Chalk Cliffs that make this coastline so iconic and so beautiful, all in a day trip from London by train!

So here is how you can visit the Seven Sisters Cliffs from London too!

Seven Sisters Cliffs from London!

Seven Sisters Cliffs from London
Keep reading to find out how to get to the Seven Sisters Cliffs from London!

How do you get to the Seven Sisters from London??

Here are 4 Options For Visiting the Seven Sister Cliffs from London:

You can drive as there is parking all the way along the coastline and the main road of Beachy Head.

You can get the train to Eastbourne or Seaford and walk all the way along the cliffs. You can get a train and then a bus from the nearby towns of Eastbourne, Seaford and Brighton.

You can get a train and then a bus from the nearby towns of Eastbourne, Seaford and Brighton.

You can get a tour from London or a tour from Brighton to the Seven Sisters.

I decided to get the train and walk for my Seven Sisters day trip from London, and although it is quite a tough walk at about 20km and it took me at least 6 hours in total. My legs were a bit jelly-like at the end, I’m glad I did it this way so I’m going to tell you how to do it too!

Seven Sisters Cliffs from London by Train:

My day started in London Victoria train station on a Southern Train heading down to Eastbourne which I purchased on The Train Line just the day before for £33.40 for a return ticket.

When booking the ticket I did have a bit of a predicament. I had seen on Google Maps that the peak of the Seven Sisters Cliffs is in Birling Gap which is pretty much halfway between Eastbourne and Seaford.

I had read that people tend to walk from one town to the other to see the cliffs and do the ‘full walk’. However and slightly annoyingly Eastbourne and Seaford are not on the same train line, it’s not like I could buy a return to Seaford and jump off a station early at Eastbourne, I’d have to buy 2 separate single tickets which totalled to a fair bit more than just a return to Eastbourne from London.

I could also see that the footpath along the cliffs seemed closer to the edge from Eastbourne to Birling Gap than it does from Seaford to Birling Gap as it’s more inland (from what I could see on the map) and that’s how I came to the decision of booking a return journey to and from Eastbourne station.

I hope my decision-making process helps you with yours too!

I booked this ticket and all of my tickets on The Train Line as I find it really useful when comparing train times, journey lengths and prices like this. Have a look into tickets here:

Seven Sisters Cliffs Day Tours From London

If you would rather book onto a tour to see the cliffs and more of the South Downs area I really recommend this one. It would be perfect to do out of summer in case the weather isn’t that good as you travel by coach- great if you don’t fancy walking 20km, or would like people to spend the day with other people and have a knowledgable guide!

The train from London to Eastbourne is 1 hr 30 minutes and at 11:30 am,  I headed straight for the beach which took about 10-15 minutes. I didn’t give Eastbourne town centre much of a look as I had no need to, it has shops and food outlets by the station though so if you need any last-minute things or want to pick bits up for lunch you could do that there (in fact that’s a really good idea as lunch options are limited once you get onto the cliffs!).

I arrived at Eastbourne Bandstand by the beach and I was impressed! Of course, it helped that it was a gorgeous sunny, summers day however Eastbourne didn’t seem to have that run-down British Seaside feel to it like I thought Margate had, it’s actually nice. It has a really nice promenade with lots of seating and greenery, it’s a stone beach but it has huts along it and it’s pretty big!

But I was here to visit the Seven Sisters Cliffs so I turned right when I got to the beach and walked all the way down S.Downs Way right alongside the beach until I got to Helen Garden which took 20 minutes.

Seven Sisters Cliffs from London, Eastbourne Beach
When visiting the Seven Sisters Cliffs from London, you’ll start at Eastbourne beach first!

Eastbourne to Birling Gap

Eastbourne beach was just the beginning of my 10km walk to Birling Gap, which was technically just my halfway point.

I walked past Helen Gardens and back onto the main road, there are handy signs pointing the direction of the footpaths and Beachy Head so before long I saw a big hill that I knew was only one of many inclines on this walk!

Seven Sisters Cliffs from London, Path Signs
Look out for this sign when walking to the Seven Sisters Cliffs!
Seven Sisters Cliffs from London, Meadow Paths
And head up this hill!
Seven Sisters Cliffs from London, Eastbourne View
The view from the top!

It was pretty steep but straight away it paid off in terms of views, looking back gives an awesome view over Eastbourne town and looking forward gives views over the ocean and the start of the English Countryside, because it was summer there were a few flowers out in bloom and the meadow smelt of my childhood spending my Summer holidays on days out.

Like walking the White Cliffs of Dover, I really liked walking these cliffs because there are many footpaths, too many perhaps as I was unsure which one to take to start with.

Do I go right by the cliffs or slightly inland? I decided to go slightly inland and took the path that seemed like the ‘main’ one. The reason is that after looking at my map, the paths that go alongside the cliffs do double back on each other a bit and I think you’ll actually end up walking up and down a lot more by taking this path.

(I use the app Maps.me which I love and was so helpful on this walk to see all of the footpaths.)

Seven Sisters Cliffs from London, Meadow Paths
The start of the walk to the Seven Sisters Cliffs looks like this!

Pretty soon I was reaching Beachy Head Road and realised just how easy it is to drive this way too (although not as rewarding of course), I didn’t have to worry about the sounds of the traffic though as the footpaths are away from the road and I carried on my walk totally in awe of the glistening ocean, the many many peaks of the white cliffs to the side and in front of me.

Plus the flattening out of the fields meant I could see across the countryside all the way along the coastline the other side of Birling Gap which is where I was heading to, it was really amazing!

It was busy because it was the summer holidays, but by no means annoyingly busy or too busy, people were lying on the grass and having picnic lunches all over the fields, or stopping for a breather as some of the hills are quite tough! Luckily after an incline is a decline or just a flat area to help catch your breath.

Beachy Head Lighthouse is the centre of attention aside from the Seven Sister Cliffs in my opinion. I kept seeing it peaking through the cliffs as I was walking towards it and even once I had passed it and looked back I saw it.

It just looks really picturesque and I can imagine that even on a cloudy day it would look pretty cool. It’s also a reminder just how high the cliffs are!

Seven Sisters Cliffs from London, Lighthouse
My first peek of the White Cliffs and Lighthouse! This is why the Seven Sisters Cliffs from London Day Trip is worth it!
Seven Sisters Cliffs from London, Ellie Quinn
Very happy that I decided to do this Day Trip from London to the Seven Sisters Cliffs!

I could see another lighthouse in the distance, this time on the cliffs which I thought might be Birling Gap, it occurred to me that the walk wasn’t that bad, however as I got closer I realised it wasn’t, it was Belle Tout Lighthouse with a cafe selling ice creams and a handy sign saying that Birling Gap was a 20 minute walk away.

This part of the walk is really nice, the field totally opens out and although this section was certainly busier than where I  had been walking before, and there were a serious decline and incline, the cliffs are on full show for the whole of this section.

Seven Sisters Cliffs from London, Signs
Look out for this sign!
Seven Sisters Cliffs from London, Meadows
When planning your visit to the Seven Sisters Cliffs from London, try and go on a sunny day if you can!

Birling Gap

Birling Gap was soon ahead of me. Until now there was no access or even a beach to access alongside where I was walking. From what I saw Birling Gap is the first beach with safe and easy access between there and Eastbourne.

Birling Gap is set up for visitors, it has a cafe with indoor and outdoor seating (although a fairly limited menu of cakes, sandwiches and jacket potatoes), a visitor centre, toilets and a car park.

Seven Sisters Cliffs from London, Cafe
The cafe at Birling Gap!

I took my sandwich down to the beach and took off my walking shoes to give my feet a breather.

It was now 14:15 so the walk from Eastbourne train station to Birling Gap took me just under 3 hours.

The beach was pretty busy but it’s really nice and I can imagine for a lot of people living in the South Coast, this is their go-to beach and I can see why it’s another stone beach but the White cliff backdrop is incredible and the sea is safe to swim in.

Seven Sisters Cliffs from London, Birling Gap
Birling Gap Beach is the perfect rest spot on this Seven Sisters Cliffs from London Day Trip!

Birling Gap to Eastbourne

It was now time for me to follow my footsteps up and down back to Eastbourne and do the return journey of London to Seven Sisters. Part of me wished that I had booked a train home from Seaford so I could carry on walking the Seven Sister Cliffs rather than walking back on myself as the coastline in front of me looked just as amazing, however as I said at the start, logistically it was easier and cheaper to get a return train ticket to Eastbourne do visit the Seven Sisters from London.

After another 10km walk, my legs were a bit jelly-like by the time I arrived back in Eastbourne train station at 17:00, my skin was a little on the red side, my hair a mess but my heart was very happy!

I really hope you do this walk and decide to visit the Seven Sisters White Cliffs on a day trip from London, or on a day trip from elsewhere in England, it was amazing!

FAQ For visiting the Seven Sisters Cliffs from London:

How do you get to the Seven Sisters from London?

There are a few ways, you can drive to the Seven Sisters from London and park along Beach Head road or at Birling Gap, or you can take a train from London to Eastbourne or Seaford. Lastly, you can join an organised tour to Seven Sisters which leaves from London and takes you to more of the area.

How do I get to the Seven Sisters hike from London?

This depends where you want to hike to and from. You can start the hike at Birling Gap if you are driving and walk as far long the cliffs as you want before turning back. Or you can do the Seven Sisters hike from Eastbourne to Seaford train stations if you are getting the train from London.

How long does it take to walk the Seven Sisters?

6 hours is the minimum time it will take to do the full walk and around 20km. You may need more time though. However if you are parked in Birling Gap, you can walk as far as you can and then turn around and walk back.

Why is it called the Seven Sisters?

The cliffs are named the Seven Sisters Cliffs because of the seven hilltops that make up the silhouette of the cliffs.

How hard is the Seven Sisters Walk?

The walk is long if you walk all the way along the cliffs and there are a few steep inclines and declines so good fitness is needed.

Can you swim in the Seven Sisters?

Swimming is possible at Birling Gap beach along the Seven Sisters.

More Important information for your visit to the Seven Sisters White Cliffs:

Book train tickets in advance to get the best price. I recommend The Train Line as it’s my go-to site.

Birling Gap is a good turnaround point but you can turn around whenever you want, the white cliffs are in full view as soon as you walk up the hill from Eastbourne.

I left the train station at 11:30 am, got back at 5:00 pm and I stopped for 30 minutes for lunch. I do walk pretty fast, especially on my own. Give yourself at least 6 hours to do this walk, it might be more realistic to give yourself 7 hours if you want to walk all the way to Birling Gap and back.

There are buses and bus stops along the road so you could walk one way and get a bus back into town.

It can be done all year round, I know my photos are nice and sunny but even on a spring, autumn or winter’s day it would be nice. If you’re worried about the wind, you aren’t always that close to the cliff and can walk on a footpath further away. Ideally, just try not to go on a cloudy or foggy day so you can actually see the cliffs.

Take some lunch and snacks as there are limited options at Birling Gap Cafe and other cafes that you pass.

The Birling Gap pub looks like a nice place to stop for lunch or a drink though.

There are quite a few toilets on the route. Eastbourne station, Helen Garden, Beachy Head main car park and Birling Gap.

If you would rather book onto a tour to see the cliffs and more of the South Downs area I really recommend this tour. It would be perfect to do out of summer in case the weather isn’t as good as you travel by coach, and perfect if you don’t fancy walking 20km!

I hope this posts helps you with visiting the Seven Sisters Cliffs from London!

To SEE my trip to the Seven Sisters outside of London, watch my YouTube video here!

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Chadwick August 8, 2018 - 11:42 am

I was down that way in January. I agree with you, it is walkable all year (weather permitting). If you carry on from Birling Gap you come to Cuckmere Haven with another well known view of the old coastguard cottages. Talking of well known, this section of cliffs sometimes stands in as the ‘white cliffs of Dover’ in films, so these cliffs are probably better known than we realise.

TheWanderingQuinn August 8, 2018 - 2:38 pm

Ahh I was wondering where you get thr photo of thr cottages from, I thought it might be further the other way. In a way I wish I had gone from from Seaford but never mind!
I read that it often stands in in films etc, that’s funny!
Hope you liked it there too!

Rachel August 17, 2018 - 11:00 pm

Wow, what a walk, certainly good exercise! love all the shots, so pretty and sunny – you must have been warm for sure!

TheWanderingQuinn August 18, 2018 - 10:07 am

It was very hot haha, but I loved it! 🙂

Malky Masch January 1, 2019 - 12:04 pm

Thank you for this. I used this guide and had a beautiful day.

TheWanderingQuinn January 1, 2019 - 4:30 pm

Oh that makes me so happy! Thank you for reading and letting me know 🙂

Alex March 3, 2019 - 1:31 pm

This is my hometown! You got some great pictures and as much as I like gallivanting around the world this post does remind me how lucky I am to live somewhere so beaut!

Alex ?


TheWanderingQuinn March 4, 2019 - 1:23 am

Thanks Alex I loved this day so much and I was so lucky with the weather! It was during the heat wave last summer. Glad you got a little reminder of how lucky you are! Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

Erica April 3, 2019 - 12:22 pm

My husband and I are going London next month and were originally going to take a day trip to Dover. I have read several opinions, blogs, etc. that Seven Sisters provides better views of the cliffs (from land and not sea like Dover) and that Seven Sisters cliffs are whiter whereas Dover are more green because they are more protected and therefore erode less. I’m sure they are both stunning and also know that “better” is completely subjective, but since you have been to both, I would appreciate your thoughts on which one you would visit if you could only go to one. Thank you!

TheWanderingQuinn April 3, 2019 - 2:03 pm

Hi Erica! Good to hear you’re planning on going. You’re right, both have positives and are great by I’d say the Seven Sisters is better as the seaside towns are nice and so is the walk along the cliffs with not only the cliffs but the South Downs countryside too 🙂

Hope that helps!

L - Franglais27 August 6, 2019 - 8:54 am

Great post, I visited the Seven Sisters Cliffs last year but started from the Seaford direction and stopped just before Birling Gap and so didn’t complete the full route to eastbourne but the views were absolutely stunning!

TheWanderingQuinn August 7, 2019 - 10:05 am

That’s great, I would like to walk from Seaford next time. It is a long way! 🙂

jay August 18, 2019 - 10:38 am

Hello! Was searching up for information on Seven Sisters and came across your webpage – loved the views and it seemed like quite the walk! Was recently at the Seaford end myself for a bit and the views were stunning, almost felt like I was walking towards the end of the world, haha.

I’d like to put in a point about the train tickets though – you absolutely do *not* need to buy two single tickets if you want to go to Eastbourne and return from Seaford! As you said you could “jump off the train early”, (or in reverse “hop on a train late”), so if one wanted to do London – Eastbourne – walk to Seaford – London they could buy the London – Eastbourne ticket and a Seaford – Lewes single (£2.80 as of current prices) to “bridge the gap”, which is a lot more reasonable than two single tickets (and I’d say is worth it to avoid doubing-back on your walk)! Thought I’d point this out – would certainly allow for more flexible journeys where you go from A to B, walk to C and get a train back to A 🙂

TheWanderingQuinn August 18, 2019 - 12:35 pm

That’s super helpful. Thank you so much for that information! Glad you loved the walk and you came across my blog post! 😀


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