Flying With Pegasus Airlines – My Review & Information You Need To Know!

October 6, 2018

What attracted me to Pegasus Airlines when I first properly heard about them is their vast range of destinations to Eastern Europe and the Middle East to places that are slightly ‘less visited’ because these are the kind of places I really love!

Last year I flew with Pegasus Airlines from London to Tbilisi, Georgia with a layover in Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport, all 4 flights went really well and I got off the plane knowing I would be flying with Pegasus Airlines again in the near future.

That time came when I was planning my big backpacking trip taking me from London to Asia. I didn’t want to go straight to India or South East Asia though, I wanted to stop in the Middle East first and tick off at least one new Country. I decided that I wanted that Country to be Lebanon.

After looking at flights from London Stansted Airport- Pegasus Airlines UK base and seeing that flights to Beirut from London stopped at Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport too I figured it made sense to visit Turkey! Cappadocia and Istanbul are two places I loved when I went to Turkey 3 years ago, so why not visit them again?

So that was it, I was booked onto 4 Pegasus Airline flights within the space of 1 week.

This is my review of the Turkish based Pegasus Airlines along with all the information you need to know about flying with Pegasus Airlines!

Pegasus Airlines Turkey

What Do Pegasus Airlines Offer?




Where Do Pegasus Airlines Fly To From London?


Pegasus Airlines London Stansted to Istanbul

Pegasus Airlines Stopover in Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport

I have flown from London to Tbilisi and London to Cappadocia with Pegasus Airlines, for more details on those destinations, have a read of the below posts:

Tbilisi, Georgia – A Full and Detailed Guide to Visiting!

2- 3 Day Itinerary for Cappadocia And Important Information For Your Trip!

Combining a Trip from Cappadocia and Istanbul – All You Need To Know!

Pegasus Airlines Check In Process

Out of my 3 flight routes for some reason I could only check in online for one of them, the rest I had to go to the counter for, this was fine for me as I had luggage that needed checking in any way so it didn’t take any extra time out of my day.

To my delight my check in process in London Stansted was so quick as there were only a few people in the line and plenty of staff on the desks.

When I did check in online it was easy to navigate and the barcode got sent to me via text and email.


Friendliness of Staff

On all 4 of my flights I found the staff to be really friendly to me and to the other passengers. My last flight from Istanbul to Beirut turned into a bit of a comedy show at the end as passengers were standing up and getting their bags out before we had even stopped, we had literally just landed! The staff were polite but firm in asking them to sit down and afterwards they still maintained their friendly approach to the rest of us as we left the flight which I had a lot of respect for.


Quality of Plane

All 4 planes I boarded were clean and in good condition. None of them were brand new planes but when I posted on my Facebook that I had flown to Istanbul with Pegasus Airlines, my friends over at The Common Wanderer said they flew from Bologna to Istanbul and then on to Dalaman and not only were they really happy with the service, they had a brand new plane!



Unfortunately all 4 of my flights were slightly delayed. None of them were delayed too much and I felt that the flight time on my tickets were always longer than what the captain told us it would be when we were about to take off so we still got in on time or just after that time even though we were delayed.

I would just keep this in mind if you plan a pick up from the airport.


I hope my Pegasus Airlines Review helps you make a decision as to whether to fly with Pegasus Airlines. I am personally really happy that I flew with them and I will be flying with Pegasus Airlines again in the future!


To SEE my Journey from London Stansted to Cappadocia, have a watch of my YouTube video here:


Pegasus Airlines Flying to Cappadocia

I was a guest of Pegasus Airlines but all thoughts and opinions are my own and I wouldn’t recommend a service to you that I did not truly love and enjoy myself.

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