How Much Does It Cost to Visit Taiwan??

April 7, 2019

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Taiwan had been on my Asian wishlist for years and when planning a trip to China and Japan I knew I had to squeeze a trip to Taiwan in too! I had no idea how much it costs to travel to Taiwan and I was hoping I wouldn’t find it expensive as a backpacker in Taiwan.

However, I am happy to say that Taiwan IS a really budget-friendly Country to visit and it’s a great country to visit as a backpacker as it offers so much too!

Now, it’s not as cheap as some South-East Asian Countries like Vietnam but let’s be honest and say that even Countries like Thailand are not that cheap to travel anymore and I’d say that the cost of travelling Taiwan is very similar to that of Thailand! Plus, Taiwan is definitely not as expensive as nearby Japan to visit!

So let’s get into how much I spent in just over one week in Taiwan and general travel costs in Taiwan so you know how much it’ll cost you to visit Taiwan and if Taiwan can be travelled on a budget!

I spent 8 days and 8 nights in Taiwan and spent NT$8,300 / £203.00 / $268.00 USD not including accommodation.

This did include all of my transport costs around the Cities and Country. 2 meals a day (breakfast was included in my hostel accommodation) and entrance fee’s to a few things, and that’s all I needed to spend money on in Taiwan!

How Much Things in Taiwan Cost

Transport Costs in Taiwan

EasyCard – you’ll need to purchase one when you arrive which you’ll use all over the country, this is NT$100 / £2.45 / $3.23 USD and non-refundable.

Metro – I spent on average NT$100 / £2.45 / $3.23 USD per day when in Taipei and Kaohsiung City using the metro all day.

Regional Trains – Train costs in Taiwan will vary depending on where you are visiting in the country, how far it is and whether you’re getting a High-Speed Train or Regular Train. Train Journeys from City to City will be between NT$500 / £12.25 / £16.20 and NT$1200 / £29.40 / £38.90. If you are on a budget in Taiwan try to get trains that take longer as they will be cheaper than High-Speed Trains.

My First Impressions of Taiwan at a Taipei Night Market:

cost of transport in taiwan

Food Costs in Taiwan

Night Market Food – This is where you’ll eat most nights in Taiwan. Prices of foods will vary depending on what it is but the general prices for one item are between NT$30 / 73p / 86c and NT$120 / £2.93 / $3.88. Most items are in the middle at about NT$50-60. I usually got 3-4 things in the night market so it can make for a fairly cheap dinner in Taiwan.

Meals – Decent meals in restaurants will be between NT$200 / £4.89 / £6.47 and NT$350.00 / £8.56 / $11.33, but the best thing about Taiwan is that like all Asian Countries there is an abundance of street food and small locals cafes where food is much cheaper (half the prices of above) where you can eat if you are on a budget when travelling Taiwan.

Bottle of Water – Most hostels will offer re-fillable water but a bottle of water in a supermarket like 7/11 is around NT$25.00 / 61p / 80c.

Bubble Tea / Coffee – The average price of a bubble tea or coffee from a tea or coffee shop is NT$80.00 / £1.95 / $2.60, again this will depend on where you are and what you have, it could be a bit more, or a bit less!

I didn’t drink any alcohol so I can’t tell you the costs of alcohol.

cost of food in Taiwan

Attraction Costs in Taiwan

I spent a bit of money on attractions and entrance fee’s in Taipei but not in my other two stops of Hualien and Kaohsiung at all.

My most expensive cost was the entrance ticket to Taipei 101 at NT$600.00 / £14.70 / $19.45 and then the Cable Car to Maokong in Taipei at NT$200 / £4.89 / £6.47

how much it costs to visit taiwan

Accommodation Costs in Taiwan

As always the biggest chunk of money will be spent on accommodation. Note again that my cost above did not include accommodation as everyone has different preferences. 

Firstly I’ll say that I was really impressed with the quality of the hostels in Taiwan, firstly when researching them on HostelWorld and Booking.com and then when staying in the 3 I stayed at.

All of them were very clean, organised and helpful in telling me about the area.

In Taipei, the price of staying in a dorm room in a hostel is about NT$610.00 / £15.00 / $20.00 a night.

The cost of a dorm room in cities decreases a bit once you’re out of Taipei I found, for example in Hualien and Kaohsiung it is NT$450 / £11.00 / £14.50.

The cost of a private room in a hostel in Taiwan is about NT$1225 / £30.00 / $39.00, this could be less or more depending on the hostel and location but when halved if sharing a room doesn’t come to much more than a dorm room.

It seems pretty standard for hostels in Taiwan to include breakfast or offer breakfast at a good rate so keep this in mind when booking as it’ll save you money on another meal in the day!

hostel costs in Taiwan

There are plenty of hotels in Taiwan too. I didn’t look into any of these but if you are backpacking Taiwan you’ll be fine in the hostels in Taiwan whether you stay in dorm rooms or get a private room depending on your budget and preference. 

Get an idea of accommodation prices in Taiwan on HostelWorld and Booking.com and I would recommend booking in advance to get the best accommodation price!

Other Costs

I didn’t get a sim card as I found the public WIFI in Taiwan to be really good and plentiful but if you need a Prepaid Sim Card in Taiwan you’ll be looking at between NT$300.00 – NT$700.00 / £7.50 – £17.60 depending on how long you stay and how much data you need. Basically, Sim Cards are pretty good value in Taiwan!

I hope this helps you plan your Taiwan trip or convince you to go if you agree that it’s budget-friendly too!

It’s such a great country with so much to see, one week in Taiwan was not enough and I could have spent 2 or 3 weeks there but it was a great taste of what the Country has to offer!

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