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6 Of The BEST Way’s to See Jodhpur aka The Blue City of India!

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In all honesty I didn’t get the best first impression from Jodhpur, aka the Blue City of India. I’d just been dropped off by my homestay host after 3 days of quietness in a rural village in Rajasthan and walking through the Clock Tower Market with hundreds of other people and then getting into the side streets and seeing all of the trash and the badly looked after dogs and puppies made all of my preconceptions about this magical Blue City disappear!

After 2.5 days in Jodhpur I still didn’t come to love it but I’m glad I visited and I did a few things that made my days there a bit nicer and more manageable so I wanted to share these with you.

If you want some things to do in Jodhpur to avoid the crowds and the craziness, this is what I suggest you do!

Things to do in Jodhpur


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Zip Lining in Jodhpur!

This is a really unique activity to do in Jodhpur and probably one of the best things to do in Jodhpur!

Located in Mehrangarh Fort is the office for Flying Fox and behind that are 6 zip lines which take you over lakes and gorges all whilst witnessing the Blue City to the side of you!

It is a bit pricey but the price if you book online in advance is 1750Rs/ £18.00 which is what I did and it’s a bit cheaper than booking in person. It lasts just 1.5 hours but it’s a fun activity and a different way to see the Fort!

Plus you also get free access into the Fort when you show your Flying Fox ticket, although you need to pay to get the Audio Guide and go into the Museum which is the main sightseeing part of the Fort and something I’d still recommend doing as the Fort is one of the best places to visit in Jodhpur and doing the zip lining and then exploring the Fort pairs really well together.

If you’re over Forts and Palaces be sure to go Zip Lining with Flying Fox in Jodhpur to mix things up a bit and get away from the noise and traffic of the City!

A few things to be aware of when Zip Lining in Jodhpur- you need to arrive 30minutes before your time and the office is in the Middle of the Fort so get there with enough time (it’s signposted quite well). It’s possible and pretty quick to walk from the Main Centre to the Fort although there is a bit of a hill. You need to wear closed shoes and long trousers/ shorts.

To SEE the zip lining, watch my YouTube video here.

For more information on the Zip Lining, read my full blog post about it here.

flying fox zip line jodhpur
flying fox zip line jodhpur
things to do in jodhpur Jodhpur Fort

Walking Tour around the Old Blue City of Jodhpur

So you know Jodhpur is called the Blue City? Well, it isn’t that Blue!

I mean there are plenty of Blue buildings and when you see the City from a vantage point you can see why it’s called the Blue City but the area around the Clock Tower isn’t Blue at all and thats because the main part of the City that is is the Old City on the other side of the Fort to the Clock Tower! Are you with me??

I stayed at Zostel Hostel in Jodhpur which I enjoyed and would recommend (you can check rates and availability here, it’s also in a great location!) and Monday to Friday they run a walking tour of this area at 4:00pm for 200Rs which takes you by tricycle into the Old City to see a view of the Fort from the other side to where the hostel is, they then take you up to a rock to the side of the Fort for sunset and then you walk back through the streets tasting some food along the way.

I really wanted to see the Old City and the really Blue part of Jodhpur and to be honest I’m glad I didn’t try to do it alone as the streets are very narrow and residential and there were lots of dogs barking and I felt so much safer with the hostel team! I also would not have been able to find my way up to the rock for sunset on my own and this is the best sunset location in Jodhpur I think!

I saw a few groups head up to the rock for sunset so either stay at Zostel Hostel in Jodhpur and go with them or see if you can join another tour!

The below tours would be a good way to sightsee in Jodhpur with a local rather than trying to navigate the streets by yourself:

If Hostels aren’t your thing, check out more options for accommodation in Jodhpur on here!

things to do in jodhpur Sunset

Explore Jodhpur Early in the Morning!

I got this tip from my friend Dave at Man Vs Globe (who has some great India blog posts by the way). He recommended going to the Clock Tower Market in the morning just as people were setting up as it’s a lot less busy and the locals were friendlier he found.

So I did do this and I found the same too!

The market doesn’t actually open until 11:00am and by the middle of the afternoon all of the stalls and a lot of the floor space are full with people selling things and there are lots of calls from people and plea’s to go to their stall because this is a popular Jodhpur tourist place as well as a place for locals to shop.

Whereas in the morning it was quiet and there’s still the possibility to buy some fruit for breakfast as I did and get a Chai. I actually had the Chai with a local who started speaking to me, he has a spice shop and requested that later I visit but he wasn’t pushy and talked with me and gave me the Chai with no expected outcome.

things to do in jodhpur Clock Tower Morning

I then went to Shri Mishrilal’s Hotel and got a Lassi from their cafe. I didn’t know it then but this place is really popular for it’s Lassi’s. I went past later in the day and it was full with people and quite stressful but in the morning at 8:30am it was just me and another person from Calcutta who I got speaking to and had a great conversation with.

The streets are also a lot cleaner in the morning. I found the streets to be filthy in Jodhpur which is a reason I didn’t like it that much but locals were sweeping up early on.

Mehrangarh Fort opens at 9:00am so after getting up early to see the City still half asleep you could walk up to the Fort and explore there whilst it’s cooler!

things to do in jodhpur shri mishrilal hotel
things to do in jodhpur lassi

Go to Vijay Restaurant for Local Indian Food in Jodhpur!

Jodhpur is full of rooftops and although they are a great way to see the city and a great way to get away from the craziness of the city below, the restaurants on them are priced a lot higher and the food its more ‘touristy’ Indian Food.

For some real authentic Indian Food at a local restaurant in Jodhpur, go to Vijay Restaurant. It’s a 10 minute walk from Zostel Hostel and not only is the food great but it’s really cheap too!

things to do in jodhpur Vijay restaurant
things to do in jodhpur Vijay restaurant

Enjoy the Rooftops of Jodhpur!

I know what I just said above but honestly if the City is getting too much for you, go up to a rooftop restaurant and relax. Also be sure to go up for sunset and stay until it gets totally dark as it’s really magical to see the sun go down, hear the new sounds of the City like the call of prayer from the Mosques and then see the City light up.

I watched the sunset all 3 nights in Jodhpur (just how I like it), one from the rock on the walking tour and the other times from the Restaurant that is on top of Zostel Hostel called The Curry’s and I’d recommend going there too!

Stay in a Homestay in Jodhpur!

Not technically in Jodhpur City but only 30minutes from the city is the chance to stay at an authentic homestay in rural Rajasthan. I stayed at Chhotaram Prajapat’s Homestay before visiting Jodhpur City and I loved it so much!

You do not need that much time in Jodhpur at all to see all of the places to visit in Jodhpur so I would recommend taking some time out in a village and in this homestay!

You can read my review on the homestay here and watch my YouTube video here.

things to do in jodhpur homestay

This will ensure you experience Jodhpur in the best way possible!

I would also recommend that 2 days in Jodhpur is enough. There are more things to do in Jodhpur like going to more Palaces and Temples but personally I didn’t feel the need to do this.

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