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Where To Find Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda in Pushkar, India!

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Pushkar is a very Holy and Spiritual Place for Hindu’s, in fact it’s one of THE holiest sites as it is said that Lord Brahma, the Hindu God of Creation dropped a lotus from his hand and a Lake emerged in that place, this is now the Holy Lake in the middle of Pushkar.

Therefore Pushkar has a very spiritual vibe and heightened energy about it, which not only makes it popular for Hindu’s and for Pilgrimages but for Travellers and Backpackers too.

I spent 1 week in Pushkar wandering around and catching up with work. It’s very relaxed compared to the rest of India, it’s small enough to walk around and there are a number of things to do in Pushkar to keep you busy, but to be honest, Pushkar is best enjoyed at a slow place.  I enjoyed my routine of Yoga & Meditation, work, a long lunch, a walk around the markets and lake, dinner and an early bedtime.

If you enjoy Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda or even just one of the three you will be very happy in Pushkar! From my experience, here is what Pushkar offers:

Yoga in Pushkar

I expected to find Yoga in Pushkar, there are 2 main places to visit which isn’t many but it is enough!

Pushkar Yoga and Meditation Temple – The Temple offers a 2 hour Yoga & Meditation morning practise from 8:00am-10:00am. Swamiji is the teacher, he is extremely experienced and full of wisdom but he has no ego and he is very humorous which I enjoyed. In fact I felt honoured to be able to practise with him and I learned a lot.

The session is based around Chants, lots of Om’s, Breathing techniques like Pranayama, Asana postures, talk of the Chakra’s, the Elements and so much more, all in a very relaxing way in a relaxing setting.

Group Courses are held in the building so if there is a group course on most participates will be part of this but it is popular for drop in sessions like I did too and Swamiji will make you feel comfortable even though you are not part of the bigger group. If there is not a course on you may end up with a one to one session or a small group of 2 of you which is what happened to me on my last practise.

The sessions are suitable for beginners and intermediates. I did the 3 class pass for 1000Rs which I thought was worthwhile and cost-effective, 1 class is 500Rs and 1 week is 2000Rs (for the most up to date times and prices visit their website here).

View on TripAdvisor Here Too.

Pushkar Yoga and Meditation Temple

Pushkar Yoga and Meditation Temple

Pushkar Yoga Garden – Posters are displayed all over the Town for Yoga at Pushkar Yoga Garden and I went here for a 90 minute morning session.

It’s slightly out of the centre if you’re staying close to the lake but not far and it’s nice to get out of the busy streets for a bit. Yogesh Yogi has been running Pushkar Yoga Garden for 14 years and practicing Yoga for 30 years. Although guests do stay in the house it’s popular for drop in sessions in the morning’s and evening’s (for the most up to date times and prices visit their website here).

We spent 90 minutes doing Hatha Yoga with a series of Asana’s. The classes are suitable for beginners and intermediates. We did the poses in ways I had not done before in the UK so it was good to see the real Indian side to Yoga. Yogesh Yogi also lives an Ayurvedic lifestyle which I found interesting and liked that he brought up a few Ayurvedic relatable points in the class.

View on TripAdvisor Here Too

Pushkar Yoga Garden

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Meditation in Pushkar

For Meditation I would again recommend Pushkar Yoga and Meditation Temple and attend the 2 hour morning class mixed with Asana’s.

Pushkar Yoga and Meditation Temple

Ayurveda in Pushkar

I saw a few Ayurvedic massages on offer in Pushkar at places that also offer a range of other massages which didn’t seem that genuine and appealing to me as I wanted a real Ayurvedic Massage with someone who was deeply passionate about it.

Luckily towards the end of my stay I found Deepak Ayurveda Massage Centre Pushkar who offer Abhyangam (Ayurvedic) Massages as well as Reflexology, Deep Tissue Massage and Traditional Rajasthani Massage.

It is more pricey here at 1500-2500Rs depending on the treatment but I went for the 75 minute Abhyangam Massage which was 2500Rs and wow, it was the best massage I have ever had! I could feel Deepak doing work on me rather than just massaging me. By the end and by plenty of work on my third eye I felt so relaxed and good.

Afterwards Deepak sat down and gave me a few tips on my lifestyle and how to live in more of an Ayurvedic way. I was aware of some of them anyway, other things were good to know but hard to take on in my lifestyle travelling-especially the cooking and food elements.

After this however he spoke a bit about what he found in my body, chakra’s and mind which was what I was most looking for aside from the massage and that information was very valuable.

Overall if you are looking for an Ayurvedic Massage in Pushkar I really recommend Deepak Ayurveda Massage Centre!

I also saw an Ayurvedic Medicine Stand and I briefly spoke to the man working there, he said he goes through your constitution and then recommend Ayurvedic Medicines for you and it sounded very genuine.

View Deepak Ayurveda Massage Centre Pushkar on TripAdvisor Here Too

Deepak Ayurveda Massage Centre Pushkar

Deepak Ayurveda Massage Centre Pushkar

By the way, I stayed at Elephant Hostel which I really liked and would recommend!

It’s right in the middle of Pushkar just 1 minute from the Lake and markets but it has a huge lawn and feels like a total oasis as soon as you walk down the path to it! The staff are great and they have dorm rooms plus really good value private rooms which is what I booked!

Have a look at rates and availability here if you still need accommodation in Pushkar!

Yoga and Meditation is the perfect way to enjoy your stay in Pushkar, as I said it is a very spiritual place and taking the time to learn and just ‘be’ in the morning is the best way to start your day in Pushkar, India!

To SEE Pushkar, have a watch of my YouTube video here!

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