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TOP 20 Places for Halal Food in Altrincham! Halal Restaurants & Cafes!

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There are a surprising number of options for halal food in Altrincham, Manchester! Some of these Altrincham restaurants offer all halal meat whilst others a selection so in this guide to halal restaurants in Altrincham, I’ll give you lots of options to visit!

Altrincham is a market town in the South of Manchester that I now call home. There are lots of things to do in Altrincham and one of the reasons it’s well known is for its choice of food, as well as the high-end neighbourhoods like Hale.

In this Manchester travel blog, I’m going to share different options for Halal food in Altrincham and Halal food in Hale which are among the top cafes and top restaurants in Altrincham!

Halal Food Altrincham

Halal Food Altrincham
Keep reading for the best Halal Food in Altrincham!

When searching on Google Maps for ‘Halal food in Altrincham’ you won’t get many results however this is NOT the case! There are so many halal restaurants in Altrincham!

This list includes a range of options from high-end restaurants to takeaways, all of which offer halal food in Altrincham. Not all of these offer 100% Halal meat, some offer only halal options and many serve alcohol so please read the full restaurant details and decide based on your personal preference.

I have gathered this information about halal restaurants in Altrincham and halal cafes in Altrincham by contacting the restaurants directly via social media and email or by information found online. If you need clarification, to see certificates or up-to-date information, please contact the restaurants directly.

Map of Halal Food in Altrincham

Here is a map which includes all of the cafes and restaurants in Altrincham I have recommended:

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Damo Altrincham (Italian)

A fairly new cafe and restaurant in Altrincham is Damo which is Muslim-owned. They told me that ‘everything from the kitchen is 100% Halal Certified. No pork and alcohol are used in the kitchen.’

They do serve alcoholic drinks on the floor.

Halal Food Altrincham, egg and tomato brunch at Damo Altrincham
Damo serve an amazing brunch alongside their halal dinner menu later on!

They are open from 12:00 for lunch and offer dinner Wednesday to Sunday, be sure to book your table in advance!

If you’re looking for halal Italian food in Altrincham, Damo was set up by 3 brothers who have a passion for authentic Italian cuisine and everything is made with high-quality ingredients so you shouldn’t be disappointed!

Halal Food Altrincham, inside Damo Altrincham
Damo is a boutique place for halal dinner, lunch and brunch!

Noria Restaurant (Mediterranean)

Noria serves 100% halal Mediterranean dishes and it is well located in Goose Green in Altrincham town centre.

This halal restaurant in Altrincham offers a cosy atmosphere inside the restaurant with high-quality Mediterranean dishes ranging from Falafel, Kebab and Pizza. It has Middle Eastern flavours and dishes within the Mediterranean offerings.

They are open 7 days a week and offer takeout as well if you are looking for high-quality halal takeaways in Altrincham.

Bunzy Burgers

  • Where is it? Altrincham Town Centre
  • Is it all Halal? Yes
  • Do they serve pork? No
  • Do they serve alcohol? No
  • Social Media Link

Altrincham needed a good halal burger place and now it has one in a great location along Stamford New Road close to the train station!

This is a Muslim-owned restaurant in Altrincham offering fast, delicious food! We went for their smashed patty burgers which were huge and really good, as is their halal hot dog!

They also serve all the usual fast food favourites like fried chicken, topped fries and milkshakes. You can either order online for a halal takeaway in Altrincham, order for collection or sit inside their restaurant which has plenty of seating upstairs and downstairs.

Halal Food Altrincham, Bunzy Burger from fast food restaurant in Altrincham
Halal Burgers in Altrincham!

Rasassi Restaurant (Indian)

Rasassi Restaurant is rated by many as the best Indian restaurant in Altrincham and is noted on takeaway sites like Deliveroo as being Halal.

I ordered a takeaway from here recently and I have to say, it was one of the best Indian takeaways in Altrincham I’ve had and I imagine their food is an even higher quality when eating in.

They offer high-quality meat, fish and vegetables with a very wide range of Indian dishes to suit all tastes.

Yara Restaurant (Lebanese & Syrian)

Yara Restaurants are a favourite by many in South Manchester with locations in Alderley, Altrincham, Chorlton, Cheadle & Whitefield.

Yara offers a modern take on classic Middle Eastern dishes from Lebanon and Syria with flavours to suit all tastes and a warm welcoming atmosphere.

If you can’t make it to Wilmslow Road for Middle Eastern food and want halal Middle Eastern food in Altrincham, Yara is a good place to go!

Syriana (Levantine)

  • Where is it? Hale Barns
  • Is it all Halal? Yes
  • Do they serve pork? No
  • Do they serve alcohol? Yes
  • Website Link

Another one of the halal restaurants in Hale Bales. Syriana serves Levantine food and is a favourite in the neighbourhood of Hale Barns and busy almost every day of the week!

All of their meat is halal, they don’t serve pork, and they do serve alcohol but it offers a relaxed vibe throughout the day and night.

They offer takeout and are one of the best halal takeaways in Hale Barns.

To be honest, I do prefer the Middle Eastern restaurants on Wilmslow Road to Syriana but if you don’t want to go far and want a nice dining experience, it’s a good option.

GupShup Restaurant (Pan-Indian)

GupShup is an up-market Indian restaurant in Hale Village serving pan-Indian meals with a relaxed setting perfect for a nice meal out with friends, family or a date night.

For halal Indian restaurants in Altrincham, this is one of the best because of its luxurious feel and it comes highly recommended and visited by locals in the area.

You’ll find a lot of your Indian favourites and classics here but many modern dishes with a twist like Kale Chaat and their ‘Naanwich’.

Cibo Hale (Italian)

Cibo is one of the nicest and well-known restaurants in Hale Village and when I found out they offer halal meat options I was very happy and have been there a number of times, always having high quality food.

Regarding their halal meat, they told me ‘I can confirm all of our meats are halal bar the pork-based dishes.’

halal food Altrincham, halal meal at Cibo restaurant in hale
For a fancy halal restaurant in Altrincham, book a table at Cibo!

For halal fine dining in Altrincham Cibo is great because it’s pretty fancy and upmarket with seating inside upstairs and downstairs plus a lovely rooftop with heaters.

Downstairs they have an indoor/outdoor section leading onto the pavement which is also heated and lovely to sit in.

halal food Altrincham, view from Cibo restaurant in hale
Cibo is a high end halal restaurant in Hale!

Juniper Hale

Juniper is another one of the surprising but great cafes in Altrincham that offers halal food. They confirmed that all of their meat is halal although they do serve pork.

What I love. is that their menu clearly shows what is halal and what is not, and the waiters in my experience, are helpful too.

halal food Altrincham, Pancakes at Juniper Hale, halal cafe in Altrincham
Juniper is great for a halal brunch or lunch in Altrincham!

I love the decor and vibe of Juniper and have always had a nice experience in Hale and Wilmslow. It’s a nice place to visit with friends for a girly brunch and offers fresh and healthy food options.

Oxford Road Cafe

Oxford Road Cafe is a perfect place for a halal breakfast in Altrincham and a halal lunch.

They do serve pork with pork sausages and bacon on the menu however they confirmed to me that all of their other meat is halal and they proudly have the halal sign on their menu. They confirmed that any pork items can be swapped for chicken sausages and turkey bacon for example.

If you’re looking for a halal cafe in Altrincham you can take the family to and everyone will find something they like for breakfast or lunch, Oxford Road Cafe is a great choice! Especially if you want a halal fry up in Altrincham!

Halal Take-Aways in Altrincham

There are many halal takeaways in Altrincham! Most of the halal restaurants in Altrincham mentioned above offer take-out like Balchão, Yara, Syriana, Rasissa and Noria Restaurant.

In addition to these, the below options are take-outs only or takeouts with a small casual seating area and not really restaurants.

These are great for cheaper options for halal food in Altrincham.

Yallah Cuisine (Lebanese)

  • Where is it? 17 Thurlestone Road
  • Is it all Halal? Yes
  • Do they serve pork? No
  • Social Media Link

A new halal food option in Altrincham is Yallah Cuisine who have a street food truck selling amazingly tasty Lebanese dishes!

They are based at 17 Thurlestone Road (close to John Leigh Park) Wednesday – Sunday 11.30 AM – 6:00 PM however check their Instagram page here for updates on where they are before you get there in case it changes and don’t get there too late as they sell out early, especially on weekends.

Halal Food Altrincham, Yallah cuisine food truck
For a quick but delicious lunch or dinner, find Yallah Cuisine Food Truck!
Halal Food Altrincham,  Yallah Cuisine menu
Yallah Cuisine Altrincham Menu

They offer chicken, meat, sujuk and falafel shawarma and their falafel is honestly so amazing, the best falafel I have ever tasted, their hummus is so creamy too! They also do Tacos with a Lebanese twist!

Get a friendly welcome and delicious authentic Shawarma, Falafel and more here whilst supporting a Muslim-owned business in Altrincham.

Halal Food Altrincham, Hummus bowl from Yallah Cuisine
Their Hummus and Falafel are amazing!
Halal Food Altrincham, Yallah Cuisine Tacos
Their tacos offer a Lebanese spin on Mexican food!
Halal Food Altrincham, Yallah Cuisine Shawarma
You can’t go without getting one of their delicious Shawarma and let them add the toppings based on how its done in Lebanon

Burrito Picante (Mexican)

I was very surprised when I saw that Burrito Picante on the Main Street through Altrincham is halal! They advise on their Facebook page that ‘Our meat is halal certified’, they have the halal sign on their menu inside. They do not sell pork.

You’ll find all the favourite Mexican classics like Taco’s Burritos, Quesadillas. They also have a breakfast menu and serve desserts like Churros!

This is a great place to grab some quick and tasty halal Mexican food in Altrincham to eat-in at their casual seating or takeaway.

halal food in altrincam, tacos from Burrito Picante in Altrincham
Burrito Picante is perfect for Mexican halal food in Altrincham!

Pita Box (Middle Eastern)

Another great surprising halal takeaway in Altrincham is Pita Box on Altrincham High Street.

Pita Box is rated as excellent on Deliveroo. They serve a range of halal Middle Eastern options with a twist like Rice Boxes, Burritos and Burgers as well as classics like Falafel, Pita Wraps and Hummus.

If you want to eat in, you can, they have a small casual area but fine for a quick lunch and you can takeaway too!

Caprinos Pizza

  • Where is it? West Timperley
  • Is it all Halal? Yes
  • Do they serve pork? No
  • Do they serve alcohol? No
  • Website Link / Social Media Link

Caprinos offer pizza takeout around the country with lots of branches. They state on their website ‘All Caprinos Pizza branches serve halal food‘ and they do not serve pork on their menu.

They are close to having a 5-star rating on Just Eat showing that they are a great place for halal pizza in Altrincham and an easy halal takeaway option in Altrincham. I had a pizza from them recently and really enjoyed it!

Halal Food Altrincham, small pizza from Caprinos Altrincham
Halal Pizza from Caprinos Altrincham

Restaurants Serving Halal Food in Altrincham

This is a list of restaurants in Altrincham that serve halal meat options alongside meat that is not halal and pork.

Jardim Rodízio Grill Restaurant (Brazilian)

  • Where is it? Altrincham Town Centre
  • Is it all Halal? No, selected meats only. Need to order 48 hours in advance
  • Do they serve pork? Yes
  • Do they serve alcohol? Yes
  • Website Link / Social Media Link

Jardim offers Brazilian food in Altrincham, if you’re familiar with Fazenda in the City Centre it’s pretty similar.

You pay one set price and the staff come round with different cuts of meat that you can eat until you are full. They offer as many sides as you want and have a salad bar.

halal food Altrincham, jardin Brazilian restaurant Altrincham
Jardim is a nice place to go for unlimited meat, just inform them when you book you eat halal meat!

They do serve pork and not all of their meat is halal. You need to give them notice when you book that you’ll want halal meat. However, from what I observed, I think most of their meat that isn’t pork is halal as I felt they offered us everything everyone else had aside from the pork, although I haven’t had that confirmed from them.

To be honest, I was a little disappointed, in comparison to Fazenda it wasn’t that good yet it was a similar price (which is on my halal restaurants in Manchester guide here) but if you want a meat fest in Altrincham, you can get a halal Brazilian in Altrincham here!

halal food Altrincham, jardin Brazilian restaurant Altrincham, halal meat being cut
Jardim offers all-you-can-eat halal meat in Altrincham!

Sigiriya (Sri Lankan)

For something different on your halal Altrincham restaurant list, try out some Sri Lankan food in Hale at Sigiriya.

They advised me, and I know from previous visits that ‘most of their meat is halal’ and because of their cuisine type there are no pork options on the menu (this is not 100% confirmed and could change though).

The restaurant advised me that once at the restaurant, the staff will let you know once at the restaurant what is halal and what is not.

To be honest, I didn’t find their food great in comparison to authentic Sri Lankan food from my time in Sri Lanka but it’s good to check out if you haven’t had the cuisine before.

Hale Country Club & Spa

  • Where is it? Hale
  • Is it all Halal? Not all but can be on request
  • Do they serve pork? Yes
  • Do they serve alcohol? Yes
  • Website Link / Social Media Link

When I joined Hale Country Club as a member, seeing I was Muslim they told me that they have halal options in their restaurant upon advanced request.

Non-members can enjoy the restaurant inside Hale Country Clubs when an advance booking is made and they offer many choices in their seasonal Asian fusion menu.

Halal Food Altrincham, hale country club spa
Book a spa day and enjoy halal meat in the restaurant!

One of the things to do in Altrincham I recommend is a spa day at Hale Country Club which you can do as a non-member and then tag a dinner on afterwards and let them know you want halal options in advance.

That Pizza Place

  • Where is it? Hale Barns
  • Is it all Halal? No
  • Do they serve pork? Yes
  • Website Link

This is our go-to when we want something quick and it never disappoints. That Pizza Place in Hale Barns opposite Booths offers really amazing thin-crust Pizzas.

Not all of their meat is halal. I believe it’s only the halal pepperoni and you do have to request for ‘halal’ pepperoni. Even on their website, I can’t see Halal pepperoni so I’d recommend calling them to make the order rather than doing it online.

Halal Desserts in Altrincham

Now to finish this list of Halal food in Altrincham with something sweet!

Little Dessert Shop

Little Dessert Shop is a well-known Muslim-owned chain of Dessert shops and although we don’t need to be worried about halal meat with dessert, it is good to know that this halal dessert shop in Altrincham offers halal marshmallows and sweets because of it being Muslim-owned.

I hope this has helped you find halal food in Altrincham!