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DETAILED Packing List for Bali for Females. What to Pack for Bali!

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Packing for Bali can be hard. You probably want to visit Bali to party, enjoy the beaches and the nearby islands, but you may also want to visit the temples in Bali, go trekking up a volcano, practice yoga in Ubud and go waterfall chasing and different outfits are needed for each of these sides of Bali!

Whether you’re backpacking Indonesia and Bali for 1 month, or you’re on holiday in Bali for 2 weeks, in this Bali packing list blog post I’m going to share what to take to Bali, what to wear in Bali as a female, what to pack for Bali as a female and Bali travel essentials from my experience travelling to Bali several times!

Packing List for Bali

Packing List Bali
Keep reading for a detailed Packing List for Bali!

I love Indonesia, and I’ve been many times over the years so be sure to check out my other Indonesia and Bali blog posts to help you plan your trip after reading my Bali packing list for females!

Bali Packing Tips

Here are my top 2 pieces of advice when planning what to wear in Bali and packing for Bali!

1. With regards to all of the items you pack for Bali PLEASE make sure that they are lightweight. Bali gets super sweaty because of the humidity even on the islands when there’s a breeze. A dress with two layers, for example, is too thick and this is what not to pack for Bali! One layered items made from cotton are the best types of clothes to pack for Bali for women.

2. Know that most of the clothing you will need and want to wear in Bali can be purchased there so make sure you leave time at the start of your trip to go shopping in Bali! The best places to shop in Bali are the shops throughout Kuta where you can get a mixed variety at a variety of prices. Seminyak and Canguu are good places to shop in Bali although the prices can be more expensive as the shops are more boutique and are western prices.

Ubud and the nearby Gili Islands (although technically Lombok, not Bali) are also great places to shop for cheaper clothing that is perfect for backpacking and the temperature of Bali.

Packing List Bali, woman at rice terraces in Bali
This type of jumpsuit is perfect for Bali and you can buy it there!

Best Clothes to Pack for Bali

Let’s start this packing list with what clothes to take to Bali! Generally, the clothes you take to Bali should be lightweight because of the heat and humidity in Bali.

Tops for Bali:

Strappy Tops, Tank Tops and Crop Tops are the best tops to take to Bali because they are small and good for the sweaty humid weather during the day and in the evening. On the beaches of Bali, you do not need to worry about covering up too much so small, lightweight tops are suitable.

At least 1 t-shirt is a must-pack item for Bali because this will come in handy when visiting Balinese temples as there is a dress code that you must follow to be respectful of the local culture.

Packing List Bali, female at temple gates in Bali in appropriate clothing
You’ll need to cover your shoulders and legs to enter temples in Bali so pack accordingly,

Dresses & Playsuits:

Dresses and Playsuits that can be worn during the day and in the evening are great to pack for a trip to Bali as they are easy to throw on over swimwear but can be dressed up when you want to go out for dinner and/or drinks in Bali later on so add them to your Bali packing list.

Shorts for Bali:

Denim Shorts are a female packing essential for Bali because they look good, go with all tops, and can be worn during the day and in the evening. You can get a bit sweaty in Denim shorts though so also pack lightweight, airy, baggy shorts too because again, these can be worn during the day in towns like Ubud, on the beach, and dressed up at night!

Trousers for Bali:

Do not bring jeans to Bali, you will not need them! Baggy trousers are the best trousers to pack for Bali and ideally 3/4 length trousers. Trousers are needed when going into Temples because you need to cover your knees and they are good for long journeys but apart from this, you probably won’t wear them any other time and will live in dresses and shorts.

Elephant pants are a popular Bali outfit (they are also very popular in Thailand)and Bali backpacking essential because they are comfy and are available to buy all over Bali.

Active Wear:

If you plan on doing a hike like the Mount Batur sunrise hike or joining some yoga classes in Ubud, pack accordingly like a lightweight sweat-resistant top or t-shirt, sports shorts, sports bra and some leggings.

If you are minimalist packing for Bali leave the leggings at home as you’ll probably be too hot for leggings anyway and a sweat-resistant top is good but not needed if you only plan to hike once and do yoga once, you can wear a regular cotton top.

Packing List Bali, woman in activewear in Bali at waterfall
On your packing list for Bali, think about how many activities you plan to do!

Rain Jacket:

The best time of year to visit Bali is in the high season during April to October, this is because the weather is best at this time. It does rain in Bali, particularly at the end and the start of the year around and after Christmas.

Packing a small fold away rain jacket is one of the great things to pack for Bali all year round as you never know when the rain will come, and trust me when it rains, it pours!


Generally, Bali does not get cold but if you’re on an AC bus or boat travelling from place to place, you’ll be thankful for an extra layer. A lightweight jumper or hoody is fine and should be on your Bali packing list.

Swim Wear for Bali:

Swimwear is a must-pack essential for Bali. Of course, there are all the beaches to swim at but there are also many waterfalls. So add plenty of swimwear to your packing list for Bali.

If you wear modest swimwear, you’ll be happy to know that although Bali is a Hindu island, because the majority of Indonesia is Muslim and lots of Muslims visit Bali, it is fine to wear modest swimwear in Bali.

Packing List Bali, tourists on beach in Bali at sunset
Remember when packing for Bali you can buy a lot of things there!

2 x Bras

It’s your choice of how many bras you pack for Bali but personally, I find two bras enough (plus a sports bra) and I have recently switched to non-wired bras, which are not only much more comfortable to wear all day but when it comes to packing the one I’m not wearing, they are so tiny and fold away much easier than underwired bras. I think the best bra for travelling is non-wired and bralette design!

2 x Pairs of Socks

I live in sandals in Bali, more on that below, so socks are only needed when I wear shoes or for the odd hike which is why I suggest only packing 2 pairs.

10 x Underwear

I usually pack about 10 pairs of underwear as this means I don’t need to do washing too often but getting laundry done in Bali is so easy and cheap so the amount you pack is up to you. I find black underwear the best when travelling long term as often things can get stained and dyed in the laundry in Bali so you’re safe with black!


For me, my PJs in Bali are a tank top and shorts. You don’t need any fancy PJs for Bali! Just something cool and comfy!

Packing List Bali, tourists in Bali at local ceremony
Packing for Bali means lots of lightweight clothing!

Best Shoes to Pack for Bali

Shoes are important in Bali! Yes, you’ll be on holiday in Bali chilling a lot of the time but if you do activities or you want to explore towns like Ubud on foot, you’ll need the right footwear!

Flip Flops:

Or Thongs, or Jandals, whatever you call them in your Country! These shoes are a must-pack for a trip to Bali because you will live in them! The best flip flops for travel, I think, are Havaianas because they are a quality brand and last a long time, you can buy fake Havaianas in Bali but the real ones are better!

In Bali, you have to take your shoes on and off a lot in not only temples but some shops, restaurants and accommodations so slip-on shoes like flip-flops are the best shoes to pack to Bali.


A nice pair of sandals for the evening is a good idea for your Bali packing list, especially if you plan to go out for nice dinners and drinks. Although, expect many people to be in flip-flops in these places too.

Some women do wear heels in Bali because they’re in fancier places in Seminyak and Canguu, you can wear heels easier in Bali than the Gili Islands where I recommend 100% not packing them, however, you’ll mainly find expats in heels who live there rather than tourists and they are by no means a must.


Do add trainers to your list of what to pack for Bali, they’re perfect for activity days like hiking and in case you want to join a workout class. If you plan to rent a moped in Bali, you might also prefer to wear trainers to ensure your toes are saved. I always prefer wearing trainers to flip-flops on a moped.

Toiletries to Pack for Bali!

In theory, you can buy all your toiletries in Bali so it doesn’t matter if you forget anything or only bring small bottles to help with weight as you can buy more there. However, you most likely won’t be able to get the same brands and a lot of toiletries are of course aimed at local women so they may differ from what you’re used to.

Shampoo & Conditioner Bars:

If you are tight on space and or want to help reduce your plastic consumption and pack sustainably for Bali, take shampoo and conditioner bars instead of bottles. I have used the Lush bars which I recommend.

Mosquito Spray:

This is a Bali travel essential because there are mosquitoes in Bali1 Bug Spray can be purchased cheaply in Bali or you can buy some strong spray whilst at home and have it ready for your first day in Bali and Indonesia.

Additionally, you’ll need something for the bites that do get you, I purchased this Bite Away Pen on Amazon which you press on a bite and it stops it from itching straight away, it’s magic and I recommend it. Otherwise, Tiger Balm which can be bought all around Bali is a good thing to put on bites.

Sun Cream:

Sun Cream is another thing you need to think about when packing for Bali. Sun Cream can be purchased all over Bali and Indonesia but it’s expensive, about £10-£15.00 a bottle. I’d really recommend you buy sun cream at home and bring enough with you instead of buying it in Bali to save you money.

The best SPF for Bali is 30 or 50 as the sun is strong in Bali. If you are conscious of being a responsible traveller, purchase some reef safe suncream before travelling to Bali, the reef will thank you!

Menstrual Cup:

As a female essential for Bali and the best way to travel on your period, consider a menstrual cup, you can buy sanitary towels and tampons in Bali but tampons can be hard to get in some places and are expensive when you do find them so by having a menstrual cup you don’t need to worry about this and it’s waste-free and helps you travel sustainably in Bali. This is the travel menstrual cup I use and recommend.

Of course, you will also need all of your other usual toiletries however note that you can buy everything you need in Bali so don’t take huge, heavy bottles and if you forget something it’s ok.


I wear makeup on evenings out in Bali so I do recommend packing it but it’s always so hot and sweaty in Bali and a lot of the time it sweats off in a few hours so don’t pack too much makeup!

Packing List Bali, female at temple gates in Bali in elephant pants
I hope this helps plan your Bali packing list!

Bali Travel Essentials

Now we’ve covered outfits for Bali, let’s look at the Bali travel essentials and accessories to pack for Bali!


Whether you pack a basic cap or a stylish straw hat, pack a hat to help keep the sun off your head because the sun is strong in Bali!


A good quality pair of sunglasses are needed. Fake RayBans can be bought in Bali and although I’ve spent a lot of time in them in South-East Asia, they aren’t the best quality so be warned!

Day Pack:

A day backpack is great for day trips in Bali or just to take to the beach instead of a small beach bag. If you are limited on space or packing carry-on for Bali only, a packable day pack is a great idea as it folds up so small but is 20L when in use.

Hand Bag:

I have a small cross-body handbag for the evenings to dress up an outfit and carry my purse and phone in. If you are concerned about safety, a Pacsafe Antitheft Cross Body Bag is a good idea however I have never felt like I have needed one.

Dry Bag:

Not a necessity but good to have is a Dry Bag like this for day trips involving water, especially snorkelling on the Gili Islands if you hop over there.


Take whatever electronics and cameras you want to take to Bali, but if you are looking to buy a new camera for Bali, the best camera to take to Bali is a GoPro for sure! It’s great for all of the water activities but also land activities.

There are so many things to do in Bali and so many activities are adrenaline fun activities and the GoPro is perfect for them! If a GoPro is too expensive which I do understand, a cheaper action camera like this is a great camera for Bali.


This is great to put around your shoulders or legs when entering temples. It’s also great to use on the beach instead of a towel which will save room in your bag. You can buy sarongs all over Bali so if you don’t have one, buy one in Bali.

Quick Dry Towel:

If you are staying in hotels in Bali you won’t need a quick-dry towel but if you are backpacking Bali and staying in hostels you will as towels are often not provided. Do not fill up your backpack with a big towel, get a small foldable quick-dry towel!


One or two international adapters will be needed on your Bali travel checklist.

Bali Packing List for Children

I’d say that all of my suggestions for packing for Bali also apply to children.

Light, breathable clothing is key plus sun protection like a full-body swimsuit and sunhat as the sun is powerful in Bali.

Sandals like Crocs are great for what to pack for Bali for children as they are easier for them to walk in than flip-flops.

Don’t worry about children dressing culturally appropriate like adults have to in certain parts of Bali, children can be dressed how ever.

Packing List Bali, children at temple in Bali
Children at temple in Bali
Packing List Bali, family walking through rice terraces in Bali
What to pack for a family for Bali!

Backpack or Suitcase for Bali?

Now you know what to add to your Female Bali packing list and what to take to Bali, what bag is best to take to Bali?

Plenty of people take a suitcase to Bali, especially holidaymakers who are spending 2 weeks in Bali and that’s fine, the locals are used to moving these around, however, if you plan to move around a lot in Bali and not stay in one place, I think a suitcase makes it hard work here (and all over South East Asia), especially going to the Gili Islands where you have to get off the boat straight onto the beach. I

My recommendation is a soft holdall or backpack because of the ease of carrying it and moving around with it whether you are a backpacker or not. I’ve been using the Osprey Farpoint 70L S/M Backpack which works well as the best backpack for Bali and a good backpack for women because it was great for my backpacking trip around Bali. If you want a smaller backpack because you’re wondering how to pack light for Bali, they also do a Women’s 40L Backpack!

I also love this 45L Pacsafe Carry-On Backpack which has extra security but is also just a great size and design for backpacking Bali with!

I use this waterproof cover over my backpack in Asia which fits the Osprey backpack perfectly and I use it more so that the bag doesn’t get too dirty or ruined in transit which does happen a lot in Bali!

One of the top Bali packing tips to help keep your clothes to pack for Bali tidy and keep all of your backpacking gear together is to use packing cubes like this.

osprey farpoint backpack
This is the Osprey backpack I have which is a great backpack for women!

Tips for Packing for Bali

Try to envision how hot it is there when buying and packing clothes so you only take clothes to Bali that are suitable!

You might see other women on Instagram wearing jeans and heels in Bali but remember they likely live there are used to the heat and will have a moped to get around making it easier to wear clothing like this!

Do not pack too much– firstly you’ll have to carry it all, secondly, you do not need a new outfit for every day even if you are on holiday in Bali and if you are visiting the beach areas you’ll pretty much live in swimwear and beachwear day and night.

Finally, remember you can buy everything you need in Bali!

I hope this post has helped you with your packing list for Bali!