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REVIEW | Private Villa in Marrakech With Pool & Rooftop!

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Looking for a luxury villa in Marrakech with a pool, 3 bedrooms, rooftop and private cook? I have just got back from a week in Marrakesh staying in an amazing private villa in Marrakech with a private pool which is just what we had been looking for for our family of 5!

I shared the villa on my Instagram, so many of you were interested in this villa and what a family holiday in Marrakesh is like, and so you should be as this was one amazing villa and the best villa in Marrakesh we could find online!

So, here’s more about our holiday villa rental in Marrakesh including how to book, pricing, location and some extra tips if you have a family with young children.

Villa in Marrakech With Swimming Pool

Villa in Marrakech
Keep reading for my full review on this amazing Villa in Marrakech!

About this villa in Marrakech

As you can see on this link which is the link to the booking site, the photos show the villa in immaculate condition and very aesthetically pleasing.

Before arriving I had sudden fears that it wouldn’t be this nice in real life and what if the wide-angle photos made the pool much bigger than it is? I feared we’d arrive to a tiny rectangular pool!

But honesty, this Marrakesh holiday villa really does live up to the photos online. It is so clean, bright and spacious, and the pool is a great size, even with all 5 of us in there it wasn’t too small at all!

View the villa listing and check availability and prices here!

Villa in Marrakech to rent with blue skies and swimming pool
This honestly felt like our private bubble of paradise and like living in our own fort!

Here are the reasons we loved this holiday villa in Marrakech so much:

  • It’s fully private with no neighbours being able to look in
  • The swimming pool is fully private and a great size
  • The pool can actually be heated for an extra amount each day so great if you want to visit Marrakesh in the winter and want a heated swimminhg pool in Morocco
  • 3 Double Ensuite Bedrooms (although if you have young children go below to see the bedroom layout)
  • Big Kitchen
  • Big Dining Area
  • 2 Chill out living rooms
  • Rooftop with sunbeds and sofas
  • Air con
  • Kitchen with seating on the rooftop
  • Beautiful architecture and design
  • Rural Countryside location
  • 30 minute drive from Marrakesh City
  • 40 minute drive from Marrakesh Menara Airport
  • Car Hire available and company will deliver car to villa and pick up from villa
  • Cook who makes breakfast using the food you buy
  • Option to hire cook to make amazing Moroccan lunch and dinner
  • Villa and Garden cleaned daily
  • Security man outside 24/7

View the villa listing and check availability and prices here!

villa in Marrakech from above with pool and rooftop
Photo was taken from the rooftop showing all the space that was just for us!
villa in Marrakech master double bedroom
The big master double bedroom
villa in Marrakech dining room with lunch cooked
The dining room with lunch prepared for us by our cook
villa in Marrakech big rooftop
The huge rooftop with 2 sun tanning beds, 2 sofas and kitchen
villa in Marrakech rooftop kitchen
The rooftop kitchen and dining area
villa in Marrakech sunrise view from the rooftop
This was the beautiful sunrise from the rooftop, as you can see, it’s very rural!

Marrakech villa with heated swimming pool

I have to highlight this point, because we had planned to visit Morocco for our winter holiday in December 2021 and we searched Airbnb, Vrbo and for literally HOURS trying to find a villa in Marrakesh with a heated swimming pool and had hardly any luck!

The only place we found with a heated swimming pool in Morocco was THIS villa. We were actually so close to booking it but as we were, Morroco closed its borders for foreigners in 2021 so we decided to go to Turkey to Antalya in Winter instead because we found a hotel with a heated pool there.

If you’ve found this post because you’re searching for a heated swimming pool in Morocco, you’ll know the struggle because I literally couldn’t find anything!

The owner says there is an extra charge of 15 euros per day. Just make sure you tell him you want the pool heated from when you make the booking so he knows. If you are visiting Marrakech in Winter, this is a great option!

View the villa listing and check availability and prices here!

heated swimming pool in Marrakech
Yes, this is a villa with a heated swimming pool in Marrakech!

How to book this luxury villa in Marrakech

The villa is available to book on Vrbo and Airbnb and the villa is called Dar Camel Rock.

This is the Vrbo link and I recommend Vrbob over Airbnb because, from our research and experience, Vrbo offers free cancellation for 60 days until check in, whereas Airbnb does not and there is a non-refundable deposit.

(If you haven’t heard of Vrbo before then it’s pretty much just like Airbnb and is growing in popularity in Europe after being a big hit in the USA!)

View the villa listing and check availability and prices here!

villa in Marrakech with pool and sunloungers
Click here to check availability!

One thing I will warn you is that although on the listing there is no minimum stay set, both times we went to book (nearly completing the booking for Winter 2021 and making the booking for Summer 2022), the owner came back and said we needed to book for 7 nights minimum.

This is a bit annoying as he doesn’t state it on either booking site but if you want to stay for less you can chat to him via message and see what he can do. We stayed for 6 nights only and after a bit of pushing in the messages, he did accept this by us paying 6.5 nights I believe it was.

Private villa in Marrakech will pool
Seriously the most amazing private villa in Marrakech will pool. Book it here!

Important things to note about the private villa in Marrakech

We honestly really loved this private villa in Marrakesh and I would stay there again in a heartbeat but there are definitely some things to keep in mind and to ensure it’s suitable for you and your family or group.

View the villa listing and check availability and prices here!

Rural location in Marrakech

The local is pretty rural. It’s only 30 minutes from Marrakesh city by driving but it’s located in a totally local small village. You cannot pop out to a shop or a restaurant by foot, and even by car it would take about 20 minutes.

We had no problem with this and we made sure that our driver who picked us up from the airport (arranged via the villa owner) took us to a supermarket so we had plenty of snacks and we had the cook make our meals so we didn’t need to leave for meals.

We did take 3 trips out around Marrakesh over our 6 days which was manageable and stopped us from getting cabin fever. We hired a car, the owner can arrange a driver for you but there’s certainly no public transport where the villa is.

It’s not the villa for you if you want to be going out every day and want conveniences on the doorstep.

Private villa in Marrakech sunset view
This was the view of the sunset, as you can see it’s literally located in a small village in the countryside with no hotels or other holiday villas insight!
Ellie in Marrakech souk
But it is 30 minutes from Marrakech city by car so you can use the driver or hire a car to see more of the city like we did.

Bedroom Layout

This was one disappointing thing about this villa because it isn’t made clear on the booking sites at all that most of the rooms in the villa are standalone.

The whole villa surrounds the pool which we loved the design of, it really feels like being in your own fort with no one looking in.

1 bedroom connects to both living rooms but aside from that, the other 2 bedrooms are standalone. The kitchen and dining room connect but don’t connect with a bedroom or any of the living rooms.

We did find this to be an issue because we have 2 young boys and 1 teenager. We wanted the 2 young boys to have their own room and the teenager to have his own room, but the 2 boys often call out for us at night, and in our bedroom, there was no way to hear them shout if they were in a room alone and we didn’t want them leaving their room at night to come to us as they would have had to cross the pool area.

Therefore, we only ended up using 2 bedrooms, to start with we had the youngest in with us and then all 3 boys slept together in one room for the rest of the holiday.

Luckily the rooms are spacious, especially the master double which fitted a single bed on the floor with no problem and there was still a lot of space.

If that’s ok with you and your group, check out the full listing and see more photos here!

Staff on-site

The problem with a self-catering villa in Marrakesh, and all over the world, is usually that you have to cook yourself which to many people, doesn’t feel like a holiday. And as mentioned, in this villa you can’t just pop out to a cafe down the street.

Therefore it’s really amazing that you can hire a cook to make you delicious Moroccan meals (more on the extra costs of this below). However, with this, it does feel like the staff are around a lot.

The gardener arrived at about 9:00 am and stayed until about 10:00-10:30 tidying outside and inside a bit, and he is male so if you are a Muslim woman who covers, it’s good to be mindful of this and you will probably need to talk to him in Arabic and explain the timings you want him to come and not come.

Most days we had lunch at the villa and the cook also made us supper which we put together ourselves later on.

The lady who did our breakfast arrived at about 9:00 am to start breakfast and then went on to clean the rooms. And the lady- Sanna who made our lunch and supper and was our main contact for meals came at about 10:00 am and they both left at about 15:00-16:00 after serving us lunch and tidying up.

I did read a review that said the villa didn’t feel private as there were always staff around and I do agree. I mean, if you want them to cook and clean, they have to be around but I did expect the hours to not be as long.

It wasn’t an issue for us and from 15:30 until the following morning we did have the villa completely to ourselves. Plus. and they kept themselves to themselves in the kitchen or cleaning the rooms but it’s something to be mindful of.

private villa in Marrakech with Moroccan mint tea by the pool
Having Moroccan mint tea made for us by the pool was a treat!

Curtains on bathrooms

Each double bedroom has an ensuite with a toilet, sink and shower. It is worth noting that the bathroom and bedrooms are separated by a curtain only and not a door.

This wasn’t particularly an issue for us but a bit of bathroom privacy is preferred and depending on your group this might be an issue.

There is one extra bathroom at the entrance with a door so if you do need definite bathroom privacy you can go in there.

private villa in Marrakech ensuite bathroom
I loved the bathrooms but note the curtain

Not locally owned

Not that this is a huge problem, but again, something to know is that the villa is not owned by a Moroccan. The owner seems to be French from what we could make out from his messages.

His English is not great although we managed to discuss rates and our arrival via message beforehand ok. And once there we mainly spoke to Sanna who made our food. Her English is also limited too but manageable and as my husband speaks Arabic they just spoke Arabic which was perfect.

Also, if you are Muslim, because the villa is not Muslim-owned, there are no prayer mats or even water sprays by the toilet. Although the outer architecture is very Moroccan, the interior and facilities are very European.

Ready to book? Click here for the full listing, to check availability and book!

entrance to Dar Camel Rock Villa
Entrance to Dar Camel Rock Villa

Supermarket Stop

If you do book this villa, I fully recommend asking the driver to drop you at a supermarket on the way from the Airport to the Villa. He seems pretty used to doing this as I’m sure he does it for all the groups, however, we didn’t specify which supermarket and he took us to a really local wholesale one which wasn’t very good.

I would specify to the owner before you arrive and to the driver when he picks you up that you want to go to a Carrefour Supermarket as these are the best and have food more as we have in Europe and Western Countries.

private villa Marrakech, supermarket shop on arrival
Before checking into your private villa in Marrakech, do a supermarket shop!

Best time to stay in this private villa in Marrakech

We stayed in this luxury villa in Marrakesh in Summer. I have written a whole blog post on what it’s like to visit Marrakesh in August here, but let me tell you that it is hot!

We still enjoyed the villa in the heat but it was difficult at times. The aircon didn’t always feel strong in all rooms and one of the living rooms didn’t have an aircon so we barely used this and instead chilled in the bedrooms that had an aircon.

We really didn’t get to enjoy the rooftop either because it was so hot up there all day and night.

Based on the best time to visit Marrakech, I’d say the perfect time to stay in this villa would be early Summer – April, May and June and in Autumn – September, October and November.

Ready to book? Click here for the full listing, to check availability and book!

Remember you can get the swimming pool heated so even if the temperature drops at night which it does do in winter and early spring, it should still be warm during the day to the sun and play and with a heated pool it will be perfect!

Plus, one of the living rooms has a wood fire you can use if you go in the middle of winter when it’s chilly!

family villa Marrakech with pool from above
This is a great all-year-round family villa in Marrakech with a swimming pool!

Costs for a private villa in Marrakech

Ok so let’s get onto some costs.

The best way to work out the cost of the villa to hire is to check out some dates on Vrbo here. From what we paid and from what I can see, one night is £250-£300.

In addition to the cost of the villa we also paid:

  • 360 Moroccan Dirham / £30.00 to driver for Airport pick up and drop off each way
  • 4400 Moroccan Dirham / £350.00 in total for 5 lunches and suppers for 3 adults and 2 children
  • (To be honest, the cooked lunch is so big that to cut the cost of this food, you could just have lunch made for you by the cook and then buy picky things for dinner from the supermarket.)
  • £100.00 roughly for 2 supermarket shops
  • 120 Euro for car hire per day for a big Mitsubishi car
Luxury villa Marrakech
This really is a luxury villa to rent in Marrakech!

Other incredible private villas in Marrakech to rent

If this villa doesn’t quite work for you or it’s fully booked. I have literally spent hours searching online for the best villas in Marrakech so here are some more that I found and we were really close to booking:

Villa GIANNA. Magnificient contemporary villa in Marrakech – 4 bedrooms

House with large pool in olive groves – great value – 3 bedrooms

LES IRIS exclusive rental with private pool, SPA & Tennis court – 5 bedrooms

Luxury villa in the Marrakesh region with private pool – 3 Master Suites

Dar Kayis & Laila Luxury villa for family in Marrakech – 6 bedrooms

The Villa of Happiness – good value – 4 bedrooms

Villa Yasmina set in 25 acres – 5 bedrooms

Villa with private pool – 15 min from the center – 5 bedrooms

Villa AME-ZA – Exclusive rental – Private pool in Marrakesh palm grove – 7 bedrooms

Cosy villa without building opposite in Palmeraie with beautiful garden and pool – 2 bedroom

Search more villas in Marrakech here because there are so many!!

I hope that this has encouraged you to book this private villa in Marrakech, or another one because it is so great for a family holiday and a relaxed holiday with some culture!