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How to Walk from Saundersfoot to Tenby & Tenby to Saundersfoot!

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Pembrokeshire’s Coastline is 186 miles/299km long and it is estimated that it would take between 10-15 days to walk! Luckily you don’t have to walk for 2 weeks in Wales to see the best of Pembrokeshire’s coastline, you can just walk from Saundersfoot to Tenby and back to see beautiful ocean views, two lovely beach towns and break a sweat!

Here’s how to do the Saundersfoot to Tenby walk and the Tenby to Saundersfoot walk, one of the best Pembrokeshire Coastal Walks!

Although you can walk from Tenby Beach to Saundersfoot beach, I would personally suggest walking from Saundersfoot to Tenby as I feel like Tenby is the better town and beach out of the two and more interesting so it’s more fun to walk towards it!

Tenby to Saundersfoot Walk

Saundersfoot to Tenby
Keep reading for all the details on the Saundersfoot to Tenby Walk!

Parking in Saundersfoot

There are 2 main car parks for Saundersfoot, the main one in the harbour and another one the other side of the beach by the Coast Restaurant.

I just happened to come across the Coast Carpark for Coast Beach Restaurant first so pulled in and I’m glad I did as it enabled me to walk right along the beach to the town and I didn’t have the stress of driving through the small roads of the town so I recommend this to you too.

The postcode for this Saundersfoot car park is SA69 9AJ and the parking cost at Saundersfoot was £5.00 for the whole day (which might have increased now).

Head along the beach, into Saundersfoot town slightly, along the harbour and then you can start the Coastal Walk to Tenby from Saundersfoot.

Saundersfoot to Tenby Walk
Saundersfoot Beach in the morning with the tide out.

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Tenby to Saundersfoot Circular Walk Map

Here is a map that shows the circular walk from Tenby to Saundersfoot or Saundersfoot to Tenby. I did the coastal route both ways but if you want to do a different way back, this is a good idea!

Tenby from Saundersfoot Coastal Walk

The walk from Saundersfoot to Tenby is marked as 3 miles on google and is said to take just over 1 hour however I would say that it took me about 1.5 hours and I walk pretty fast (although I did stop a lot to take photos!).

The walk starts by taking the main road that goes through the town around the back of the beach and down a side street before you then reach a woodland track.

It is a pretty tough walk to Tenby with a lot of steep inclines and declines and the majority of the walk is through woodland rather than a path right next to the ocean as I had expected.

It is a great walk though and must be one of the best coastal walks in Pembrokeshire and it does give you plenty of glimpses of the ocean!

Saundersfoot to Tenby, Saundersfoot Harbour
View of Saundersfoot Harbour as I started the walk.
Saundersfoot to Tenby
One of the lovely meadows I walked through from Saundersfoot to Tenby!

About halfway through after walking through a large field I started to see the colourful town of Tenby in the distance and this made all the sweating worth it as it was an impressive sight seen as I had never been to Tenby before!

Every time I saw the view between the trees I couldn’t stop taking photos, the church spire, the beach and colourful buildings looked so picturesque!

Saundersfoot to Tenby
Colourful Tenby Town in the distance at the middle of the Saundersfoot to Tenby walk!

Seeing the view of Tenby made me realise I wasn’t that close, and I realised this even more after walking for about an hour because the footpath does not go along the edge of the coast, it goes inland which adds on extra time and steps.

Finally, I reached a road which led me into Tenby Town. I was in love with the buildings even more as I came up close and I realised just how big the beach was too. There were plenty of people out on the sand and in the sea as I went on a lovely Summers’s day!

Tenby Beach

Tenby is a very popular Welsh seaside town, there are many things to do in Tenby, even more so than in Saundersfoot as it is a bit bigger and more well known for its colourful buildings which is why I wanted to walk to it rather than start my walk here.

After I did this walk I drove to see 3 more Pembrokeshire beaches – Barafundle Bay, Freshwater East and Freshwater West meaning I saw 5 of the best beaches in Pembrokeshire in one day! Read this post to see how I saw all 5 beaches in Pembrokeshire!

Things to do in Tenby

Tenby is home to Tenby harbour, Tenby Castle and 2 beaches on either side – North Beach Tenby and Castle Beach Tenby.

Fish and Chip shops are everywhere, as are shops where you can get the good old bucket and spade.

Boat trips in Tenby are offered to find nearby wildlife if you are looking for Tenby things to do and there is a good-sized high street packed full of pubs and cafes with tables spilling out onto the streets and generally it is a very pretty, quaint and happy place to be.

There is a main car park in Tenby so if you feel like you don’t want to walk from Saundersfoot to Tenby along the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path but you want to see both towns, you can also drive easily between them and park in both places, even on a busy summers day!

If you want to drive to Tenby and walk to Saundersfoot the Tenby Beach Postcode you can use is SA70 8AA for North Tenby Beach to get you to the town.

Saundersfoot to Tenby
The houses in Tenby really are colourful.
Saundersfoot to Tenby
Tenby Harbour
Saundersfoot to Tenby
Signs for Boat Trips in Tenby

Tenby to Saundersfoot

Now for the 3+ mile walk back to Saundersfoot, however, if you don’t think you can do the whole walk again due to time or tiredness, and I wouldn’t blame you, you can get a bus from Tenby to Saundersfoot or a taxi back.

The 352 bus goes back to Saundserfoot at a cost of £1.80 each.

All in all, I spent about 5 hours walking from Saundersfoot to Tenby and back along with spending some time in each town, so make sure you do give yourself enough time.

FAQ about the Tenby to Saundersfoot walk:

Can you walk from Saundersfoot to Tenby?

Yes, you can follow the Pembrokeshire coastal path for 3-5 miles and it will take you from one beach to the other.

Can you walk from Saundersfoot to Tenby on the beach?

No, there is not total beach access from Saunderfoot to Tenby, instead, you have to walk along the coastal path on top of the cliffs through fields and forestry.

How far is Tenby to Saundersfoot?

To walk from Tenby to Saundersfoot, it takes about 2-2.5 hours and is approximately 3-5 miles one way depending on where you start and end in Tenby and Saundersfoot.

How long does it take to walk the Pembrokeshire Coastal path?

The Pembrokeshire Coastal Path is 186 miles / 299km long and it is estimated that it takes 10-15 days to walk!

After I did this walk I drove to see 3 more Pembrokeshire beaches – Barafundle Bay, Freshwater East and Freshwater West meaning I saw 5 of the best beaches in Pembrokeshire in one day!  Read this post to see how I saw all 5 beaches in Pembrokeshire!

Wendy Flynn

Thursday 28th of July 2022

Hi. We came across your blog whilst on holiday in Begelly and I used it as our guide for the day. We parked in the car park you suggested in Saundersfoot and it is now £5 per day. Still a bargain!

You've described the walk perfectly - we had a great time and when we saw the delight of Tenby up ahead I remembered that there was still a way to go. Once we arrived we walked around a delightful town and one I shall always remember. We did get the 352 bus back to Tenby at a cost of £1.80 each.

My watch racked up 4.4 miles from Saundersfoot to Tenby, though local literature suggests 3 miles. I do wonder if this means just the coastal path walk that is 3 miles and doesn't include the bits before and after.

I just wanted to say thank you for your blog!


Thursday 28th of July 2022

Hi Wendy, thank you so much for your message, I'm so happy you followed my blog and it served you well. Thank you for the updates on prices, I appreciate that, I'll get them updated as I did last go awhile ago. Sp glad you enjoyed it!

Jan (@chimptrips)

Monday 25th of May 2020

It has become a family tradition to do this walk when we are on holiday in Saundersfoot. They kids love running down the big hill. We do always cheat and get the bus back though!


Saturday 30th of May 2020

Hello, Ah that's lovely to hear! I think I'd take the bus back next time! :)