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The Perfect 2 Week India Itinerary For Your First Trip To India!

July 21, 2019
phone being held up infront of the taj mahal | 2 week India itinerary

You want to visit India, you only have 2 weeks to visit, you’re wondering ‘can I see India in 2 weeks?’ ‘India is huge where do I start with planning my 2 week trip to India?’. Well, I’m here to help you! India is indeed HUGE, and you’ll never see all of the Country in one trip (I spent 4 months there and barely scratched…

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6 Dominica Day Tours For Cruise Ship Tourists To Avoid The Crowds!

July 19, 2019
dominica island and mountains from the ocean | dominica day tours

Dominica is a popular stop on cruises around the Caribbean. Due to Dominica’s mountainous landscape (it isn’t called the nature island of the Caribbean for nothing) it can be hard to get around the island in one day and some roads are not practical for big buses. Therefore, there are several cruise ship day excursions in Dominica that are popular and most cruise ship tourists…

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10 Unique Things To Do On The Island of Dominica.

July 18, 2019
Batibou Bay Dominica things to do in dominica

The Caribbean Island of Dominica is a pretty unique place to visit, this is not the type of island you visit if you want to sit on a beach or lie by a pool all day. Dominica is full of adventure, its full of nature, and the activities in Dominica reflect this. With that being said, Dominica is a very popular stop on Caribbean Cruises.…

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A Full Travel Guide to Dominica – The Nature Island of the Caribbean!

July 15, 2019
indian river Dominica

Dominica, ‘The Nature Island of the Caribbean’, an island with 365 Rivers, 9 Volcanos, 70,000 people and an airport with the smallest runway. Dominica is wild, it feels untouched, undiscovered. It’s not a Caribbean Island you visit to relax on a beach or in your resort. Oh no, Dominica is the island you visit for adventure, for nature, and some very friendly locals! It’s a…

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One Year as a Full Time Blogger & Traveller – My Honest Life Review!

July 14, 2019
ellie quinn travel blogger on beach in dominica

It has now been one year since I left my office job to be a full time travel blogger and be fully nomadic! As a quick recap incase you don’t know much about me and my journey- I’ve been travelling on and off since 2010. The Summer of 2010 is when my travel bug bit and between 2010 and 2018 I worked office jobs, saved…

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How To Visit 3 Cities in Belgium in 3 Days – Bruges, Brussels & Ghent!

July 12, 2019
weekend in Belgium

I feel like Belgium doesn’t get as visited as many other countries in Europe which is strange because it offers great architecture, chocolate, and beer and what more do you really need? If you’re looking for a short European city break from the UK or elsewhere in Europe, Belgium is a good answer because you can see a lot of places in Belgium in a…

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10 Things To Know About Train Travel in China!

July 7, 2019
train travel in china tips

I spent 3.5 weeks backpacking around China on an organised tour with The Dragon Trip. During that time we took many trains throughout China to get us from City to City including 3 overnight trains and multiple day high-speed trains lasting up to 9 hours. China is HUGE and these high-speed trains are a lifesaver because if a journey lasts 9 hours on a high-speed…

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6 of the Best Places To Visit on a Day Trip from Mostar in Bosnia.

July 5, 2019
Blagaj Tekija in Mostar | places to visit in Mostar

When visiting Mostar in Bosnia & Herzegovina, arguably the best place to visit in Bosnia and one of the most beautiful places in Eastern Europe, there were a few places near to Mostar that I had seen photos of and wanted to visit. I looked into going to these places on my own and getting the public bus from Mostar but from the research I…

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6 Ways To Adopt More Sustainable Travel Habits Before & On Our Trip.

July 4, 2019

Yep, we’re still on the topic of sustainability and positive environmental impact because its so important and yep, it’s still quite hard to do. There are so many ways we can promote a positive environmental impact when we travel from the travel planning stages right up to once we are there, we just need to be more aware of it and it needs to become…

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I’m Ellie Quinn!

I’m a total travel addict who has been travelling on and off since 2010 and has visited over 55 Countries. (Yes I’m a Country Counter!)

I love travelling, visiting new places and meeting new people but what I also love is sharing my experiences to help you travel better which is why I pour so much love into this travel blog.

I hope to inspire you to visit new places, make you realise you don’t need to spend that much money to travel and give you helpful tips on how to get to places and what to do there!

In the Summer of 2018, I quit my office job in London, left my flat and I now travel and blog full time so if this is your dream too, follow along because I post lots of content around how I did it. And it really is amazing!

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