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26 BEST Countries to Visit in AUGUST! Where to go on Holiday in August!

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What are the best countries to visit in August?? This is what I have been thinking to myself over the past few years now I have kids school summer holidays to work around!

Over the last year, I have been researching where to go on holiday in August looking at many regions in the world – Asia, Africa, Caribbean, Europe, North & South America.

The thing is, a lot of the world is wet and humid in August and the other parts are hot and incredibly busy so which countries offer the best weather in August?

Best Countries to Visit in August

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Best countries to visit in August,
Keep reading for the best countries to visit in August!

There are many options around the world of great places to holiday in August where countries are in their ideal dry season, countries are avoiding the nearby wet season and popular destinations that are usually busy and expensive in December and January benefit from fewer crowds and lower prices in August.. even if you’ll get a bit of rain and cloud!

So here is a round up of the best countries to visit in August keeping family travel and children in mind since it’s likely you are needing to travel in August because of school holidays!


The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Best countries to visit in August, Darwin Lagoon from above
Darwin is one of the best places in Australia to visit in August!

Whilst August is the middle of Australia’s winter, which doesn’t mean it’s a bad time to visit Australia, but you won’t get those sunny Bondi Beach days in August, Northern Australia is the place to be in August because it’s hot up here and winter is the best time to visit!

Darwin is as an exceptional destination for August travellers seeking a mix of cultural experiences and natural wonders. This time of year marks the dry season in Darwin, offering comfortable temperatures and minimal rainfall, perfect for exploring the outdoors and there’s plenty of places to see in and around Darwin.

Because August is the most comfortable time weather-wise to visit Darwin, the city is alive with vibrant events like the Darwin Festival and Mindil Beach Sunset Market, somewhere you cannot miss on a trip to Darwin and to stay cool, there’s the city lagoon! I was here for a full month in August a few years ago, and it’s a lively, fun time!

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The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Best countries to visit in August, waterfall in Litchfield National Park outside Darwin
There’s plenty of nature to see outside of Darwin to keep you busy for 1 or 2 weeks!

For day trips and multi-day trips from Darwin to see more of Northern Australia you can go on plenty of adventures to Kakadu National Park & Litchfield National Park which provides an opportunity to explore Australia’s stunning biodiversity and ancient Aboriginal rock art in ideal weather conditions and hit up Red Centre to see Uluru on a multi day trip like this.

I went to Uluru in August and although hot, it was so much cooler than when my friends went in Australia’s summer months!


The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Best countries to visit in August, Queenstown from above at nighttime with snow in winter
Queenstown is a brilliant August winter destination!

You may be planning a summer holiday in August but don’t forget to overlook the winter destinations in August like New Zealand!

New Zealand during August offers visitors unique opportunities to experience its stunning landscapes under a mantle of snow. It’s the perfect time for winter sports enthusiasts to explore renowned ski resorts in areas like Queenstown and Wanaka, where the slopes are in prime condition for skiing and snowboarding.

Away from the snow, New Zealands cities like Auckland and Wellington are still great to visit in winter with plenty of activities and the cooler temperatures and off-peak travel season also mean fewer crowds and potentially cheaper prices.


The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Best countries to visit in August, Rocky Mountains with Lake in Banff in Canada
Take to the mountains or the cities in August in Canada!

Fancy a Canadian road trip, boating in mountain lakes and visiting some famous cities? August in Canada is one of the countries warmest periods allowing you to see the best of Canada’s mountain ranges and cities!

The majestic Rocky Mountains along with other National Parks are some of the awesome places to visit in Canada in summer where you can take advantage of hiking, camping and wildlife spotting during the long warm days.

In the cities, August marks the season for numerous festivals and events across the country, showcasing Canada’s rich cultural diversity and vibrant arts scene. The combination of favourable weather, natural beauty, and bustling activity makes August an ideal time to explore Canada!

Best Countries to Visit in August in Asia

I collaborated with a group of travel bloggers to write a full guide on 25+ best places to visit in Asia in August which took into account the best weather avoiding wet and monsoon seasons, but also fewer crowds in popular places like the Maldives.

Indonesia came out as the clear winner! Whilst many Asian countries are great to visit in August and the summer holidays, the important thing to note is that not all of the country is good so it’s best to stick to the driest areas as detailed below!


The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Best countries to visit in August, beach with white sand and blue water on Gili Trawangan
Indonesia is a clear winner for the best country to visit in Asia in August!

Indonesia is a clear winner of the best country to travel to in August in Asia. Whilst much of Asia is sticky with humidity and wet with tropical rain, Indonesia escapes a lot of this many Indonesian islands find themselves in the dry season in August… perfect for a summer holiday!

One of the great things about Indonesia is how child friendly it is, and you can offer the kids, and yourselves, a lot of unique experiences.

Some of the best places to visit in Indonesia in August because of great weather are:

  • Gili Islands
  • Bali
  • Suma Island
  • Komodo, Flores
  • Yogyakarta
  • Munduk

In the Gili Islands you’ll find 3 small islands to choose from offering a laid back lifestyle with the only transport being horse and cart or bicycle.

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The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Best countries to visit in August, rice terraces with a pool in Bali
Nearly everyone wants a trip to Bali and August is a perfect time to go!

Bali of course is a no brainer, choose from spiritual places like Ubud, the islands off of Bali like Nusa Penida, enjoy being part of the expat crowd in Canggu or enjoy an all-inclusive resort for a much cheaper price than you can get elsewhere.

Suma island is great if you want to get remote in Indonesia! It benefits from far less development than other islands and rugged coast lined with palm trees. With no rain or wind in August you can enjoy sunny days on quiet beaches and surf in uncrowded waters.

If you want to finally tick off seeing a Komodo Dragon, the Flores region of Indonesia which includes Komodo is a great place to visit in August because of it’s good weather and there are many multi-day trips you can take around Komodo National Park and the region for a once-in-a-lifetime trip.


The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Best countries to visit in August, white beach on Perhentian Island
You might not have heard of the Perhentian Islands but they are great to visit in August!

Not all of Malaysia is good to visit in August as much of the country is hot with humidity but some of it’s islands are!

The Perhentian Islands off the coast of North East Malaysia are actually only open between March and October and closed due to and weather in the winter months. I went in March as they opened which was a great time to go, but high season for international and domestic tourists comes in the summer months and for good reason as the skies and water are the clearest at this time.

If you want to snorkel, dive and spend all your days at the beach barefoot, I recommend the 2 Perhentian islands to you!

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Best countries to visit in August, Kuching city and river
For an adventure holiday in August, head to Borneo!

For more of an adventurous August holiday, think about Borneo in Malaysia! Kuching is a great base to explore Borneo from where you can visit National Parks and visit 1 of only 2 places where you can spot Orangutans!

August is the best time of year to visit with Kuching although it will be busy with tourists because it’s peak season.


The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Best countries to visit in August, islands in Koh tao from above
Thailand is one of the best beach holidays in August!

Like Malaysia, not all of Thailand is great to visit in August but the 3 islands on the East Coast – Koh Samui, Koh Tao and Koh Phangan are!

I’ve spent Christmas on these islands and all I experienced was rain, however August is their dry season with clear skies and good temperatures!

Although there’s only 3 islands on offer, they offer a lot. Koh Samui is much more built up, perfect for families wanting all-inclusive hotels, good roads and lots of activities.

Koh Tao is more laid back and great for divers and Koh Phangan although famously known for it’s parties also offers quiet beaches with a hippy feel.

If you’re looking for one of the best countries to visit in August, the island of smiles really can’t be beaten!

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The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Best countries to visit in August, hiking in mountains of Northern Pakistan
Northern Pakistan is perfect in August with clear days and great for hiking.

One of the countries you might not have considered for a holiday is August is Pakistan but you really should!

Whilst the southern cities of Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad are sweltering in August, the mountains up in the North offer mountain air and incredible mountain scenery.

You’ll still find the weather hot in Northern Pakistan in August, I’ve been twice in October and in the day time its been warm but cooled down a lot at night, so in august, you’ll get all day warm and comfortable temperatures with clear skies to do lots of hiking.

Skardu and Hunza are the areas you want to visit in Pakistan. Both have airports to fly into from the South. You can travel independently in Northern Pakistan but I do recommend looking into a guide like Rehman and looking into his families hostel and homestay Rehman Backpackers for a local experience with some local contacts.

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The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Best countries to visit in August, cloudy beach scenes in the Maldives
The Maldives may be cloudy in August but it’s a good time to go for other reasons!

Now, the Maldives isn’t one of the countries with a dry season in August, technically, August is wet season in the Maldives however the off-season comes with positives such as fewer crowds and less demand therefore, more competitive prices.

The showers in the Maldives in August are often short-lived, allowing ample sunshine hours for beach activities, snorkelling, and scuba diving in the crystal-clear waters. The underwater visibility is excellent during this month, making it perfect for exploring the vibrant coral reefs and diverse marine life. Additionally, the Maldives’ surf season peaks from June to August, offering some of the best surfing conditions in the world.

Don’t let the threat of rain put you off, I know of people who have been in the winter months over Christmas and New Year and experienced a lot of rain even though that’s not expected. At least going in rainy season, you expect it, which helps make it enjoyable!


The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Best countries to visit in August, mountains in Almaty Kazakstan
Fancy summer in the mountains in Almaty, Kazakstan?

Kazakstan is one of the great Central Asian countries to visit in August. Whilst the winter months in Kazakstan bring an unimaginable cold temperature, the summers are hot but pleasant and tolerable.

For the best places to go in Kazakstan in August. The capital Nur-Sultan is the second coldest capital city in the world during the winter which means that it heats up in summer but not too much.

Almaty, the country’s southeastern mega-city is surrounded by mountains and cold in the winters, in fact it can be inaccessible during the winter months, so August is the perfect time to go and it comes alive in summer.


The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Best countries to visit in August, sunset in Mongolia meadow
Mongolia isn’t a holiday destination for everyone but it’s an adventure for a trip in August!

Another country you wouldn’t want to visit in winter but in summer, it’s a dream! Mongolia in August benefits from long summer days with hot bearable temperatures thanks to it’s mountain climate.

Whilst in July, Mongolia celebrates it’s nations’ biggest festival – Naadam, August becomes quieter once the festival fun is over and you’re more likely to find a guide and suitable accommodation making it a great month and country to visit!

Spend long summer days hiking, cycling and doing horse riding activities and summer nights staying with local families in yurts or ‘gers’ under the stars.

11. OMAN

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Best countries to visit in August, Jebel Akhdar mountains in Oman
The mountains of Oman make for a cooler destination in the Middle East in August!

The Middle East and the Gulf especially is not known for being a good place to visit in August because of incredibly high temperatures, however Oman offers some surprising spots of coolness (weather wise and scenery wise!).

One of the huge benefits to Oman is its mountains. The mountain areas of Jabal Shams and Jebel Akhdar stand out as cooler retreats.

Jabal Shams, known as the ‘Mountain of the Sun,’ offers a cooler climate due to its elevation, making it a refreshing escape from the heat. Similarly, Jebel Akhdar, or ‘Green Mountain,‘ is renowned for its milder temperatures, terraced gardens, and fruit orchards. Visiting these mountainous regions provides a stark contrast to the country’s desert heat, offering a comfortable climate for outdoor activities and exploration.

Another one of the great places to visit in August in Oman is Salalah. Not everyone wants to see mist and cloud on their holidays in August but if you want cooler temperatures then this period brings a rare, monsoon climate to the region, covering its landscape in lush, green vegetation.

Enjoy misty rains, rolling green hills, and seasonal waterfalls, which are a stark contrast to Oman’s usual arid conditions. Additionally, the Salalah Tourism Festival takes place during this time, showcasing cultural events, traditional music, and local crafts, providing a deep insight into the rich cultural heritage of Oman.

Best Countries to Visit in Asia in Africa

I’ve written a full guide on the best places to visit in Africa in August with a bunch of suggestions from people who have been there. I put this article together because I wanted to know where to go with my family in the summer holidays in Africa!

I must say, I was really surprised as Africa is a great place to visit in August with many countries having their dry season with clear days as it’s technically winter.. although Northern Africa is very hot! Here are the best options!


The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Best countries to visit in August, Penguins on beach in Cape Town South Africa
Cape Town is a dream designation for many and it’s a great vacation destination in August!

Despite being winter in August and whilst much of South Africa will be a bit grey and perhaps even on the chilly side, Cape Town is one of the great places to visit in August because of it’s Southern location and how green it is at this time of year.

You’re likely to see sunshine in Cape Town in August but the heat is much more manageable than the summer months like January.

You can certainly plan a holiday with some city life in Cape Town and a Safari in the Kruger National Park as this is another one of the good places to visit in South Africa in August.

The weather in Kruger National Park will be mild and pleasant, making it perfect for Safari and other outdoor activities. Because of the weather, it’s easier to spot animals as the the vegetation is less dense! Also, being off-peak season, you should be able to get some cheaper deals with fewer crowds.


The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Best countries to visit in August, safari in Kenya Massi Mari seeing Elephants
Looking for the best place to go on Safari in August? Kenya is one of them!

One of the great things about visiting Africa in August is the cooler temperatures and Kenya benefits from this making it one of the best countries to visit August.

Kenya is all about adventure and animal spotting so if you want a safari destination in August, this is a great option.. what could be better than spending your kids summer school holidays on Safari, and best of all, not being tooo hot!

The Great Migration takes place between June and October and August is a great time to witness it so get the Masai Mara on your list to visit. It’s the migration of millions of zebra and wildebeest from Tanzania to Kenya and back along the Mara River.

On Safari in the Masai Mara in August, you should also get the chance to see the big 5 safari animals – lions, rhinoceros, water buffalo, elephants, and leopards, along with many other animals.


The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Best countries to visit in August, white sand, blue water beach in Zanzibar
Find one of the best beach destinations in August in Zanzibar!

For a safari and beach vacation in August, Tanzania is perfect! The paradise island of Zanzibar sits in the middle of it’s dry season in August making it a high-season month with clear skies and great weather for chilling on the beach.

In August in Tanzania, like in Kenya, you’ll get a chance to see The Great Migration of zebra and wildebeest along the Mara River. National parks like Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater and Tarangire National Park are great for safari and wildlife spotting in August and benefit from much cooler temperatures because of their high altitude.

Due to the weather and climate, you’ll have a good chance of seeing the big 5 in Tanzania on your summer holidays too!

Best Countries to Visit in August in South America

August is winter in South America but that shouldn’t put you off. Many places have good weather all year round and others, may have some cloud, rain and cooler temperatures but you’ll benefit from fewer crowds.

Surprising, the Amazon Jungle is one of the best areas to visit in South America in the summer months and what could be better than taking your kids to the Amazon on their summer school holiday?

15. PERU

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Best countries to visit in August, view of Machu Picchu
Fancy seeing a wonder of the world in August? Head to Machu Picchu in Peru!

Can you see Machu Picchu in August? Yes! And it’s actually a great time to go! Going to Peru in August for ideal weather conditions and to avoid the crowds.

During this time, you’ll experience dry season in popular destinations like Machu Picchu and Cusco, making it perfect for trekking and exploring ancient ruins. Unlike the peak tourist months, August offers a balance, with fewer visitors, allowing for a more intimate encounter with Peru’s rich history and breathtaking landscapes.

As for Peru’s capital city Lima, many visitors will know Lima as a city of fog when visiting in the summer (I can confirm this from visiting in February and March!) however, in the winter, the coastal fog tends to lift revealing the incredible coastal view.

The temperature in Lima in August reduces a lot from summer too making to comfortable to explore Lima’s vibrant food scene, historical centers, and museums without the discomfort of heavy rainfall or extreme heat.


The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Best countries to visit in August, sea lions on a beach in the Galapagos islands in Ecudaor
One of the incredible countries to visit in August for families is Ecuador to show children all the wildlife!

The Galápagos Islands are an all-year-round destination with each month having it’s own benefits and whilst August isn’t the high season of travel there, it’s still a very good month to visit making Ecuador one of the top best countries to visit in August with family.

August in the Galapagos Islands has cooler water temperatures that attracts a diverse array of marine life, making it an exceptional period for snorkeling and scuba diving. In the summer months, visitors have the opportunity to encounter rare species such as whales, dolphins, and the Galapagos penguins more frequently.

On land, the islands’ climate in August is characterised by cooler, dryer conditions and with the reduced number of tourists on top of this, this time of year allows for more serene and personal wildlife observations.


The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Best countries to visit in August, Beach and Colombian Flag
Looking for a vacation in South America in August? The North Coast of Colombia offers great weather!

Looking for a South American vacation in August? Head to the North Coast of Colombia for some sunny beach spots and National Parks.

Northern Colombia in August experiences a warm, tropical climate and although you may experience the odd rain shower, it’s likely they will be short and predicable.

August coincides with the Festival of the Sea in Santa Marta, a celebration of marine life, local cuisine, and artisanal crafts, affording visitors a deep dive into Colombian coastal culture. The area’s natural attractions, like the Tayrona National Park, are less crowded in August.


The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Best countries to visit in August, Hotbox sign on Isla Holbox beach
August brings Whale Shark season to Mexico and islands like Isla Holbox ate great to visit!

If seeing Whale Sharks is on your bucket list, you’ll be happy to know they are swimming amongst the waters of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico in August

Whale Sharks visit the waters of the Yucatan Peninsula in Eastern Mexico from June to September as the warm waters become a feeding ground for these gentle giants and August is an optimal month to see them and swim with them.

Isla Mujeres, an island just off the coast of Cancun benefits from seeing these Whale Sharks and thanks to Cancun’s international Airport, it’s very easy to visit the island.

Isla Holbox on the North Eastern Coast of Mexico is on my list of one of the best places I’ve been, this small laid-back island is also perfect to swim with Whale Sharks from!

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The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Best countries to visit in August, whale shark in water
See Whale Sharks in Mexico in August!

Best Countries to Visit in August in the Caribbean

I have a full guide to 17 best places to visit in the Caribbean in August because I was keen to know for my own travels, which islands avoid the hurricane season you usually hear about during the summer months in the Caribbean.

There are indeed many islands outside of the hurricane belt and here are the best of them!


The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Best countries to visit in August, beach with white sand and blue water and sky in Aruba
Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao avoid the summer monsoon season!

Ok, so technically not countries because the ABC islands comprising of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao are Dutch territores but they are great islands to visit in August because of their location within the Caribbean.

Aruba known as the Happy Island, in August is much less rainy than the winter months providing sunny and warm days, perfect for exploring it’s incredible white sand beaches and in-land activities.

Bonaire is a bit of a hidden gem in the Caribbean but offers an incredible amount of things to do including many water sports and August in Bonaire offers great weather to do these activities in.

I loved Curacao on my recent visit because of it’s colourful Dutch style capital city Willemstad and it also offers beautiful beaches and in-land adventures, and just like Aruba and Bonaire it sits below the hurricane belt making it an ideal vacation destination in August.

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Best countries to visit in August, coloured buildings in Curacao
Get a feel of the Dutch Caribbean Islands like Curacao in August!


The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Best countries to visit in August, Doctor's Cave Beach, Montego Bay, Jamaica
Jamaica is one of the best vacation spots in August!

Jamaica avoids the summer hurricane season in August and though you might be likely to get some rain because it is the wet season, these types of tropical showers don’t last long and you’ll benefit from off-season prices and crowds.

If you’re looking for the best country to visit in August with family in an all-inclusive hotel, Jamaica offers lots of options with cheaper prices in August than in it’s peak season of December to April.

August also features the Independence Day celebrations, showcasing Jamaica’s rich cultural heritage through music, dance, and food. While it’s a busier time due to local holidays, it offers a unique opportunity to experience Jamaica’s lively spirit and hospitality firsthand.

21. CUBA

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Best countries to visit in August, Street scene with cuban flag on a colorful street in Old Havana
Avoid some of the crowds by visiting Cuba in the summer holidays rather than in winter!

Fancy a holiday in Cuba without the crowds? August is a great time to visit! Whilst you should expect occasional rain, it typically does not hinder travel plans and passes very quickly and you’ll find that Cuba has warm weather with temperatures ideal for beach activities and outdoor activities in August.

Cuba also comes alive with summer festivals and local festivals, such as the Carnival of Santiago de Cuba, offering insights into the island’s rich traditions and community spirit.

Best Countries to Visit in Europe in August

Most people are planning a summer holiday in Europe of some kind and I have written a post on 27+ best places to visit in Europe in August.

The thing about Europe in summer is that technically, the whole continent is a great place to go however many areas are extremely hot and / or busy, so I wrote this big article to help find places that are a bit different and less busy to visit in August in Europe! Below are some of the best options of countries for families to visit in August!


The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Best countries to visit in August, lake and mountains in the Dolomites in Northern Italy
Northern Italy offers cooler temperatures in the August summer holidays!

Whilst all of Italy is popular to visit in August, you’ll find a lot of the cities too popular with huge crowds and high temperatures making it not enjoyable to visit. The Northern side of Italy offering mountains, lakes and smaller cities is cooler and nicer to see in August!

Lake Garda is where I have chosen to take our family summer holiday this year because flights to Milan, car rental and accommodation are considerably cheaper than the likes of the Greek Islands, Turkey, Spain etc.

Lake Garda offers a range of activities in summer like hiking, biking and lake cruises, and don’t think you’ll be without a beach as there are beaches and places to swim on Lake Garda. With Italy’s largest theme park and a family friendly waterpark to cool off in, the climate is ideal in Lake Garda in August, it will be hot but much more comfortable because of the gentle lake breeze and mountain air.

The best time to visit the Dolomites in Italy is the summer months, you can spend your holidays hiking and climbing in the mountains along passes that are closed for much of the rest of the year. August also coincides with the blooming of Alpine flora, adding vibrant colours to the already stunning scenery in the Dolomites.

If you want to visit an Italian city as well as do mountain exploring, I recommend Trento for a small, quaint but active city as the gateway to the Dolomites.


The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Best countries to visit in August, Pulpit Rock in Norway
Avoid European summer crowds by heading North to Norway in August!

Norway is alive in August with it’s own domestic tourists and holiday makers from other Scandinavian countries, unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, most other Europeans forget that Norway is so great in the summer.

The more North you get in Norway, the more incredible the scenery becomes and the less crowds you’ll find. The Lofoten Islands located in the Arctic Circle has more than you can ever imagine from white sand beaches with blue water, picturesque villages and dramatic mountains and fjords and in summer you can enjoy these views pretty much all day as there is near to 24 hours of daylight in August with perfect comfortable weather!

Other cities in Norway like Oslo, Stavanger and Bergen are also great to visit in summer with a Norway Road Trip well worth planning! Like in the North, you’ll benefit from extremely long light days and because Norway gets so cold and dark in winter, locals are out enjoying their country and cities too!

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The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Best countries to visit in August, Icelands lagoon with blue sky
Iceland gets busy in August but the temperature is great for travelling the country!

Another one of the great Scandinavian countries to visit in August is Iceland! Iceland waits a long winter and long spring for nice warm sunny weather and August delivers this… although it’s still Iceland and you should be prepared to pack for a range of weathers!

If you enjoy hiking, many of Icelands hiking trails are closed throughout the year except for the summer months so you will have plenty of options available.

Iceland is a great family friendly holiday destination with so much to keep children busy. In winter with the snow and harsh weather conditions, it can be hard for children but in summer, there’s no need to worry about layering up or slipping on the ice. You can enjoy warm lagoons, waterfall walks, glaciers, beach walks and much more amongst very light long days!

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The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Best countries to visit in August, lake bled from above in summer
For nature in Europe, head to Slovenia for lakes and national parks with good weather!

A hugely underrated country in Europe to visit in August is Slovenia, especially for outdoor sports and nature lovers.

Lake Bled is one of the most popular places to visit in Slovenia all year round due and does get busy so I’d recommend visiting Lake Bohinj in the Julian Alps of Slovenia. Here you’ll find crystal-clear waters surrounded by lush greenery and mountains where you can paddle board, kayak and hike.

For hiking in Slovenia in August, also in the Julian Alps is Triglav National Park, an underrated nature destinations in Europe where you can go hiking, gorge walking, waterfall chasing and all in much cooler and more manageable temperatures than the rest of Europe will throw at you, and with far less crowds!


The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Best countries to visit in August, Cliffs of Moher at sunset in Ireland
Benefit from Irelands long summer days in August!

Finally, Ireland is one of the great countries to visit in August. I went many years back for a long weekend West Coast of Ireland road trip at the end of August and whilst the weather wasn’t great the whole time.. you don’t go to Ireland for good weather!

Ireland has so much stunning countryside to see, especially the West Coast of Ireland where you can visit the picturesque Aran Islands, the famous Cliffs of Moher, go hiking in the Connemara National Park and enjoy Irish music in Galway.

If you want to push the road trip a bit further, the Wild Atlantic Way  known as ‘Ireland’s Route 66’, is a breathtaking coastal route stretches 2,500 km (1,553 miles) along the West Coast of Ireland and August is a good month to do this in!

August brings long light days to Ireland and you can use this to your advantage like I did by visiting popular tourist sites like the Cliffs of Moher at around 8:00pm when all of the tour buses have left but it’s still nice and light!

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I hope this list of the best countries to visit in August has helped you work out where to go!