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Visit Pigeon Valley Cappadocia EASILY From Goreme On This Walk!

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There are so many valleys to visit in Cappadocia and around Goreme which is the main tourist town in Cappadocia. From my 3 trips to Cappadocia, Pigeon Valley has been my favourite valley to visit from Goreme because it’s easy to get to, it’s quiet and although it is one of the popular hikes in Cappadocia, you can also enter and have a chilled and relaxed walk as I did.

Also known as Güvercinlik Vadisi or Guvercinlik Valley, Pigeon Valley Trail connects Goreme Town and Uchisar Town and whilst you can do the full walk by walking from Goreme to Uchisar or Uchisar to Goreme like many blog posts about Pigeon Valley Cappadocia suggest, it’s also very easy to enter the valley from Goreme, visit some Cave Churches, climb some rocks, take photos on unique swings overlooking Goreme and then head back into the town.

It doesn’t have to be a huge, hard hike! So let’s get into how to visit Pigeon Valley Cappadocia!

Pigeon Valley Cappadocia

As you wander through the valley, you’ll be captivated by the intricate labyrinths of tunnels and chambers, which once served as homes, churches, and storerooms for the inhabitants of Cappadocia. The panoramic views, with the iconic fairy chimneys dotting the landscape, make it a photographer’s paradise.

Today, while the pigeons continue to thrive, the valley also attracts travelers from around the world, eager to experience its natural beauty and delve into its rich history. Whether explored on foot, by bike, or from the vantage point of a hot air balloon, Pigeon Valley remains one of Cappadocia’s most enchanting destinations.

Pigeon Valley Cappadocia
Keep reading for how to visit Pigeon Valley Cappadocia!

About Pigeon Valley Cappadocia

Pigeon Valley is named as it is because it is full of man made Pigeon houses. Pigeons used to be very important in Cappadocia so they needed a place to live. These days they are not used so much but their homes remain.

The full Pigeon valley walk can take you from Goreme to Uchisar or Uchisar to Goreme so if you want to walk to Uchisar Castle from Goreme Town, this is the walk you can do, and it is a big walk!

However, I’m going to tell you below how you can explore Pigeon Valley Goreme easily and with little effort below

Pigeon Valley Cappadocia,
Pigeon Valley Cappadocia

Hiking the Valleys in Cappadocia is one of the things to do in Cappadocia and if you need more ideas of what to do in Cappadocia, have a look at this post of mine!

Pigeon Valley Cappadocia Walk

Start this walk by heading towards Design Caves Suites on the edge of Goreme Town, (and you’re reading this before getting to Cappadocia, and still need to book a hotel, I stayed there and really loved it!).

From here, there are 2 ways you can access the valley:

1: Just after Design Cave Suites there is a track to the right, take this track.

2: Keep walking and take the next the next track to the right, this track will have a sign for the Yusuf Kok Kilisesi Church on it.

1 – Into The Valley

By taking the first track you will start to walk through some local farms but don’t worry this is a public footpath and you’ll soon see a gate in front of you which you need to walk through as seen in the photo below.

Pigeon Valley Cappadocia, gate and footpath
Look out for this gate on your Pigeon Valley Cappadocia walk

After passing through the gate you’ll be well into the valley, or at least feel like it, and you can roam around following all of the sandy tracks through the iconic rock formations that you’ve seen photos of in Cappadocia.

Whilst here be sure to look out for some of the really small cave churches and you can keep walking until you get to Karşıbucak Yusuf Koç Kilisesi Church if you wish!

Pigeon Valley Cappadocia Walk
Walk to the Pigeon Valley
Pigeon Valley Cappadocia Walk
Pigeon Valley Cappadocia

2 – To Yusef Koc Kilisesi Cave Church & Swings

Going this way is a little more exciting in my opinion. Look for the sign below which is pointing to the Cave Church. On Google Maps it is detailed Yusef Koc Kilisesi but as you can see below it is also named Kadir Durmus Kilisesi. After walking up the track you’ll see the Cave Chuch on your left.


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Pigeon Valley Cappadocia, cave church
Sign to the cave church in Pigeon Valley
Pigeon Valley Cappadocia, Cave Church
Mesmerizing Cave church is one of the things to see in Pigeon Valley

Entry into this church is free so you should go in, it’s inly small but impressive to see and well kept. Outside you might see a man making tea and selling bags of berries and seeds as I did. I had a tea with Adem along with a really nice conversation and brought some pumpkin seeds from him so be sure to say hi if you see him!

Pigeon Valley Cappadocia, inside cave church
Inside the Cave Church
Pigeon Valley Cappadocia, Adem Tea
Adem making us Tea

From the entrance of the church, up on a bit of a hill you’ll spot 2 very cool swings, which Adem put up there. These are free to use and are great for Cappadocia Instagram photos. I did not expect to see these swings in Pigeon Valley Cappadocia, but I’m glad I did!

Pigeon Valley Cappadocia, swings
Pigeon Valley Cappadocia Swings!

From the swings there is an easy to follow footpath that takes you higher and between the fairy chimney rocks and pigeon houses! What I loved most about Pigeon Valley in Cappadocia is how easy it was to walk along these tracks and how safe I felt because in the past I have walked around Red Valley and Rose Valley and felt I was slipping down the sides of the rocks and clambering up them whereas this was a really easy walk.

You can walk right to the roof of the church and see incredible views over Goreme and the nearby landscape and valleys before easily heading back down into Goreme Town, or you can continue walking to Uchisar!

Pigeon Valley Cappadocia,
Pigeon Valley Cappadocia,

I hope you enjoy this Pigeon Valley Cappadocia Hike!