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Visiting Sunset Point Goreme – How to Get There and Things To Do!

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Sunrise is what Cappadocia is most known for, but sunset in Cappadocia is beautiful too! There are many best sunset points in Cappadocia and if you are staying in the town of Goreme, Sunset point is the easiest and best place to watch the sunset from.

The reason why its’ the best place to watch the sunset in Goreme is because not only do you see the sunset over the town but you also get to see the nearby valleys turn pink and golden as the sunsets around them, and it’s a great place for photos!

Here is how to visit sunset point Goreme, some tips to help you see the best sunset, and what other times of day you can visit Sunset Point in Goreme too!

This is one of the great things to do in Cappadocia, for more ideas of what else to do when you’re there, check out this post of mine!

Sunset Point Goreme

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Sunset Point Goreme
Keep reading for how to visit Sunset Point Goreme!

Sunset Point Goreme Location

When typing ‘Sunset View Point’ into Google Maps whilst I was in Goreme Town, a location quite far from Goreme appeared. This is not the best place to see the sunset in Cappadocia that I am talking about in this post, because that sunset looks over the Rose Valley which is not super close to Goreme.

Instead, search for ‘Sunset View’, click here to be taken to it on Google Maps, or look at the map below and pin it on your own map!

You can also search for Asiklar Tepesi as this is the name of the cafe that sits on the top of sunset point so this is another easy way to work out how to get to sunset point in Goreme!

The other way to find it is to look up from Goreme Town and look for the big Turkish Flags on the hill!

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Sunset Point Goreme, Turkish Flag
From Goreme Town it’s easy to look up and spot this flag!

From Goreme Town, head through the town and start walking up the hill past Organic Cave Kitchen (which I recommend for dinner afterwards or on another night!). Keep following the road up and around, it is a bit windy but it will take you to a ticket booth where you need to pay 3TL per person in order to continue walking up to the road to sunset point in Goreme.

If you have a car in Cappadocia, you can drive up here but note that it is very steep and very windy so drive with caution.

In regards to walking up to sunset point Goreme, be sure to be prepared for a steep hill, especially right at the end to take you to the top, but you’ll be rewarded with one of the best sunset points in Cappadocia!

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Sunset Point Goreme, walk
Walk up this hill with Organic Cave Kitchen on your left.
The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Sunset Point Goreme payment
This is where you’ll need to pay 3TL to enter

Sunset Point Goreme

I recommend getting to the sunset point in Goreme, which is easily one of the best places to watch the sunset in Cappadocia, about 1 hour before sunset.

This will give you enough time to have a walk around the area and in my experience, the sun actually disappeared behind the town of Goreme before the actual sunset time that showed on my phone, so if I had got there close to the actual sunset time, I would have missed the sun setting!

When you get to the top, to your left is Asiklar Tepesi cafe and shop which is a great place to get a drink and some food.

Walk through the cafe to get to the big Turkish flag, next to this is a viewing platform which is good for photos, another reason to get here earlier is that it is quieter earlier on and gets busier with a lot of people trying to take photos closer to sunset. It’s one of the top photo locations in Cappadocia!

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Sunset Point Goreme, Turkish Flag

I recommend heading towards this Turkish flag and going right, this will take you down a path that takes you right to the edges of the valley which I believe is Red Valley Cappadocia!

I loved looking down at all of the stables and spotting the horses in their fields and it is much quieter along this track too, some may say it was pretty romantic, I saw a lot of couples walking along here anyway and it’s also dubbed as ‘Lover’s Hill’ which may explain why!

It’s also another great place for photos and you’ll easily be able to get photos with no one in them!

My favourite part of the Sunset Point in Goreme though? As the sun starts to go down, the valley hills in the distance start turning a beautiful shade of golden and pink.

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Sunset Point Goreme, valley
The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Sunset Point Goreme Valleys
Look at those pink skies and rocks!

Be sure to turn around closer to sunset in time to see the sunset go down behind Goreme Town. It is such an impressive sight watching the sunset with all the fairychimney caves infront of you. There are plenty of places to sit close to the big Turkish flag.

I highly recommend staying at Sunset Point Goreme until the sun has fully set because at this time the call of prayer will start from Goreme mosque and the nearby mosques which is such an amazing thing to hear witness along with this view.

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Sunset Point Goreme
The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Sunset Point Goreme

Sunrise Point Goreme

When it comes to sunrise in Cappadocia, going in a hot air balloon in a must do, if you have a hotel terrace you can see the balloons and sunrise from here as well, but another very popular option is to come up to the same hill for sunrise because Lover’s Hill, as it’s also known, gives a 360c view and therefore offers an incredible sunrise view whilst seeing hundreds of hot air balloons above and around you!

And, if you fancy a walk one night after dinner, it is also a great nighttime viewpoint to see the town all lit up.

Sunrise Point Goreme is good place to visit during the day however if you can, visit at sunrise, sunset or nighttime for the best experience!

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Sunset Point Goreme
Sunrise Point Goreme at nighttime is a must visit!

Enjoy it!