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10 FUN Things To Do In Mellieha, Malta in 2024!

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Mellieha sits on the north coast of Malta and is the perfect town to spend your holiday in. There are plenty of fun things to do in Mellieha to keep you busy if you prefer to stay in one place on your trip and wondering what to see in Mellieha.

Whether you’re visiting Malta as a solo traveller, a couple or a family with kids, you’ll find something in Mellieha that everyone enjoys!

As Malta is such a small country, you’re never too far from the airport. Mellieha is just 25km away so you can either hire a car for a decent price or jump on the regular and cheap buses that connect the towns across the country.

Things To Do In Mellieha

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog things to do in mellieha
Keep reading for things to do in Mellieha!

Mellieha, a charming town on the northern coast of Malta, is a trove of unique attractions and exhilarating activities that cater to every traveller’s taste. Whether you’re after historical sites, scenic beaches, or cultural experiences, Mellieha offers a variety of fun things to do, making it an ideal destination for anyone wondering where to spend a holiday in Malta.

As you begin your exploration of Mellieha, don’t be surprised to find its stunning landscape packed with rich history, inviting beaches, and activities suitable for solo travellers, couples, and families alike.


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Here are some top places to visit in Mellieha and things to do in Mellieha!

1. Tour The Red Tower

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog top things to do in Mellieha, tour the red tower
Red Tower is a large bastioned watchtower in Mellieħa, Malta

Malta has watchtowers dotted all over the country, and some of them are open to the public. The Red Tower, or St Agatha’s Tower as it is officially known is one of the top things to do in Mellieha. Overlooks Għadira Bay is one of the top things to see in Mellieha and is a fascinating place to learn about Malta’s military history.

These towers were built in the 17th century to protect Malta’s coastline – if there was any danger from enemies from the sea, the soldiers would light a fire which would signal to the next tower and so on. This way of communication was quick, easy and effective. Understanding this historical process has become one of the fun things to do in Mellieha.

The Red Tower is run by volunteers, and there is a small fee of €2.50 for anyone over 12 (don’t forget to bring cash). The volunteers are dedicated to sharing their knowledge of the tower, so do ask them any questions you have!

There is a video for visitors to watch, as well as lots of information boards around the whole place. This educational experience is ranked high among the top things to do in Mellieha.

St Agatha’s Tower very is easy to get to. You can walk from Mellieha but be aware that the final stretch leading up to the tower is incredibly steep. If you’re coming from further afield, there is plenty of parking, as well as a bus stop nearby – you just need to walk up the last steep part.

The views from the top are incredible – look out towards Comino to see the next watch tower and just imagine how the warning system worked! It’s a must-see location among the places to visit in Mellieha.

2. Visit The Many Beaches in Mellieha

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog things to do in mellieha, best beaches in Mellieha Malta
Visit the best beaches in Mellieha Malta!

Considering Mellieha is quite a small area, there are a fair amount of the best beaches in Mellieha to explore if you want a change of coastal scenery. 

The biggest and most popular is Għadira Bay, which is also known as Mellieha Beach. There are plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas to hire, or you can just pop a towel down on the large sandy area.

Nearby are cafes and restaurants, and there are also public toilets at the beach.

Other popular beaches in the Mellieha area include Għajn Tuffieħa, Golden Bay and Armier Bay. These all have a small amount of parking so it’s probably best to get a bus to avoid the hassle.

3. Relax At A Beach Club in Mellieha

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Things To Do In Mellieha Day By The Pool
Relaxing at a Beach Club or in hotels is one of the fun things to do in Mellieha

You might have a swimming pool at your hotel, but there are some excellent packages at hotels and beach clubs that might tear you away!

Many places offer daily deals where you can spend the day by the pool (whether you’re a hotel guest or not), enjoy the facilities and even get food and drinks included!

Many of the hotels and clubs will offer a package where you pay X amount that includes a buffet lunch or a food + drink voucher. DB Hotel, Luna Holiday Complex and Paradise Bay offer deals like this.

Others will have an entrance fee but will require a certain minimum of that to be spent on food and drinks. Sky Beach and Hugo’s work like this.

Look out for half-day offers too if you are on a budget – lots of places allow you to visit after around 2 pm for a much cheaper price! 

You might need to book in advance in the high season and double-check opening times in the low season from October to May to make sure that the deals are running at that time of year.

4. Go Camping

Camping in Malta is a great way to experience the natural beauty of the country. There are only a few designated camping spots though so make sure that you plan in advance.

Camping in Mellieha means visiting one of the four council campsites – Ahrax tal-Madonna, Ahrax tat-Tunnara, Ahrax tar-Ramela and Qortin it-Twil.

You’ll need to register on the local council website and get a permit – do this a few days before you want to go just in case it takes time to receive your permit. It costs 5 per person per night.

The campsites are extremely basic – there are no showers or toilet facilities – but the location and the views more than make up for it! 

Just make sure that you clean up after yourself – leave no trace!

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5. Enjoy A Day At Popeye Village

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog things to do in mellieha, Popeye village trip from Mellieha
Go on a trip to the famous Popeye Village from Mellieha!

One of the top things to do in Mellieha is to spend a day at Popeye Village. Have you ever seen the 1980 Popeye movie? It was filmed in Malta, and the set is still there as a tourist attraction in Mellieha!

The Popeye Village is a fantastic day out for anyone who loves to see a bit of behind-the-scenes film action, and it’s great for kids too.

As one of the fun things to do in Mellieha, you can wander around taking a peek at all of the different sets from the film – the rooms are open and have plenty of props to see.

There is often live entertainment going on with the characters of the film – you can even join in!

Don’t miss the short film about the Popeye movie – and grab your free popcorn whilst you’re there. It’s certainly a fun place to visit in Mellieha, especially for film enthusiasts.

Take your swimwear because there are two pools plus water activities in Anchor Bay, including a floating obstacle course and competition. There are also fun activities to do on dry land, such as mini golf and the toilet paper toss. You can relax on a sun lounger too (just be aware that there are no lockers).

You can bring your own food, or buy it at the restaurant there, and there are plenty of toilets and changing facilities.

There is lots of parking and also a bus stop directly outside the village.

6. Discover the Għadira Nature Reserve from Mellieha

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog things to do in mellieha, common bird found in Ghadira nature Reserve
See Common moorhen in Ghadira Nature Reserve!

If you’re a keen bird watcher, make sure you take the time to visit Għadira Nature Reserve as it is one of the top things to do in Mellieha! There are almost 150 different species of birds who come here on their migration journeys, so there’s plenty to see.

Malta is an infamously dry country – did you know that there are no rivers or lakes in Malta? The Għadira Nature Reserve is a rare stock of inland water which means it is super important for the animals and birds who rely on it.

You can wander around the reserve, or book a spot at one of the photography hides for an hourly slot (they’re cheap at around €5 for non-members)

Keep your eye out for chameleons too as they’re a popular visitor to this part of the island. 

7. Take A Day Trip To Comino or Gozo from Mellieha

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Things To Do In Mellieha Comino, what to see in mellieha,
If you think you’ve seen Melliehe enough, plan a day trip to Comino or Gozo

If you’re staying in the Mellieha area, one of the things to do in Mellieha is take a day trip to Comino or Gozo. It’s super easy and quick to get the local ferry to both of these islands which are top tourist attractions in Mellieha.

You’ll find the gorgeous Blue Lagoon on the uninhabited Comino Island, but if you want to avoid the crowds then hike across the island and visit Santa Maria Bay instead.

Gozo is a much bigger place so you could either take a day trip or spend a few days here. If you’re visiting for just the day, I’d recommend exploring the Ġgantija Temples, discovering the alleyways of the ancient Citadella in Victoria or diving at the Inland Sea site (where the famous Azure Window used to be before it collapsed!), these are some of the top things to do in Mellieha.

8. Stop By The Parish Church + Sanctuary

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Things To Do In Mellieha-Church
If you are wondering what to see in Melleiha, visit Parish Church which is also a sanctuary

Mellieha is overlooked by a stunning church that you are welcome to go inside to learn more about it or to visit mass on a Sunday. This visit is undoubtedly one of the fun things to do in Mellieha, especially for history and architecture enthusiasts.

There is some incredible artwork to see in the sacristy, as well as objects and gifts to the shrine.

The Parish Church and the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Mellieha are both important to Maltese history and the Catholic religion, so you do have to wear appropriate clothing if you want to go inside.

9. Explore the WWII Air Raid Shelters

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog mellieha attractions, what to do in mellieha
Head over to Air Raid Shelter for a fun thing to do in Melllieha

Underneath the quiet and unassuming streets of Mellieha, lies over 500m of tunnel, dug by hand to protect the people of Malta from the air raids during the Second World War. Among the fun things to do in Mellieha, this historical journey stands out uniquely.

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog Things To Do In Mellieha WW2 Shelters, what to see in mellieha
They have underground tunnels and you get to see how people survived before

There is a very small entrance fee (take cash) collected by a very knowledgeable volunteer, and you are able to explore at your own pace as this is one of the touristy things to do in Mellieha. You’ll see artefacts dotted around, as well as the rooms that people would have lived in at that time.

It’s a fascinating place to spend an hour and you’ll definitely leave having learnt a lot about what life would have been like during WWII.

10. Kayak At Coral Lagoon

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog things to do in mellieha, Coral Lagoon Malta
One of the most popular things to do in Malta and possible from Mellieha – Coral Lagoon!

The Blue Lagoon might be the most famous thing to do in Malta, but the Coral Lagoon is pretty stunning itself! 

It lies just on the north tip of the mainland, and is the perfect place to come if you want a bit of peace and quiet!

The lagoon is actually formed naturally from a collapsed sea cave roof. This means it’s not safe to directly jump into, but you can access the water from lower down by the rocks if you wanted to swim.

Alternatively, you can hire a kayak from Armier Bay for around €30 for two hours. It’s a gorgeous paddle and the kayaks often have clear bottoms, so keep an eye out for some underwater friends!

Mellieha is a great place to spend your time when visiting Malta. It’s got everything from a fascinating history, rich culture and beautiful nature to great food, bars and beaches, and you’ll definitely leave wanting to come back! 

I hope this helps you with the best things to do in Mellieha, Malta!

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