How Much Does a Trip to Cappadocia, Turkey Cost?

Cappadocia is on everyone’s bucket list and I think it should be! It’s magical, impressive, other worldly. I’ve been to Cappadocia twice now, once in 2015 and once in 2018. Turkey is known as being quite a cheap Country and budget friendly, one of the many reason’s to visit Turkey, but now Cappadocia is one of the most famous places on the internet (or so it seems), is Cappadocia cheap to travel to? How much money do you need to visit Cappadocia? And can Cappadocia be visited on a budget? I bet these are all thoughts going through your head if you want to visit Cappadocia, am I right?

In this post I’m going to give you prices of the things I paid for on my trip to Cappadocia, plus give you costs of other things so you can plan for your trip to Cappadocia incase you go for longer than me or want to do different activities.

How Much Does a Trip to Cappadocia Cost?

My Costs for 2 Days in Cappadocia:

Cost of Accommodation in Cappadocia View Hotel for 3 nights – 825TL / €117.00

2x Cost of Mini Bus to and from Kayseri Airport to Goreme – 35TL / €5.00 each way

1x Lunch Cost at Restaurant in Goreme – Falafel Wrap & Vine Leaves – 15TL / €2.10 each

2x Dinner Cost at Restaurant in Goreme – Pottery Kebab – 30TL / €4.25

Red Day Tour Around Cappadocia – 205TL / €29.00

Total: 1190 TL / €168.00

Come to think of it, this is all I spent in 2 days and 3 nights!

My Hot Air Balloon Ride was cancelled so there was no cost there. My lunch was included in my tour on the second day, breakfast was included in my room rate and it was a filling breakfast. And I purchased a LifeStraw Bottle before I went travelling to filter my water so I didn’t need to buy bottles of water!

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Other Costs:

Cost of Hot Air Balloon Ride – 1185TL / €140.00

Cost of Seeing Hot Air Balloons from the Ground – Free

Cost of Quad Biking Tour – 211TL / €30.00

Cost of a Hammam – 176TL / €25.00

Cost of Green Day Tour – 310TL / €44.00

Cost of Accommodation in a Hostel in Cappadocia – Around 99TL / €14.00 a night

Cost of Accommodation in a Luxury Hotel in Cappadocia – Around 1058TL / €150.00

Cost of a Bottle of Water – 1TL / €0.14

Cost of Entrance to Open Air Museum – 30TL / €4.25

Cost of Watching the Sunset – Free

Cost to Hike around the Valleys – Free

Cost of Meat Pottery Kebab – 40TL / €5.66

These costs are worked out based on a rate of 1TL to €0.14 in 2018 so prices may vary but they hadn’t varied that much between my trip there in 2015 and in 2018 which is good!

This post contains affiliate links, if you would like to go on any of the tours I have linked via Get Your Guide who only work with reputable companies, I would appreciate you using the links contained in this post as I paid for the trip myself and get a small commission at no extra cost for you if you use them for providing you with this helpful information.

As you can see, it really does not cost that much to visit Cappadocia!

Of course the prices in restaurants differ, you can get a cheap lunch and dinner from a take away Kebab shop or eat in a slightly higher end restaurant but there’s a huge amount of mid range places with amazing food.

This goes for accommodation too. Cappadocia has several hostels making it good to visit on a budget, but it also has fancy suites as well as mid range options.

You can get a private guide and driver to take you around or you can join a day tour like I did. And if you’re really on a budget in Cappadocia you can just walk around the Valleys yourself.

A Hot Air Balloon Ride is the most popular thing to do in Cappadocia but if you really do not have the budget to it it, in all honesty I think that’s ok. I’m glad I did one the first time I visited but on my second trip mine was cancelled. Luckily I saw them from the ground on my first morning otherwise I would have been quite gutted but not doing one didn’t ruin my trip to Cappadocia. Seeing them from the ground is just as amazing, if you don’t believe me, have a look at the start and end of my YouTube video!

I hope this helps you plan and budget your trip to Cappadocia, or it convinces you to go and shows you that it’s not that expensive even though it’s so popular! I’d love to hear from you and if you have any extra questions, let me know in the comments below or by tweeting me @wandering_quinn!

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