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20 BEST Places to Visit in Africa in July & August – Good Weather & Less Crowded Places!

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Are you racking your brains trying to find the perfect family getaway to Africa this July and August??

Planning a trip to Africa during the school holidays can seem daunting especially during this peak travel season when everything seems to be overcrowded and overpriced. And with its stunning landscapes, diverse wildlife and so many incredible spots to explore, how do you know which ones are best places to visit in Africa in July and August?

That’s why, I and my fellow travel bloggers have put together a fantastic list of popular African destinations for you to visit during these months, taking into consideration factors such as weather conditions, and exciting activities. And, I’ve highlighted must-see sights and the best month to visit.

Best Places to Visit in Africa in July and August

best places to visit in Africa in July August
Keep reading for the best places to visit in Africa in July & August!

From African safaris to mesmerizing beaches and waterfalls, these top African destinations have something for everyone during July and August. So pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable adventure as I reveal African spots that promise an extraordinary journey, away from the usual tourist traps!


-Garden Route

Best in: July

St Blaize Hiking Trail of Mossel Bay, one of the best places to visit in Africa in July and August, great places to go in july and august
Breathtaking views and unforgettable memories at the St Blaize Hiking Trail in Mossel Bay – The top African destination to visit in July and August

For a great African trip to take in July, head to South Africa and road trip the Garden Route.

The Garden Route is a popular, scenic road trip in South Africa that covers a handful of destinations with plenty to see and do. The beauty of this trip is that it can be done in whichever way best suits the traveler. Meaning, there’s numerous itineraries that can be made to create the perfect trip for *you.*

There’s a few key towns that are popular to stop in for the various activities they offer. Some of these activities include shark cage diving, kayaking, boating, hiking, cave exploring and ostrich encounters. The towns these activities can be found in are Mossel Bay, Wilderness, Knysna, Plettenberg, Stormsrivier, and Oudtshoorn.

You’ll also see numerous signs for farm stalls along the route. Make sure to stop at at least one or two! Farm stalls on the Garden Route frequently offer fresh fruits and cheeses, light meals and snacks, and the perfect place to take a break from driving. Farm stalls are part of the Garden Route experience, so don’t miss out on it.

Enjoy your road trip along the Garden Route in South Africa!

Suggested by: Chelsea from Adventures of Chels.

-Cape town

Best in: July and August

Maclear's beacon view from Cape town's Beach, great plac to go in july and august, best place to visit in africa in july and august
The view of Maclear’s Beacon from one of the beaches in Cape town

Cape Town, at the southernmost point of Africa, is a beautiful city (could it be the most beautiful city on earth?) at any time of year. July and August are popular for European and North American visitors who often combine Cape Town with a safari in Africa.

Cape Town has a Mediterranean climate with cool and wet winters, but winter has its charms. While the rest of South Africa will be freezing, dull and brown and in the middle of the dry season, Cape Town will be green and mild – and when the sun is out, it’s gorgeous and has one of the best places to visit in Africa in August and July.

Winters in Cape Town are especially good for three things: seeing the world’s largest floral kingdom, whales and drinking wine.

Spend a minimum of four days in Cape Town to experience the best of the city. Take the cable car up Table Mountain, snap a few photos in the colourful Bo-Kaap neighbourhood, shop at the craft markets around Long Street, visit the stunning Two Oceans Aquarium.

You must see the penguins at Boulders, drive along Chapman’s Peak and walk along the city’s gorgeous beaches like Camp’s Bay or Clifton. A winter visit to Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden is a delight as the fynbos and proteas will all be in full bloom.

And between seeing the city’s attractions, you will undoubtedly find a few wine farms offering some fantastic wines, crackling fireplaces and hearty South African and Cape Malay food.

July and August are also the whale migration season, with August being the best month to spot southern right and humpback whales along the coast.

Visiting Cape Town in July and August should be an enjoyable and memorable trip, as long as you don’t expect beach weather. The South African school holidays will end by mid-July, making accommodation more affordable and available. So pack a sweater and an umbrella and be prepared to fall under the Mother city’s spell.

Suggested by: Museum of Wander

-Panorama Route

Best in: July and August

Blyde River Canyon, places to visit in july in south africa, one of the best places to visit in Africa in August
Lose yourself in the enchanting beauty of Blyde River Canyon from Panorama route, the ideal African escape for your July and August adventures

The Panorama Route is an incredible 160-kilometre scenic drive that leads along the eastern escarpment of the Drakensberg Mountain range in the Mpumalanga province in South Africa. There are a number of incredible natural wonders to stop at along the way, making it a great one to three-day road trip depending on your pace.

You’ll find breathtaking views of the surrounding scenery most of the journey, however, some of the highlights include Blyde River Canyon, The Three Rondavels, Gods Window, Lisbon Falls, Pilgrims Rest and Bourke’s Luck Potholes.

The best time to drive along the Panorama Route is between May and August, making it perfect for families and teachers who are looking for an adventurous holiday outside of term time.

You can expect temperatures to be between 20 and 30 degrees during the day between May and August, however, it’s worth noting that these fall considerably during the night and so you’ll need to pack appropriate clothing.

On the plus side, this means that you’ll find lush greenery of the surrounding forests and grasslands, combined with the clear blue skies and sunshine – perfect for enjoying many of the outdoor activities such as hiking, birdwatching and picnicking along the Panorama Route. 

Suggested by: Amilia from Stay wild travels

-Kruger National Park

Best in: July and August

Zebras roaming freely in Kruger National Park, African Safari destination, Safari in Africa, Trip to African Safari
Wondering what is the best national park to visit in July and August? The answer is Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park, located in South Africa, is one of the best places to visit in Africa in August and July. These months fall within the winter season in South Africa, which is the dry season, making it the best time to visit the park and enjoy African Safari.

The weather during this time is mild and pleasant, making it perfect for game drives and other outdoor activities. Additionally, the vegetation is less dense, making it easier to spot animals as they gather around waterholes and rivers.

July and August are also great months to visit Kruger National Park because they are the off-peak season, which means fewer crowds and cheaper prices. This allows visitors to have a more personalized and intimate experience with nature, without having to compete for space with other tourists. Furthermore, visitors can expect to witness the wildebeest migration during this time, which is a sight to behold.

A visit to Kruger National Park should ideally last for at least three to four days to fully experience the park’s diversity of wildlife and habitats. Visitors can enjoy activities such as guided game drives, self-drive safaris, bush walks, and bird watching. They can also stay at one of the many lodges or campsites within the park, which range from basic to luxurious.

Suggested by: Victoria from Guide your travel


Best in: August

Tsavo National Park, safari at Kenya, frican Safari
Such rare sights make Tsavo National park the best place to see wildlife in Africa

Kenya is the perfect African destination and one of the best places to visit in Africa in August as the weather during this month is pretty mild. August being one of the cooler months of the year with temperatures around 22c in the day and 14c at night, visitors should take a light jacket to wear.

One of the best reasons to visit Kenya is to go on an African safari and witness some of the incredible wildlife that the African continent has to offer. Most of the safari lodges in Kenya will cater to families but some have age restrictions because of safety issues with small children being in close quarters with the wildlife.

Whichever safari lodge you choose you are sure to have some incredible up close encounters due to the amazing viewing areas they have, some of which are hidden others that are elevated.

Some of the safari parks are expensive because of their popularity however Kenya does have some hidden gems that are less well known. Tsavo National Park is the largest safari park in Kenya and is home to the big five, it is also one of the cheaper safari destinations making it very affordable for families to visit during the summer holidays.

Kenya also has some excellent snorkelling and diving off the breathtaking coast in the Kisite Mpunguti and Mombasa marine parks which are protected areas of the Indian Ocean. In these marine parks, you have a chance to get up close and personal with dolphins, turtles and sharks.

Kenya is a huge country so a minimum of two weeks would be ideal to see the best this country has to offer and to visit a couple of different areas.

Suggested by: Stephanie Jackson from bookitletsgo

-Masai Mara

Best in: Mid July and August

Masai Mara Safari destination in Kenya, Safari in Kenya, Africa Safari holidays
If there were one more thing I could do, it would be to go Masai Mara for safari once again

One of the best places to visit in Africa in August and July is Narok, Kenya. One of the best safari parks in Kenya is the Masai Mara, which is home to the Great Migration.

The Great Migration is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. It takes place between June and October, with prime sightings usually in July and August. Millions of zebra and wildebeest migrate from Tanzania to Kenya and back along the Mara River. The number of animals alone is impressive.

Not only will you see the Great Migration, but you also have the chance to see the big 5 safari animals – lions, rhinoceros, water buffalo, elephants, and leopards. Cheetahs, gazelles, warthogs and a variety of species of birds can also be found in the park.

For a truly breathtaking experience, take a hot air balloon ride over the Masai Mara. They happen at sunrise so you see the animals waking up and end with breakfast in the park.

Check out the Mara River Bush Camp to stay in Masai Mara. An eco-friendly glamping experience located in the bush gives you easy access to animals. They also have an in-house restaurant with locally sourced foods.

The Masai Mara in Kenya is one of the best places to visit in Africa in August or July for the spectacular wildlife viewing possibilities! 

Suggested by: Pamela from The Directionally Challenged Traveler


-Chobe National Park

Best in: July

Chobe National park of Botswana, Safari tours in Botswana, one of the best places to see wildlife in Africa
Don’t forget to add Chobe National Park on your ‘African destinations to visit in July and August’ list

Chobe National Park in Botswana makes the best holiday destination in July or August. The weather will be the best during this time, as it is the dry season and the temperatures will be a little cooler. It is also a great time to see the wildlife, because they will be gathered around water sources.

You can expect to see large herds of elephants, lions, leopards, cheetahs, and other large animals. July is a slightly better time to visit than August, so if you have the option, come in July!

One of the most popular activities in Chobe National Park is a game drive. You can ride in an open safari vehicle that gives you a 360-degree view of the area. Visitors are often treated to dramatic scenes involving predators hunting their prey!

Another exciting activity is a boat safari, which takes visitors along the Chobe River to see hippos, crocodiles, and a variety of bird species. These boats often have a roof to protect you from the sun, and some even allow you to climb onto the roof for an even better view of the wildlife!

To make the most of your trip to Chobe National Park, you should spend at least two or three days in the park. This will give you enough time to explore the different areas of the park and to take part in various activities.

In addition, you will be able to wake up early in the park and start your game drive before crowds of tourists arrive. Plus, nothing beats falling asleep to the sounds of the wild animals at night. It’s an experience that you won’t forget!

Suggested by: Andy from Explore with finesse



Best in: July and August

Zanzibar Island in Tanzania, holidays in Tanzania, best places to go in Tanzania
Zanzibar Island, also known as ‘spice Island’

A great place to visit in Africa in July and August is Zanzibar. Zanzibar is an island off the coast of mainland Tanzania. It can be reached by ferry via Dar Es Salam or through Zanzibar’s international airport (Abeid Amani Karume International Airport) which has flights to major hubs such as Dubai.

Many people tag a visit to Zanzibar at the end of a Tanzanian safari, although you could easily spend 10 days on Zanzibar alone.

July to September is the dry season, so these months are considered the high season in Zanzibar. Day time temperatures are around 29c.

The east coast experiences high winds, making it a popular time for kitesurfing, but it does help to keep the temperatures comfortable. Although if sitting outside in the evenings, it can feel a little chilly, so it’s good to take something to cover up with.

Paje Beach is a good place to stay while in Zanzibar. It has an amazing stretch of white sand beach with a range of different accommodation options for all budgets. Paje is located close to The Rock Restaurant, which at high tide is only accessible by a rowboat.

Jozani-Chwaka Bay National Park is a popular place to see the native Zanzibar Red Colobus Monkey. Trips to Jozani Forest can be combined with a visit to a Spice Farm, where visitors can learn about the different spices and fruits that grow in Zanzibar.

Alternatively a day tour to Stone Town is a must, the birthplace of Freddie Mercury (of Queen fame), and Prison Island which has hundreds of Aldabra Giant Tortoises.

Suggested by: Kylie from Between England and Everywhere

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-Serengeti, the Ngorongoro Crater and Tarangire National Park

Best in: July and August

Wildbeast migration in national parks of Tanzania, place to spend good holidays in july, Trips to African safari
Visit in July and August to see the wildbeast migration

Some of the best safari parks in the world are in Tanzania, and July and August are perfect months to visit. These two months are part of the long dry season where there is much less rain. This means that animals are easier to see since they congregate at waterholes.

It is also the time of the great wildebeest migration with July often having some of the most spectacular Mara River crossings and Tanzania is one of the best place to see wildlife in Africa.

Many of the national parks are at an altitude of 1,000-2,000 metres so it can be surprisingly cold during early morning or sunset drives. Pack an extra jumper and don’t forget to bring a fleece.

A week is a good length of time for visiting the Serengeti, the Ngorongoro Crater and Tarangire National Park. The three parks are relatively close and it is possible to drive between them. The Serengeti is very large and to get to more remote areas take one of the scheduled flights which leave from the airfield close to the Ngorongoro Crater. Have a look on Skyscanner here!

Seeing the Big 5 is normally at the top of everybody’s wish list when going on a safari. Visiting the three parks mentioned above you have a good chance of seeing all five animals but the more time you spend in the parks the higher your chances.

If you have an extra week consider adding Ruaha or one of the other less-visited parks. For a warmer end to your holiday, July and August are also great months for a week on the beach in Zanzibar.

Suggested by: Kristin from Scotland less explored


Best in: July and August

Dune 45 in Namibia, one of the sunny destinations in july and august, warm places to visit in july in south africa
Famous Dune 45 in the Sossusvlei area of the Namib Desert in Namibia

Namibia is a great destination for school holidays during July and August because it is the country’s dry season making it an ideal time for outdoor activities and Namibia safari viewing.

The weather in Namibia during July and August is mild and comfortable, with daytime temperatures averaging around 20-25°C (68-77°F) and cooler evenings. 

There are advantages to traveling during the dry season and months with cooler temperatures.

The cooler days make it an ideal time for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and exploring the country’s stunning natural beauty.

During the dry season animals tend to congregate around watering holes and as Namibia is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including elephants, lions, cheetahs, zebras, giraffes, this makes it easier to spot them.

The dry season in Namibia also means clear skies and minimal rainfall, making it an excellent time for stargazing and photography.

The country is vast with many great places to visit in Namibia. Typically, most families travel to Namibia between 10-14 days, which is enough time to explore the country’s highlights and experience its unique culture and wildlife. 

If you are interested in adventure activities such as hiking, camping, African safari, and wildlife watching, then you may want to spend more time in Namibia. Click here to see some nice places to stay in Namibia and book the one that really suits you.

Some of the popular destinations in Namibia include the capital city Windhoek, the ancient red sand dunes of Sossusvlei, the Etosha National Park, Damaraland, the Skeleton Coast, and the Fish River Canyon.

Suggested by: Jolene from Wanderlust Storytellers


Best in: July

Mauritius Island, one of the the best holiday destinations in july, best place to visit in africa in july
Find your bliss in Mauritius Island, one of the best places to visit in Africa in July

Mauritius is one of the best places to visit in Africa in July and enjoy this beautiful island in the Indian Ocean. The weather is generally cooler than in other months, making it a perfect time to engage in outdoor activities such as hiking and exploring the lush greenery of the island. With less rainfall on average, sunshine and clear skies are the order of the day.

Since it is considered off-peak season, hotel prices are lower and the island is less crowded than during peak tourist season, allowing visitors to enjoy its attractions and spend good holidays in July in a more relaxed and peaceful atmosphere.

A week in Mauritius should be sufficient to explore its attractions at a leisurely pace. Water-sports and relaxing on the beach are some of the most popular activities, and these are offered in abundance by the many luxurious resorts there.

The island’s natural features also form the perfect setting for hiking and adventure activities. Other unmissable highlights include the seven-coloured earth at Chamarel, the giant water lilies at the Mauritius National Botanical Gardens, and visiting the Citadel and the Central Market in the town of Port Louis.

Great weather, friendly locals, delicious food, a relaxed island vibe and the natural beauty of the island combine to make Mauritius an ideal family-friendly destination to visit in July.

Suggested by: Sara from In Africa and beyond


Best in: July and August

South Luangwa National Park, best national park to visit in july and august, Safari in Zambia, African safari tours
Animal crossing on South Luangwa National Park Safari Road

July and August are ideal months to visit Zambia. Located in the southern hemisphere, this is the country’s dry season. Temperatures are generally cooler, too, this time of year, though lower elevations may still be warmer. 

Victoria Falls (also known as Mosi-oa-Tunya or “Thundering Smoke” in the local language) is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Zambia. This powerful waterfall is massive: over 1.7 kilometres wide and 100 metres tall, it’s the biggest volume of falling water in the world

Brave (or crazy!) visitors can swim in the “Devil’s Pool” near the edge of the waterfalls when the Zambezi river is drier, usually starting in August. Bungee jumping 111 meters off the Victoria Falls Bridge is another option for adventure-seekers. 

If you are a fan of African Safari tours and wonder where to go on safari in August? An underrated Zambian attraction is South Luangwa National Park, where visitors can go on safari to see most of the “Big 5” animals. The 9000 square kilometre park in the valley of the Luangwa River is home to lions, leopards, buffalo, and elephants—sadly, rhinos were hunted to extinction.

Most lodges only operate in the high season (March to October), and dry season (July to October) is the best time to view wildlife in the park. At this time, the vegetation thins out and animals gather around the shrinking water sources.

Suggested by: Melanie Post cards and places


Best in: July and August

Vilanculos beach in Mozambique, sunny destinations in july
Vilanculos; A haven for dhow lovers seeking the perfect holiday destination in July and August

Mozambique is the best place to visit in Africa in July and August, thanks to its warm tropical climate and pristine beaches. This is peak season for tourism in the country, as these are two of the driest months. In comparison to neighboring South Africa and Tanzania, however, Mozambique remains blissfully uncrowded

If you love the beaches, head straight to the Bazaruto Archipelago, where you’ll be greeted by some of the best stretches of sand on the planet. You’ll have white sandbars, crystal-clear waters, plus plenty of marine life to swim alongside. It’s a great destination for snorkelling, diving, and fishing – and the seafood is phenomenal. 

Inland, Gorongosa National Park offers the opportunity to spot four of the “Big Five” game animals, as well as plenty of rare wildlife and bird species. 

You also can’t miss Ilha de Moçambique, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that’s known for its fascinating history and culture. There, you can spend your time taking photos of the beautiful colonial-era architecture, wandering through the lively markets, or relaxing on the breathtaking beaches. 

Mozambique isn’t expensive, either. If you’re travelling on a budget, you can get by on as little as $30 a day; a mid-range budget will place you at around $100 a day and have you experiencing some serious value for money. 

Suggested by: Lauren from Never ending footsteps



Best in: July

Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park & Mausoleum, sunny destinations in july, where's good to go on holiday in july
Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park & Mausoleum in Accra, Ghana

Accra is a bustling and diverse capital city located in Ghana along the Atlantic coast of West Africa. The city is known for its rich history, culture, and beautiful natural scenery. It’s an ideal destination to visit in the months of July as this is the dry season, with warm, sunny weather, less humidity, and occasional ocean breezes.

Visitors to Accra can expect to find plenty of attractions and activities to explore. Historical landmarks like Independence Square, the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park, Jamestown, and the WEB Dubois Center offer insight into the country’s past. In addition, you will find plenty of places to experience the city’s vibrant nightlife and restaurants to experience the local food.

Two places that fit this bill are Skybar 25 and 805 Restaurant, respectively. If you like shopping, you should certainly visit Oxford Street or the Center for National Culture. All of the options above will help you experience a truly authentic experience of Ghanaian culture.

A trip to Accra can be enjoyed in as little as two days, but I think you need at least four days to fully experience everything this beautiful city has to offer. Beyond the city, visitors can take day trips to nearby attractions like the Cape Coast Castle, Kakum National Park, and the region’s many stunning beaches. In particular, a visit to the Cape Coast is a powerful experience.

It tells the story of the slave trade through the lens of those who were forced from their homes in Ghana, which is a perspective that is not often heard. Accra is one of the great places to go in July in West Africa for anyone looking to experience the best of Ghana’s rich history, culture, and natural beauty.

Suggested by: Christen from Travel wander grow



Best in: July

Essaouira Beach, best beach in Morocco, best places to visit in Africa in July
Essaouira Beach is a coastal gem perfect for soaking up the sun during your holidays in July

Morocco is a beautiful country with numerous spectacular sights, bustling markets, fascinating desert landscapes, but also with stunning beaches at the Atlantic Coast that make it the best holiday destination in July for a beach vacation.

Morocco offers a variety of spectacularly beautiful vacation destinations that are perfect for those who want to relax, enjoy the sun, but also experience something. Along the coastline are many true dream beaches, with the long sandy beaches in particular being a real tourist magnet.

Water sports enthusiasts also get their money’s worth with the optimal wind and wave conditions of the Atlantic.

In any case, the small coastal towns and resorts on Morocco’s Atlantic coast are simply to fall in love with and the best place to travel in July. The weather and the temperatures are just ideal for a beach vacation. Also there is a wide choice of places to go!

Like Essaouira, which with its charming medina and a touch of hippie flair is particularly appealing to individual vacationers. It is one of the most famous seaside resorts in Morocco, with many possibilities for sightseeing, water-sports and other fun activities.

The wide range of accommodations and the tourist infrastructure is also really terrific. From luxury resorts to budget accommodations, from beach hotels with pools to romantic riads in the old town, there is certainly something for everyone. For a beach vacation, the summer months are particularly suitable, that’s why it will be the best place to visit in July.

Please keep in mind that the Atlantic Ocean is much cooler than the Mediterranean Sea, and you have to reckon with quite fresh water temperatures around 17-20°C in summer.

Suggested by: Martina from Places of juma

-Diabat Village

Best in: July and August

Diabat Village, one of the sunny destinations in july and august,
Camel riding in Diabat village of Morocco

Come July and August, temperatures are soaring to unbearable temperatures in Morocco. It’s common for inland towns and cities to experience temperatures above 40°C, which means that you can only really go out exploring in the early morning or evening, and aircon in your accommodation is an absolute necessity for a good night’s sleep.

At this time of year, the coast is the only comfortable place to be in Morocco with its cooling Atlantic breeze. However, with July and August coinciding with not only the European school holidays, but also the Moroccan school holidays, the larger coastal towns are exceptionally busy every day.

The beautiful port town of Essaouira is one of the most popular destinations for those coming from Marrakech, and there are also direct flights from France, England and Belgium. So July and August is peak time meaning expensive and limited availability for accommodation, book your flight via Skyscanner and pre-book your dinner reservations.

So where to go in Morocco for bearable temperatures and to escape the crowds? Diabat, which sees only a small fraction of tourists compared to Essaouira, situated just 4km south of Essaouira and one of the best holiday destinations in July.

Diabat is most well known for the ruins of Dar Sultan Palace, nestled amongst the sand dunes between village and the beach. But it’s also a good base for getting active. Here you can go quad-biking, horse riding, camel riding, or venture to the beach for surfing and kite-surfing (although for lessons, you will need to contact the surf schools down the road in Essaouira).

But the beach here is so much quieter than Essaouira’s main beach. From Diabat, you can walk into Essaouira along the beach to visit the medina and ramparts, or perhaps experience a traditional hammam. Otherwise, chill in a hammock with a book and enjoy that cooling breeze with the sun on your face.

Suggested by: Jenny from Explore Essaouira

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-Mt. Toubkal

Best in: July

Mount Toubkal in Atlas Mountains, best places to visit in Africa in July, one of the great places to go in july
Mount Toubkal is the highest peak in North Africa and one of the best places to go in July

Generally, Morocco is extremely hot in June and July but you can still find many places on the coasts or in the mountains where the weather is enjoyable in the summer months. If you are wondering where’s good to go on holiday in July then let me tell you, one of the most amazing places in Morocco in the summer months is undoubtedly Mount Toubkal.

Mount Toubkal is not only the highest mountain in Morocco but also the highest mountain in North Africa. It’s situated in the dramatic High Atlas Mountains as high as 4,167 m (13,667 ft) above sea level.

If you want to experience the beauty of Mount Toubkal, you need to travel to the picture-perfect rural village of Imlil first and stay there for at least one day to get prepared for your hike. You must hire a local mountain guide to hike with you. Tourists are not allowed to climb Mount Toubkal without a local guide.

There are dozens of hiking options in the mountains of Mount Toubkal. The most popular hike is the summit hike starting in Imlil.

Hiking Mount Toubkal all the way to the summit can be quite demanding if you want to make it in 1 or 2 days. But it will be a very pleasant experience if you give yourself 3 days to complete the hike.

To put things into perspective, the elevation difference during the hike is 2,367 m (7765 ft) and a distance of 16 km (10 miles) one way. Thus, you need to be fit and have trekking experience for this hike.

The hike begins in Imlil (1800 m / 5,900 ft) located at the foot of Mount Toubkal. As you move up, the trail leads you along lush green river banks, bubbling waterfalls, gentle brooks, and giant walnut groves.

As you get closer to the summit, the terrain changes. There are parts with monstrous and towering rocks you need to scramble and clamber over. Reaching the highest point of the mountain is a thrilling experience.

As you will complete the hike in 2-3 days, you need accommodation on the way. The best option is to stay in the base camp at 3,207 m (10,522 ft) overnight once you reached there, the next day hike to the summit and then back to the base camp, relax, stay one more night at the base camp, and lastly hike back to Imlil on the following day.

In the end, after this epic accomplishment, by all means, reward yourself with a couple of days just resting in Imlil. Once, your body recovered, you can explore and trek around the foothills of Mount Toubkal and that’s how you’ll have good holidays in July.

Suggested by: Diana from the Globetrotting Detective


Best in: July and August

Lake Nkuruba in Western Uganda, sunny destinations in july, best place to visit in africa in july and august
Lake Nkuruba in Western Uganda is one of the great places to visit in July and August

One of the most beautiful countries to visit in July and August in Africa is the pearl of Africa, aka, Uganda. This eastern African country experiences two rainy seasons throughout the year, but July and August fall between these two seasons. As a result, the roads are in better condition (and trust me, this is crucial in Uganda), and the country is covered in lush greenery, making for a breathtaking view.

Besides that, July and August are also the ideal months for wildlife. Safari enthusiasts can experience the African safari. It’s the best time to trek through the dense Bwindi impenetrable forest and observe mountain gorillas up close as it is one of the best place to see wildlife in Africa.

Plus it’s great for safaris as there is less vegetation to block the view and young animals born in the spring will now start to discover beyond their mother’s nest. This makes it easier for you to spot tiny lion cubs or elephants from a car.

With only two dry seasons to visit Uganda, you would expect July and August to be packed with tourists, but the contrary is true. Tourists haven’t discovered the beauty of Uganda yet, which is why even during the school holidays, you can still feel like you have nature, wildlife, and roads to yourself.

Suggested by: Lara from Best travel gifts


-The Red Sea

Best in: July

Lagona Dahab Hotel, one of the places to stay in Egypt, good holidays in july,
Lagona Dahab Hotel, best place to stay when visiting the Red Sea, Egypt

Taking a trip to the Red Sea region is the perfect addition to any Egypt travel itinerary during the summer months! If you’re looking for a fun-filled vacation that doesn’t involve scorching heat and unbearable humidity, the Red Sea region is the perfect spot to visit in North Africa in July and August.

While the rest of Egypt, like the famous Nile Valley with ancient Egyptian temples like the Great Pyramids, can be very hot to visit during the summer months, locals and tourists alike flock to the cool seaside at the Red Sea

Some of the most famous tourist locations in the Red Sea region include Sharm el Sheikh, the diving town of Dahab, and Hurghada. These destinations are the best holiday destinations in July ensuring stress-free family vacations because of the many resorts there where you can have everything taken care of for you.

The temperatures in the Red Sea region can get quite hot during the daytime, with highs in the 90s and lows in the 80s Fahrenheit. But don’t worry, the sea breeze and the many swimming pools at the resorts will keep you cool and refreshed. 

Plus, there’s so much to do at the Red Sea! From cultural landmarks like the Al Sahaba Mosque of Sharm El Sheikh to shopping in the souks, or water sports like the various waterparks in Hurghada, snorkeling, windsurfing, and taking a ride on an underwater submarine, there’s something for everyone.

If you’re a water lover, you’ll be in paradise in the Red Sea region. The crystal-clear waters are perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving. 

And if you’re not a fan of the water, there are plenty of other activities to keep you entertained, like exploring the desert on a quad bike or a camel ride

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Makadi Bay in Hurghada, sunny destinations in july, best place to visit in africa in july, best place to visit in africa in august
Sun-soaked shores of Makadi Bay in Hurghada is one of the best places to visit in Africa in July and August

Are you looking for an unforgettable vacation in Africa in July and August? Look no further than Hurghada, Egypt! This interesting resort town offers a whole host of activities for the family to enjoy during the summer months of July and August.

With its turquoise waters, golden sandy beaches, crystal clear skies and vibrant coral reefs, Hurghada is the perfect destination for sun-seekers and outdoor adventurers wondering where to go on holiday in July and August.

There are many fun things to do in Hurghada during summer. From exploring nearby desert landscapes on a buggy or 4X4, to going further afield and discovering the ancient monuments and relics of Cairo or Luxor.

But it doesn’t just stop there – The stunning red sea coastline offers a wide range of water sports such as snorkeling, parasailing and kayaking and you can learn to scuba dive here much cheaper than many other countries. Not only that but the coral and sealife is amazing, perfect for a catamaran or boat trip. 

Book these exciting activities to make your Hurghada trip more memorable!

With delicious cuisine and plenty of accommodation options to choose from, Hurghada is truly one of the best places to visit in July and August. Most people will book a week but if you want plenty of downtime as well as a cultural experience then book 10 – 14 days.

If you want sun, sand and plenty of heat then Egypt during these months will be perfect for you. Just be sure to pack plenty of sun lotion!

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