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Places To Visit in Shoreditch Any Day of the Week, with a Map!

July 2, 2019
shoreditch self guided walk Brick Lane

London is so diverse in cultures, history and architecture, and the area of Shoreditch in East London captures pretty much all of these sides. Shoreditch is most famous for it’s Sunday Markets down Brick Lane and Columbia Road (I have a post about how to have the best Sunday in Shoreditch here) however I understand that not everyone can fit in visiting Shoreditch on Sunday…

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How to Leave Newark Airport and go into NYC on a Layover.

July 1, 2019
Newark Liberty Airport stopover

When I was booking my flights to and from South America the cheapest option for my return flight to the UK from Lima involved a 13 hour wait at Newark Liberty International Airport and I thought- great I can head out into New York City for a few hours on my Newark layover.…

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Wander To India – Women’s 2 Week January Group Tour!

June 22, 2019
Ellie Quinn Jaipur India Tour

* Please note that this tour is now SOLD OUT! I will be organising another tour for March 2020 with a similar setup and itinerary so if you are interested in hearing about this tour and future tours please email me on thewanderingquinn@gmail.com so I can send you the details when the tour is live  🙂 *   WANDER TO INDIA WITH ELLIE QUINN Sun…

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Backpacking Italy – How Much Does It Cost & How To Do It On A Budget!

June 19, 2019

Italy is one of the best Countries to backpack in Europe. Why? Firstly because there’s so many places to visit in Italy from iconic Cities to Hidden Villages and they’re all pretty easy to see. Secondly Italy is set up for backpackers and travellers with lots of Hostels, Free Walking Tours and Cheap Transport options. Thirdly, it really doesn’t cost that much to visit Italy,…

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San Vili Pathway Guide – Hiking in Trentino, Italy!

June 16, 2019
San Vili Pathway Trek Trentino Italy

The San Vili Pathway is a spiritual and religious walk in Trentino in Northern Italy. It starts in the beautiful City of Trento and ends in a town called Madonna di Campiglio 100km later. The walk is named after San Vigilio, a Saint who was born in Rome and was the 3rd Bishop of Trento. San Vigilio is famous because of his evangelisation work converting people from…

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Four Tips for Saving Money on Travel Insurance.

June 11, 2019
travel insurance

Travel insurance is something you should never set off on a trip abroad without. Yet an estimated 10 million people from the UK travelled without adequate cover last year, either because they took out the wrong insurance or didn’t take out a policy at all.…

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What is it REALLY like to Fly with China Southern Airlines??

June 9, 2019
Southern China Airlines Review

If you’ve ever looked for flights between Europe and Asia and Europe and Australia (and vice versa), it’s likely that some of the cheapest flights you’ve seen are with China Southern Airlines! I remember seeing such a cheap flight back in 2013 from the UK to Melbourne but I did a google search for ‘China Southern Review’ and the reviews for China Southern Airlines were…

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How To Keep Cash And Bank Cards Safely Organised When Travelling!

June 6, 2019
how to keep money and bank cards safe when travelling

‘Oh my god, where’s my purse?!’ Luckily on my years of travel I haven’t had this thought many times but when I finally did have it in Malaysia a few months ago and upon the realisation that I did indeed no longer have my purse I was shocked! I very rarely lose anything but I also hadn’t been in an obvious situation that day where…

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Tips for Planning Your First Solo Trip So You Go On It!

June 4, 2019
solo travel tips

If you search my blog you’ll find zero posts on solo travel or solo female travel which is strange because I’ve been travelling on big trips on and off since 2010 and done the majority of these, plus many other shorter and weekend trips, all solo! I love solo travel, I love travelling alone and the idea of going to a destination with just myself…

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I’m a total travel addict who has been travelling on and off since 2010 and has visited over 55 Countries. (Yes I’m a Country Counter!)

I love travelling, visiting new places and meeting new people but what I also love is sharing my experiences to help you travel better which is why I pour so much love into this travel blog.

I hope to inspire you to visit new places, make you realise you don’t need to spend that much money to travel and give you helpful tips on how to get to places and what to do there!

In the Summer of 2018, I quit my office job in London, left my flat and I now travel and blog full time so if this is your dream too, follow along because I post lots of content around how I did it. And it really is amazing!

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