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Being a Vegetarian in South East Asia.

This looks so basic but it was so delicious!

‘You’re a vegetarian but you spend so much time travelling South East Asia, Isn’t that really hard??’

I vividly remember saying this to a girl i had just met whilst driving a 4×4 through Fraser Island, Australia in October 2012, she replied that it wasn’t that hard and then we carried on chatting about other things. Little did i know that a few years later i would have travelled South East Asia for 9 months in total all as a vegetarian!


Fast forward to March 2014 and i was jetting off for a long trip around South East Asia as a newly turned Vegetarian, i had my doubts on how hard it would be but guess what… it wasn’t that hard!


The Reality of living in London.


So, I’ve been living in London for a couple of months now and i have to say that i really like it! Sometimes i have to stop and think- wow, all of those times where i said i wanted to live in London and now here i am, in one of the best cities in the world, with so much to do and so many places to see!


As amazing as London is it does get a bad rap sometimes, its main complaint is how expensive it is because well.. it is! How busy it is because well.. it is! And how bad the weather is because well.. most of the time it is!


Petra- The Good and the Bad (& lots of photos!).

Pretty Jewellery Stand.

I’ve been looking back at my photos from when i visited Petra in October 2015 (a selection of these photos are at the bottom of this post) and my first thought has been ‘Wow that’s really incredible..’

Now i know that often, i tend to appreciate a place more after i have left and everything has sunk in and i would say this is the case with Petra too because at the time of visiting i actually left pretty annoyed and i intended to write a blog post about why this was so here it is…


Why you should book a flight to Tel Aviv.. Now!

Tel Aviv

Before doing some research on Israel i hadn’t heard of Tel Aviv and I’ve found that not many people have unless they’ve been there.

Last year when i said i was going to Israel, a lot of people questioned why on earth i would go to Israel? Isn’t it dangerous? What is there to do in Israel? When in fact Israel is an amazing Country, it’s not dangerous and there’s actually loads to do there! (more…)

2 Days, 3 Cities, my weekend in Belgium.

Early Morning in

As soon as i got back to the UK earlier this year i knew i wanted to fill the next few months with some little jaunts to Europe and with the Easter weekend looming i knew i had to take advantage of 4 days off work and get away.

The thing is that flights over bank holidays are always so expensive unless you book super early so flying wasn’t an option, my next and only option was the bus and i was pleasantly surprised to see that Megabus went from London to Belgium so i booked a return trip for £45.00.. not too bad at all.


Places not to miss in Vietnam!


I spent nearly 4 weeks in Vietnam at the end of last year and i would say this is a good amount of time to travel the coast North to South or vice versa without having to travel too fast and seeing pretty much all the towns and cities a long the way.

However i know that some times we can be a bit time poor and now that Vietnam has introduced a free 15 day visa on arrival while i was in Vietnam and South East Asia i met a lot of people trying to travel the Country in that amount of time!

If you have the time i would say its 100% worth paying roughly $40.00 USD/£30.00 for the month visa and not rushing your travels BUT if you don’t have the time and 2 weeks is all you can do then here are the top places i would recommend you visit to ensure you see the best bits of the Country! (more…)

Richmond, the village in the City.

A different side to the river thames.

A few Sundays ago i decided to take the overground out to Zone 4 and head to Richmond. I’d seen photos of Richmond Hill on Instagram and heard how nice it was so i had to check it out myself.

Walking out of the station onto the main road i didn’t feel like i was anywhere overly special, the buildings were nice but there are a lot of nice buildings in London and the standard high street stores lined the streets whilst i walked towards the river but on arrival at the river this is when it changed.


My Top Recommended Travel Inspiration Books.


There are certain books that seem to circulate the backpacker scene, the types of books that you discuss and swap with other travellers and i’ve been lucky enough to read a lot of them over the last few years.

Some of the books are based on travel and others based on the ‘backpacker’ Countries. I’ve came across the majority of these books by just picking them up on a hostel shelf or been recommended to read them by a fellow traveller and brought it online once I’m home (i always buy used books from Amazon as they’re so cheap).


Is it really more fun in the Philippines??

So thankful for the kayaks!

There’s a hashtag that’s been going around online (mainly Instagram and Twitter) for a while which claims #itsmorefuninthephilippines so with the Philippines on my agenda before leaving Asia and having visited the majority of South East Asian Countries which i assume this claim is against, i was looking forward to seeing if it was true or not!


I spent 2 weeks in the Philippines which wasn’t nearly enough but from this amount of time i got a good feel for the Country and i did conclude whether or not i personally thought if it was more fun in the Philippines!